Ultimate Review Guide: Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock

The majority of mountain bikes out on the trail are "all mountain / trail bikes". For suspension manufacturers, this is their biggest market and chance to make an impression on their customers. This is where the Fox Float DPX2 shock comes in. The DPX2 combines the best of both worlds, using a Dual Piston System that we of course see on Fox DPS shocks with a twin-tube recirculating oil damper design that is used on Fox's X2 shocks. The DPX2 rear shock has proven to be a perfect fit for one of our favorite do it all trail bikes, the Yeti SB130. In this Ultimate Guide, we are breaking down technical information, a variety of different reviews, and some of our own custom builds running the DPX2. Here is your one stop shop to get up to speed on the Fox Float DPX2 rear shock!

Ultimate Review Guide: Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock Specifications

The DPX2 rear shock uses a twin-tube recirculating oil damper design to give you the small bump sensitivity you have with Fox X2 shocks along with an improved adjustment range that we now have on the DPS shock. The Dual Piston Design (DPS) valve design provides full lockout without compromising bump compliance, ride control, and efficiency. The twin tube design that is also seen on both the Float X2 and DHX2 shocks is designed to give you more control over rough and challenging terrain. The Float DPX2 is one of the most versatile shocks that Fox offers and is suited for any all mountain and enduro bikes. The DPX2 is available in a wide range of standard, metric, trunnion metric sizes to fit a variety of different bikes. 

Ultimate Review Guide: Fox Float DPX2 Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

Ultimate Review Guide: Fox Float DPX2 Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

Ultimate Review Guide: Fox Float DPX2 Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

Worldwide Cyclery Review

Here is our bottom line - "The DPX2 gave the bike's attitude a very controlled feel, allowing you to ride harder and faster down the trail. The DPX2 rewards the aggressive rider just as much as it does a novice rider. Take it out for a casual ride on some smooth trail and it will bring some playfulness to your bike. Then when you get out on some really chunky terrain, the DPX2 keeps your rear wheel planted to the ground. The Fox Float DPX2 has set the benchmark for performance with an easily tunable package in the all mountain and enduro category."

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Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

This custom Yeti SB130 is a perfect match for the Fox Float DPX2

Pinkbike First Ride

Pinkbike's thoughts - "So far the DPX2 has been silent and smooth, with excellent sensitivity on chattery section of trail. There's plenty of midstroke support for pushing hard into corners and remaining balanced on the steeps, and there haven't been any harsh bottom outs despite my best efforts. The DPX2 also delivers a very smooth feeling when landing, and whether that's after hitting a jump or bunnyhopping a section of roots, there's absolutely no harshness – the shock responds extremely quickly, taking the edge off and providing a buttery smooth touchdown. I've been using the full open mode for descending, but the Medium and Firm compression modes are both very usable – the Slash is a fairly active bike, so I've been taking advantage of the Firm mode for longer, smoother climbs, and using the Medium mode on more technical ascents in order to take advantage of the increased traction."

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Vital MTB Review

Vital MTB's final thoughts - "The FOX DPX2 is an awesome option for those looking for a shock that offers close to the same performance characteristics as the bigger and heavier Float X2, with a more pronounced pedaling platform and less adjustability. The twin tube design provides smooth and well-controlled damping with an effective and usable range of adjustments, without adding too much extra weight to your trail or enduro build."

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Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

One of our custom Evil The Wreckoning bikes finished off with this DPX2 and some gold graphics

Enduro Mag Review

The FOX DPX2 is shaping up to be a highly adjustable shock, offering FLOAT X2 like performance, but in a smaller and lighter package. With easier on-trail adjustment and a firm platform, if long-term reliability is on par with performance, then the FOX DPX2 will set a new standard for aggressive trail shocks.

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Singletracks Review

Singletracks contributor Sam James' overall impressions - "In the approximately 3 months I’ve had the shock, it’s been 100% reliable. Despite doing my best to heat it up on big alpine descents in summertime Australia and New Zealand, the damping has been consistent. It’s worth noting that the OEM Performance version of the DPX2 that is coming stock on many bikes right now does not feature the additional compression adjust on open, and does not have the Kashima coating. However these are things I could probably live without, and the DPX2 should perform great either way. All in all, I’m very impressed with the new DPX2. It seems to tick all of the right boxes for the intended audience (trail/enduro riders) with regard to features and performance, and is definitely a high quality component. The shock has nice sensitivity, feels great on rough terrain, tracks really well, and has a great range of easy-to-understand adjustment for a variety of situations. The DPX2 totally transformed the feel of my bike from the stock shock and is absolutely a worthy upgrade, or a great OEM shock."

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Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

Another one of our custom Yeti SB130 bikes running a Fox Float DPX2 shock

Dirt Rag Mag Review 

Dirt Rag's take away - "We are already seeing this shock show up on a lot of build kits for 2018. With more and more bikes being ridden on rougher terrain, the DPX2 is a needed shock that will hit the middle ground between the DPS and X2. It has enough adjustments to keep most riders happy, but not so many as to confuse or frustrate riders who aren’t so into fiddle with clickers and air pressure."

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MTB Mag Review

MTB Mag's conclusions - "The FOX DPX2 has been a great surprise: in only 421 grams we have a very high performance shock, both uphill and downhill, thanks to the effective and quick 3-positions compression adjustments, and the hydraulics, which provide good sensitivity to small bumps, mid travel support and most of all, impressive resistance to overheating, despite its small dimensions."

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If you are looking for more tuning availability and pure descending performance, check out the Fox Float X2 shock!

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June 26, 2019

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