Developed on creating a lightweight yet extremely efficient pedal assist e-bikes, Forestal Bikes is pushing the industry on what is currently available and offered in today's e-bike market. Their goal is to blend the world of normal bikes as we know them today and the growing popularity of a full-size e-bike. What is a full-size e-bike? Most e mountain bikes today are roughly 50-55lbs with a motor torque of 85nm and a battery anywhere from 540wh-900wh, give or take some of those numbers. Forestal is introducing a bike that is almost as powerful, yet over ten pounds lighter and performs more like the normal bikes we know and love. Their main models are the Siryon and Cyon. Both bikes use the same motor but the Siryon is the long travel bike with 170mm of travel front and rear and the Cyon has 150mm of travel front and rear. Forestal also has the Hydra, which is built on the Siryon platform but comes with a 190mm dual crown fork, making it a great bike to do bike park laps on or pedaling to the top of your local DH runs. Worldwide Cyclery is extremely excited to not only carry Forestal Bikes but to be the exclusive retailer in North America. Adding Forestal Bikes to our hand-curated list of bike brands came from our desire to ride the e-bike versions of the types of bikes we love to ride.


While new to the industry, the brand does not come without a long list of very suitable and talented people to help create what is Forestal Bikes. Hailing from the tops of their various industries like aircraft engineering, IT development, motorsports and, of course, the bike industry, this group of people is committed to exceeding all expectations. By doing so, Forestal has put forth a new benchmark in the industry, taking control of the entire process of making their bikes. From design and engineering to manufacturing, painting and assembling in their proprietary facilities in Andorra, Forestal is taking quality to the next level.

They had one clear concept for their bikes: to develop a lightweight and technologically driven pedal-assisted bike that shied away from the heavy and extra powerful e bikes that seem to have lost the pure essence of mountain bikes. By doing so, Forestal bikes help provide the same feeling we love with our normal bikes while mixing in high-tech motors and connectivity to make the user experience the best of all bikes.


Beauty in pure shapes. Engineered for performance. Developed with innovation. Redefining your enduro ride

The Forestal Siryon is the bike we are most excited about at Worldwide Cyclery. We think it is the ultimate e bike, allowing you to rip up hills quickly, retaining energy while having the suspension and geometry to handle anything on the way down. Forestal says the Siryon is “Redefining your enduro ride”, and we believe that. Having designed the frame alongside the motor and its constraints, the Siryon is beautifully designed, saving weight and improving ride quality all at the same time.

With 170mm of travel front and rear, the Siryon is a serious bike ready to tackle your favorite enduro or DH trail. Don't let the single pivot and unique rear end design fool you, the Siryon and all full-suspension Forestal Bikes use the Twin Levity Suspension system. This tunes the single pivot design into a smooth, supple, and predictable system allowing you to ride fast and confident. With 170mm of travel, you also get geometry capable of keeping up. The Siryon sports a 64-degree headtube angle, a steep 77-degree seat tube angle and two chainstay lengths. Sizes small and medium get snappy 436mm chainstays while the large and x-large get a more stable 446mm. Reach numbers are also roomy yet not too long, right where you want them with small at 428mm, medium at 458mm, large at 488mm and x-large at 508mm.

Helping you up the hill is the EonDrive motor and Aurora battery, exclusively designed by Forestal to create a unique and powerful motor and battery combination that really sets these bikes apart from the rest. The EonDrive motor is a work of art, giving 250W and 60 Nm of power, allowing it to keep up with full-size e bikes. With zero drag and producing very little noise, not only is it nice to ride but you can also pedal this bike without any extra effort thanks to its friction-free transmission. The Aurora battery provides 360wh, enough to get in your ride but not too much to slow you down. The clean and sleek battery looks amazing and can also get to a rapid charge of 80% in just 85 minutes! Two rides in one day is becoming a reality. Last is the overall integration of the Siryon, with a 3.2” touch screen built into the top tube, all of your data and needs are right at your fingertips… literally. With WiFi, maps and GPS enabled, you are able to update, guide, and learn all from your bike's screen interface.

Forestal offers three different build kits dubbed Halo, Neon, and Diode. The Halo is going to be your SRAM GX Eagle bike with alloy CrankBrothers wheels, Magura Mt5 brakes, and RockShox Select suspension as well as three colors to choose from. The Neon is the staple of the builds with SRAM X01 goodies, E7 wheels, Magura Mt7 brakes and RockShox Ultimate suspension and also offered in three colors. The top of the line model Diode leaves nothing to be desired with SRAM XX1 AXS drivetrain including a Reverb AXS post, along with Crankbrothers E11 wheels, Formula Cura brakes, Ohlins suspension, and three unique colors to choose from.

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Forestal Cyon

The smaller sibling to the Siryon, the Forestal Cyon takes much of the same design cues and specs from its larger sibling but trims down the travel to 150mm front and rear. Aimed to be the ultimate trail e-bike, the Cyon slims down and shaves 200g off the frame alone. The Cyon uses the same Twin Levity suspension design along with the same EonDrive Motor and Aurora battery combination. Where the bikes differ is the frame design not only shaving weight but tweaking the geometry to better suit the style of riding the Cyon is made for. The Cyon numbers include a headtube angle of 65.5 degrees, seat tube angle of 76.6, reach numbers (S=430, M=455, L=480, XL=500), and two chainstay lengths with the small and medium getting 435mm and the large and xl getting 445mm. As you can tell, just enough has been changed to better handle the 150mm of travel while still remaining balanced with the geometry.

The Cyon even has the same model tiers with the Halo, Neon, and Diode rocking very similar parts and specs to the Siryon. The only difference is that the Cyon gets three completely unique colors in each tier.

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How Does The Forestal Siryon Ride?

What is all this for if these bikes don't perform as well as they are designed? Well, we have been able to put months of testing into the Forestal bikes spending most of that time on the Forestal Siryon and we have a review on it as well. We rode it in all types of conditions with different riders all looking to push the bike in every way possible, from ride time and performance of the motor and battery to testing its descending capabilities on the roughest trails we can find. We found that the Siryon can in fact hold its own against any e-bike on the market. While they all have pros and cons, we feel that the list of cons related to the Siryon is minimal. In fact almost non-existent. On average we can get about 3,000-3.600ft of climbing with a full charge, sometimes getting as much as 4,000ft with the right conditions and using no power for some flat sections of riding. This gives us about two to three hours of ride time on a lightweight e-bike. The motor is extremely powerful and the torque can be felt right away, allowing this bike to keep up with full-power e mountain bikes even in ECO mode. The Forestal Siryon, with its extra torque and power, can also outperform similar bikes like the Specialized Levo SL and Specialized Kenevo SL without needing a battery extender.

Once you point the Siryon downhill, it's game on as the bike comes alive. Actually, the Siryon has become one of the shop's favorite bikes to ride downhill because of its amazing performance and the confidence it gives you. The weight of the bike is noticeable at first when compared to a normal bike being about 5-10 lbs heavier, but it is also extremely playful, unlike the 50-55lbs full power e-bikes. The weight is located low on the bike, which we think is the perfect spot, allowing the bike to not only handle how you want but also give you some improvements over a normal bike. You have more stability on a Forestal as well as you can maintain traction and hold a line better. The geometry is capable enough that you can take the Siryon down any trail and even ride this bike at your local bike park as we have done already.