Demo Bike Program

Worldwide Cyclery Demo Program

With the insane amount of bikes available today, it can certainly be overwhelming when you're looking for just the right rig. Whether you are certain on the bike you want and just want to ride it before you buy or if you want to ride five different bikes to see what is just right. We are here to help and have an arsenal of bikes ready to ride!

About the Program

Our shop features one of the best demo bike programs in the country with some amazing bikes that you cannot ride anywhere else. Whether it is at our Newbury Park, CA location or Lancaster, PA location, we are the only shop where you can demo an Evil, Yeti, Pivot (PA location only), Transition, Devinci, or OPEN (PA location only). Looking to try out the infamous Evil The Following or Yeti SB130? Maybe the 27.5” wheels of the Transition Patrol or Devinci Troy better suit your needs. Or could it be the wildly versatile Pivot Switchblade? Either way, we guarantee we have the right bike for you to get rowdy on!

We generally have 3-5 demo bikes available from our stocking brands - EvilYeti, PivotTransitionDevinci, and OPEN. The rate to demo a bike is $95 per 24 hour period. This amount of money in full will act as a credit towards your purchase of any NEW bike or frame from us within the next six months.

Please click here to read our Demo Agreement/Contract

Contact Us to schedule a demo and check which bikes are currently available.

Bikes Currently Available for Demo

Revel Bikes

  • Rascal GX Eagle - Medium (CA location only)

Yeti Cycles

  • SB100 TURQ X01 Race - Large (CA and PA location)
  • SB100 TURQ X01 - Medium (CA location only)
  • SB130 TURQ X01 - Medium (CA location only)
  • SB130 TURQ X01 - Large (CA and PA location)
  • SB150 TURQ X01 - Medium (CA location only)
  • SB150 TURQ X01 Race - Large (CA and PA location)

    Evil Bikes

    • The Following MB X01 - Medium (CA location only)
    • The Following MB X01 - Large (PA location only)
    • The Insurgent X01 - Large (CA location only)
    • The Wreckoning LB X01 - Large (PA location only)
    • The Wreckoning LB X01 - Medium (CA location only)
    • The Offering GX - Large (CA location only)

    Devinci Cycles

    • Troy 29 Carbon X01 - Large (CA location only)

      Pivot Cycles (only available for demo at our PA location)

      • Trail 429 Pro X01 - Large (PA location only)
      • Trail 429 Pro X01 - Medium (PA location only)
      • Mach 5.5 Pro X01 - Large (PA location only)
      • Switchblade Pro X01 - Large (PA location only)

      OPEN Cycles (Only available for demo at our PA location)

      • U.P. SRAM Force1 / Zipp Custom Build w/Drop Bar - Large (PA location only)

      We do demo days throughout the year with Yeti and Devinci where they bring their entire fleet of bikes in all models and sizes for people to demo. Please contact us to find out when our next demo day with Yeti or Devinci is going to be!

      Terms and Conditions

      • You may demo up to four bikes prior to each purchase. (No more than two demo rides on one bike, must be two or more different brands/models). 
      • Once a NEW bike or frame is purchased/deposit made, your demo credit will be applied. Any further demo's will be credited towards any future new bike or frame purchase.
      • You are 100% liable for the bike during the demo period. Any loss or damage to the bike you are responsible for. All these details are in the demo bike contract.


      Worldwide Cyclery Demo Bike Program