Yeti SB100: Customer Review

The Yeti SB100 is here to change your perception of what short travel bikes are capable of. Featuring the same switch infinity design as the larger bikes, the SB100 is light, lean, and ready to take your riding to the next level. Our customer Marius recently had us custom build one specifically for him. Check it out!

yeti sb100 customer review


New bike day, yay!!! This one is different than most though because I didn't have the chance to try the bike before purchase. I was fortunate to work with Mike at WWC and get my dream Yeti. built to my liking.

I was looking for an XC-ish type of bike to replace my 2016 Trek Fuel EX which is still considered the Goldilocks of trail/ XC capable bikes out there. I tried a Trek Top Fuel along the way but that bike felt too racy for me, with a steep head angle but very efficient. I also looked at Rocky Mountain Element as well. Rocky was the first to introduce the idea of the slacker head angle and longer travel fork on an XC platform, but somehow that didn’t appeal to me in the different trims offered.

yeti sb100 customer review
Here comes Yeti with what many expected to be the ASR replacement, but with a bike that was intriguing from the start: 67.8 head angle, only 100mm travel and a 120mm fork that has the shorter offset and is the lightest incarnation of the FOX 34 to date. Looking at the cockpit numbers, stack, reach, the SB100 was almost smack in the middle of the two bikes I was very familiar with: Transition Smuggler from 2016, considered old design now, and the Trek Fuel EX from 2016 which is a trail bike with XC-ish geo.

Add that to the lure of a new bike and Yeti as a boutique brand, my decision was made. I went for the Medium for my 5’10” height and picked the base X01 model as a starting point for my custom build.

My initial thoughts about the bike and details of the build are included in this video I put together shortly after:

A month and a bent derailleur later, I’ve had the chance to ride and race the bike on the local trails and here are a few more details:


We have a “puke hill” around here which is one of the hardest climbs in the area. The bike keeps its composure and traction even on the loose gravel sections. The geometry works very well and with the seat moved about half an inch forward in its rails, I can climb anything without the front wheel wandering around (the short fork offset might have something to do with that). I thought the RE:aktiv shock from my Trek was amazing but the SI in the SB100 at least matches that. Additionally, I don’t switch the shock compression to trail/ medium mode ever. Even though by doing so the rear end becomes noticeably stiffer and it probably makes it more efficient, I did not feel the need to use it.

Yeti sb100 customer review


It’s probably because of the head angle and the short fork offset but the front end feels composed and grippy, confidence inspiring. I can see getting myself into trouble with it, as I’m pushing it harder than before in turns with skinny XC tires on. I am using about 80% front travel and definitely 100% shock travel every ride but I never feel like I’m bottoming out the shock. Suspension feels very well balanced F/R than helps when jumping or popping of trail features. I would say that it feels more like a trail bike than XC when pointing it down.

yeti sb100 customer review

Random Thoughts

The bike is a looker and Yeti put a lot of thought in designing it: from the cable routing to the SI cover, molded plastic protection, to the turquoise color, the SB100 is that one step up from many others I looked at.

Cockpit - very comfortable with the stock Yeti branded WTB Volt saddle, stock 50mm stem, and 760mm handlebars. The saddle is about 245g so not the lightest but I decided to keep it on because it is comfortable.

Sizing is accurate in their charts, I’m 5’10” on a Medium as I prefer the bike to be smaller and be able to throw it around easier. Talking about that bike is neutral in the air and carries speed very well, accelerates well and feels plush for such a short travel bike. I have the SAG at 32% R, 25% F.

yeti sb100 customer review

Final Notes

Even though XC racing is part of what I do with this bike, trail riding was another reason why I picked it up. And it delivers on both with ease: I am faster on it compared to the Trek, I have more fun and more confidence going downhill.

Overall I’m very impressed with my new Yeti SB100 and highly recommend anyone at least to take it for a spin. It’s going to be in my stable for a while. Cheers.

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July 12, 2018

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