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OPEN is a brand focused on high end performance bikes with an internal motto of "working hard to stay small." By staying small with 2 employees, Open is able to develop the products they want without any need to make the boss happy. With product development at the top of the list followed by clean looks, we are happy to support a brand like OPEN.
OPEN bikes came to market a few years ago with a lightweight hardtail frame called the ONE. Shortly after OPEN shook up the road scene with a dedicated gravel bike called the U.P. The U.P. featured clearance for 40c tires while striking a smooth elegant silhouette that had roadies and mountain bikers drooling. Since the U.P. there is a second generation of the U.P. a lighter version called the U.P.P.E.R. and their most recent gravel bike, the WI.DE.
OPEN current line of bikes include: The OPEN WI.DE. , U.P.P.E.R. , U.P. , and the ONE+.
There is often some employee OPEN bikes to demo around at our various locations, give us a call to see if there is an OPEN bike near you! You can also check out our demo page to see what bikes we currently have for demo.