Yeti Cycles' Bike Lineup for 2019 (Introducing the New SB150!) [Video]

The new lineup for 2019 is here and Yeti has truly created a legacy with the Switch Infinity suspension platform. The lineup has lost a few bikes but there is also a new introduction - the 2019 Yeti SB150. The SB150 is a long travel 29er and it is replacing the ever so popular SB5.5, Yeti’s first installment of a long-travel 29er. As some of you riders might know, the numbers in the name of each model of bike represents the amount of travel each bike has. For last year’s models, there was the SB4.5 (4.5” of travel), the SB5 (5” of travel), the SB5.5 (5.5” of travel), and the SB6 (6” of travel). New for 2019, alongside the SB150 you will see that Yeti is still offering the SB6 and SB5 with a few adjustments and upgrades from last year. The SB4.5, however, is no longer in production for 2019. Let's dive deeper into the 2019 lineup!

2019 Yeti Cycles Bikes

Warranty has always been a biggy for people seeking new bikes. The past couple of years, Yeti had offered a limited 2-5 year warranty. For everything in the 2019 lineup, Yeti owners will now have the luxury of a lifetime warranty.

Yeti will also continue offering their Turq and Carbon series frames. If you are not familiar, they offer the same frame in two carbon options. The difference is weight and the layout of the carbon. This allows them to offer cheaper and more affordable versions of each bike so more people can join the tribe!

2019 Yeti Cycles Bikes

The All-New Yeti SB150

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019

The all-new Yeti SB150 has replaced the SB5.5, which was one of their most popular bikes. The SB150 now offers a larger travel range and as the name entails, it has 150mm of rear wheel travel. You will see the bike spec’d with a 170mm Fox 36 fork and a Fox Float X2 rear shock on the TURQ series builds and a Fox Float DPX2 on the Carbon series builds. The bike will feature a 29” wheel, boost spacing, and PF92 bottom bracket. 

It is clear just by looking at the bike that a lot has changed. The most notable is the water bottle cage mount. Yep you guessed it, the bottle will now be held inside the front triangle instead of underneath. (Maybe everyone complaining on Pinkbike made it happen.) The SB150 will also be offered in a size small, a size the SB5.5 was not offered in. Another notable change is the seatpost diameter which is now a 31.6mm instead of the 30.9mm we saw on the SB5.5.

For a completely stress-free build experience, the new SB150 will also feature some internal sheathing for all the cables. This means no fishing around the frame to find your cables. Simply guide the housing into the hole and it will pop out the other end!

Geometry Changes From The SB5.5

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019

In regards to the new geometry, it is similar to the concept behind the SB100 they released a few months ago. Longer, slacker, lower and faster. The headtube angle has been slackened out to 64.5 degrees which is 2 degrees slacker than the SB5.5 which featured a 66.5 degree headtube angle. You may be thinking 2 degrees is a massive change in head angle, and it is, but what makes it work well is the change in fork offset from the traditional 51mm to the new 44mm. This is what gives you all the best advantages of a slack head angle which shines on steep and rough terrain BUT eliminates the disadvantages when climbing and allows you to turn and handle tight switchbacks with ease.

The seattubes are shorter across all sizes of the frame which allows the rider to experiment with longer travel dropper posts to really get that saddle out of the way. The seattube has also been steepened out to 77 degrees. A steeper seattube angle makes a huge difference in how efficient a bike climbs and how it feels when climbing as it really affects your body position on the bike while seated. In our time on the SB150, the steeper seattube made a huge difference in the best way possible. Check out the pictures down below to see the complete geo-chart.

Yeti SB150 Geometry, Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB150 GeometryYeti SB150 Carbon Series Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB150 Turq Series Build Kits

Revamped Yeti SB6 for 2019

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB6

The SB6 is the bike Yeti became best known for as it helped carry home 3 EWS Titles for both Jared Graves and Richie Rude and the frame also holds the title for the most stage wins in the EWS than any other frame. This is now the 3rd version of the frame and not a whole lot has changed. The idea behind the SB6 is still just flat out enduro. The rear travel remains the same 152mm as the previous models, however, the fork has been ramped up to a 170mm of travel. With the increased travel up front comes a slacker headtube angle. The SB6 will now feature a 64.9-degree headtube angle compared to the previous model which had a 65.5 degree angle. To make up for the extra slack, the fork will now come in a 37mm offset instead of the 44mm offset it featured last year. This reduced offset and slacker head angle make handling better for both up and downhill use.

