The Journey of a Fox Shox 36 Fork (A Long and Treacherous Venture)

Mauro, one of our all-time favorite customers sent over this short story of a fox who traveled overseas to a new home in Europe. There were some road bumps along the way but in the end, the Fox was united with its owners and lived on the shred some bike parks. Take a look down below...

Fox 36 Fork

After your well paid and trained hamster placed and sent my Fox Shox 36 Fork onto a 900 thread count Egyptian cotton magic carpet, it arrived safely in Miami after some days. My girlfriend, a neurologist (this is true, not a joke :-) ), took care to lovely repack it into a plastic bag to let the Fork fly comfortably from Miami to Milan in Italy.

Fox 36 ForkFox 36 Fork

At Malpensa Airport, we were worried as the FOX was not on the baggage belt... PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC...

Endless moments of panic, but after an hour of waiting, the neurologist heard that the big packages are not put on the belt but on a different room.
She immediately ran into the room and much to her surprised the FOX was there left alone on the floor. What a tremendous shock for this cute FOX...

Fox 36 Fork

...but as you know the FOX is a super fork designed to absorb the abuse and she was quite relaxed but happy to meet again my girlfriend in Milan after a never-ending flight alone.

In the end, I finally met the so long awaited FOX. I brought it at home on the terrace where it was gently unpacked... and it was love at first glance.

Fox 36 Fork
To let the FOX relax after a so difficult intercontinental travel I left it with a lovely cat for a while.

fox 36 Fork
After the deserved rest, the FOX wanted to be fitted on the superb bike and in fact, it was assembled on a Pivot Firebird...

Everything was perfect apart from the orange stickers not matching with the light blue and the red of my bike, so the stickers were magically changed to match the color of the bike.

Fox 36 Fork
After that, everything was settled and it was time to ride on a beautiful bike park in the Alps...

The bike and I are very happy of this new FOX 36 180mm

Fox 36 Fork
The new fork is so beautiful that nobody can resist to watch it and fall in love with her.

Fox 36 Fork
And when I say nobody I mean nobody... Even the cows met on the trail can't resist :-)

Fox 36 Fork
And this happy story will continue in other fabulous bike parks...

Fox 36 Fork

***Please note this may have contained a bit of sarcasm. Sorry, not sorry.***

Thanks for everything, it was a real pleasure to buy from you and your staff.

My warm regards from Italy

- Mauro :-)

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August 24, 2018

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