Grips are a key contact point on your bike and can also help reduce hand pain, arm fatigue and arm pump. Choosing the right grips is key to having your bike feel good and  some of our favorite brands are ODI, PNW, DMR, Deity, Ergon, ESI, and Renthal. Depending on personal preference you can choose a thin grip or a thick grip, brands like Ergon make some models in both a thin or a thick version. Other brands like ODI with their Elite Pro grip have more performance in mind with a waffle pattern on the bottom and some padding on top. Ergon also makes some grips with a small wing on the plan so you can have a little more support if a normal grip is giving you hand pain. Grips are an easy way to change the way your bike feels, and being relatively cheap you can go out and try a few. You can check out our Top 5 grip picks here. If you want to know what our personal preferences are feel free to contact our customer service team.