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB6
Much like the SB5, SB100 and now the SB150, the 2019 SB6 will also feature internal cable guides. This will help reduce build time as well as eliminate cable rattle within the frame.

The SB6 will feature a Fox Float X2 on the TURQ series builds and the Fox Float DPX2 on the Carbon series builds.

2019 Yeti SB6 Geometry, Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB6 Geometry

2019 Yeti SB6 Carbon Series Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB6 TURQ Series Build Kits

Updated 2019 Yeti SB5

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB5

Next up is the SB5 which has won titles like bike of the year because of its ability to ride nearly everything. It is the perfect mix between trail and enduro and you will never be left behind on the downhills or the climbs. In 2018, there were 3 models of the SB5. The standard SB5, SB5 Lunch Ride, and the SB5+. For 2019 we see the elimination of the SB5+ and an updated SB5. The bike now has a wider rear triangle which will accomodate up to a 2.8” tire and the builds will now come with spec'd with a 2.6" tire front and rear. Like most bikes in the lineup, the SB5 will now have a Fox Float 36 instead of the 34 that has been the spec'd fork in years' past. The rest of the bike will stay the same. This means the bike will still feature a 127mm of rear travel, 27.5” wheels, boost spacing, a 30.9mm seatpost diameter, and a PF92 bottom bracket.

2019 Yeti SB5 Geometry, Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB5 Geometry

2019 Yeti SB5 Carbon Series Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB5 TURQ Series Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB5 Lunch Ride

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB5 LR

The SB5 LR, or Lunch Ride as many know it by, is a SB5 frame but is spec'd identical to the SB6. In 2018 the SB5 LR was not offered in the cheaper Carbon series frame so the cost was always a little high. Now the bike is offered in more affordable build options to get more people out on the trails. The most notable differences between the SB5 and Lunch Ride are the rear shocks (Fox DPS vs the DPX2) and the tire setup (2.6" front and rear vs. 2.5" front/2.3" rear)

2019 Yeti SB5 Lunch Ride Geometry, Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB5 Lunch Ride Geometry

2019 Yeti SB5 Lunch Ride Build Kits2019 Yeti SB5 Beti

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB5 Beti

Many female riders out there can shred harder than a lot of the guys but the market for female bikes has always been very slim. Enter the Yeti SB5 Beti - specifically designed with female riders in mind. The Beti is designed around the SB5 with a few tweaks which include a shorter top tube height, a custom tuned rear shock and a custom WTB x Yeti Saddle to keep things comfortable for all the ladies out there.

2019 Yeti SB5 Beti Geometry, Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB5 Beti Geometry

2019 Yeti SB5 Beti Carbon Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB5 Beti TURQ Series Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB100

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB100
The SB100 was released just a couple months ago and since then has been a hot topic throughout the cycling industry. Just about everyone is jumping towards the XC bike that can do it all. It is really just a bike in a category of its own. With a man like Geoff Kabush winning all these races aboard Yeti’s latest XC contraption, you bet it was turning heads. Since the SB100 was the first 2019 model to be released, the only change with this realease is a build kit.  The SB100 is now offered in a GX Build Kit that is more cost-efficient. Besides that, the SB100 is included in the lifetime warranty Yeti is offering from here on out. We have a few blogs about the SB100 that you can see below.

2019 Yeti SB100 Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB100 Geo Chart

2019 Yeti SB100 Build Kit Carbon Series

2019 Yeti SB100 Carbon Series Build Kits

Worldwide Cyclery review of the 2019 Yeti SB100.

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB100

Customer review of the 2019 Yeti SB100.

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Yeti SB100

2019 Yeti SB100 Beti

Yeti Cycles’ Bike Lineup for 2019 - Shop Yeti SB5 Beti

The SB100 is also offered in a Beti version for all those ladies out there ready to pedal. We have sold a few already and the feedback from the female riding community has been nothing short of amazing. If you ask us, we give Yeti an A+ with this bike! The differences between the SB100 and the Beti version include a custom Yeti x WTB Saddle shaped for better comfort for those female riders and also features a custom tuned shock specific to the Beti model! Not to mention it comes in the classic Beti Coral color pictured above.

Yeti SB100 Beti Geometry, Build Kits & Pricing

2019 Yeti SB100 Beti Geometry

2019 Yeti SB100 Beti Build Kits

2019 Yeti SB100 Beti Build Kits

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August 26, 2018

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