Yeti Cycles hails from Golden, Colorado and has been creating some of the world’s most innovative mountain bikes for over 35 years now. Their mantra of “Hand Built, Race Bred” is true to their core. Racing has been a major part of Yeti’s evolution and heritage since their inception, and still holds true to the present day. Having some of the world’s fastest and most iconic racers of all time with the likes of Richie Rude assisting in the development of their bikes has allowed Yeti to design some of the most advanced Cross Country, Trail, Enduro, and Downhill bikes available to riders worldwide.

From the SB120 to the SB165, whether you are looking for that Downcountry rig for those all day pedal fests and the occasionally questionable line, or that freeride sled for all day party laps; no matter your style of riding, Yeti has a bike for you. More into the idea of a swiss-army-knife-do-it-all trail rig? Check out the SB140 29". Or maybe you’re looking for a burley long travel 29er that can climb as well as it can obliterate downhill tracks? Enter the SB160. There is also the chance that you have been watching all those videos on Instagram of dudes throwing barspin 360s and jib sessioning their local dirt jumps, but you still want to tackle a solid trail ride after work. Check out the SB135 that always likes to party. Not looking for a full suspension machine but you still want to rip up the trails and enjoy the simplicity of a hardtail? Sounds like the ARC is more your style.

Not only does Yeti produce some of the raddest mountain bikes known to man, they also make some of the highest quality mountain biking apparel as well. Their Turq series apparel is designed for high performance as well as good looks and comfort. Worldwide Cyclery is an official Yeti Cycles dealer and has years of experience riding and selling these bikes. Some even say that we know everything there is to know about these boutique mountain bikes.



Inventory fluctuates often with Yeti so please contact us for the most up to date inventory. Please see our Demo Bike Program page for more info about riding demo Yeti bicycles. Below is our current list of Yeti's available for demo:
Yeti 160E C1 - Medium (CA location)
Yeti SB140 T2 - Medium (CA location)
Yeti SB140 LR T1 - Large (CA location)
Yeti SB120 T3 - Medium (CA location)
Yeti SB120 T1 - Large (CA location)
Yeti SB120 T3 XX T-Type - XL (CA location)
Yeti SB120 C2 - Medium (PA location)
Yeti SB140 T3 - Medium (PA location)
Yeti SB160 T1 - Medium (PA location
SB140 LR T1- Medium (NV location)
SB140 LR X0 T-Type - Large (NV Location)
If you are looking for a Yeti model we do not stock please contact us as a special order of a bike/frame from Yeti is very easy.