Brake Pads

Mountain bike disc brake pads are a very important part to check and make sure you have enough pad left to safely slow you down. Its also a good idea to have a spare set of brake pads around or in your riding toolbox. If you are replacing your worn out MTB brake pads or looking to get a different compound, you typically choose the same brand as your brake to match brake pads. SRAM, Shimano, Hope, TRP, Hayes and Magura are the typical brands you see offer brake pads for their brakes, however there are a few other brands that also make brake pads for all brands of brakes like Kool-Stop, SwissStop, Galfer and Jagwire will have options that might suit your model brake as well. Some brands have lots of options like Organic compound, Resin, Semi-metallic or Sintered to choose from. We have a an article that explains the difference between organic and sintered brake pads and which is best for you. Each model brake often uses a different shape disc brake pad, so if you have any questions please contact our customer service team.