Forbidden Bikes is a renowned mountain bike brand that was founded in 2018. Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, they have quickly gained recognition in the industry for their innovative designs and high-performance mountain bikes. Forbidden prides themselves on pushing the boundaries of mountain biking technology, delivering cutting-edge bikes that are at the forefront of performance and design. Their current lineup features two exceptional models, each tailored to specific riding styles and terrain.

The Druid is a trail bike that stands out with its high pivot Trifecta suspension platform. It offers a remarkable combination of predictable traction, playful pop, and the ability to devour chunky and technical terrain. With a geometry that strikes a perfect balance between stability and agility, the Druid is an ideal choice for riders seeking a versatile trail bike. Whether it's hammering out trail rides after work, ripping shuttle laps on weekends, or conquering epic alpine traverses, the Druid delivers pedal-all-day efficiency and confident descents.

The Dreadnought is Forbidden Bikes' enduro-focused mountain bike. Designed to dominate aggressive and demanding terrain, this bike is built to tackle steep descents, big jumps, and technical features. Its suspension system offers exceptional performance while maintaining efficiency for climbing. The Dreadnought provides riders with the confidence to push their limits and conquer challenging trails with ease.

Forbidden Bikes' models are best suited for riders who value performance, versatility, and pushing their boundaries on the trails. Whether you're seeking a playful and capable trail bike like the Druid or an aggressive enduro machine like the Dreadnought, Forbidden Bikes offers top-tier options for riders looking to elevate their mountain biking experience.

FORbidden druid

The Druid from Forbidden was the brand's first offering when it was introduced a few years back. Riders were stoked to see a versatile, mid travel, high pivot trail bike that defied categorization, from a small brand of core riders that are dedicated to producing high quality mountain bikes.

Its Trifecta suspension platform with a high pivot challenges conventional wisdom, creating a mesmerizing blend of predictable traction and exhilarating playfulness. With its 130mm of rear travel and 150mm up front, it has an almost otherworldly ability to conquer rugged terrain effortlessly. The Druid stands as a true trail bike, embodying a harmonious balance between stability and agility, all while seamlessly adapting to various riding scenarios, excelling in every aspect. It thrives during post-work trail rides, where it eagerly devours miles of singletrack with its nimble prowess. During weekends, it eagerly embraces shuttle laps, relentlessly carving through the terrain with unwavering enthusiasm. Even on epic alpine traverses, the Druid remains undeterred, crushing every challenge in its path with unwavering determination.

Though seemingly modest on paper, this trail bike transcends conventional expectations. Its on-trail performance not only exceeds the capabilities of its class but defies classification altogether. It showcases an uncanny ability to deliver all-day pedal efficiency, ensuring endurance rides are met with unrivaled ease. Yet, when confronted with daunting technical descents, it unleashes a fearless confidence, eagerly tackling any obstacle that comes its way.

The Druid's classification as a trail bike belies its true nature. In reality, it is a kilometer-crushing powerhouse, effortlessly devouring challenging terrain with unrivaled proficiency. Its playful demeanor transforms any trail into a thrilling adventure, leaving riders grinning from ear to ear. This bike redefines the boundaries of what a trail bike can achieve, offering an unforgettable and exhilarating experience that transcends mere words.

Druid Detail Shots


Forbidden dreadnought

The Forbidden Dreadnought is an exceptional enduro bike that embodies the essence of enduro riding. The Dreadnought is built to dominate aggressive and demanding terrain with unwavering confidence. With frame geometry and design tailored specifically for enduro riding, the Dreadnought excels in tackling steep descents, big jumps, and navigating technical features with ease. Its robust construction and advanced high-pivot suspension system ensure that the bike remains responsive, stable, and planted, even in the most challenging riding conditions.

Utilizing 154mm of rear travel and 170mm up front paired with proper enduro geometry, the Dreadnought delivers unparalleled performance on the trails, no matter how challenging. Its suspension system provides exceptional traction, absorption, and responsiveness, allowing riders to maintain control, momentum, and confidence over rough and technical terrain. Its purpose-built for riders who seek adrenaline-fueled adventures and push their limits on the trails. It is a machine designed to thrive in challenging conditions, inspiring riders to conquer new heights and push the boundaries of their abilities.

With its aggressive nature, exceptional performance capabilities, and relentless durability, the Dreadnought redefines what is possible in the world of enduro mountain biking. It is a testament to Forbidden Bikes' commitment to innovation and their dedication to creating bikes that empower riders to embrace the thrill and excitement of conquering rugged trails with confidence and style.

Dreadnought Detail Shots

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