DT Swiss 350 Hubs: Rider Review

A good hub should never be overlooked. The DT Swiss 350 hub is a solid workhorse that is super versatile for so many applications. Fellow rider Eric Ho has been rippin' around on DT Swiss hubs for years and is here to give us his thoughts on his recent purchase. Check it out below!


Two things I look for when it comes to components; price and performance.

Being an average Joe, price is extremely important. I can't always afford the premium tier (unless I cut the beer and espresso but who wants to do that?!), so I'm always looking for deals or a price point that gives the performance I'm looking for. I was considering the DT 240s hubs, but with a premium of almost $250 over the DT 350, and only approximately 60grams of weight savings, I just couldn't stomach it. I instead used that difference to get a dropper so I wouldn't get jackhammered by a seatpost on my way down for tacos and beers. That brings me to performance.

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I have been mountain biking for over 12 years. I have tried a variety of hubsets from no-names to name brands such as Hadley, Chris King, American Classic, I9. DT Swiss has been my go-to because of ease of maintenance, reliability, durability, compatibility, and affordability. Sure, there isn't that "bling" factor, but it just plain works. If you need that engagement and unique freewheel sound, just upgrade to the 54T star ratchet and you can climb Everest with an angry pack of bees chasing you. Before the advent of Boost wheels, if you needed to move wheelsets between bikes, you could find the DT swiss end caps at any shop. Servicing only required a quick semi-annual clean, grease, ride, and repeat. I stuck with j-flange hubs in the event of broken spokes I could easily find replacements.DT Swiss 350 Hub Rider Review Hubs 

Final Impression

Bottom line, these hubs just flat-out perform. They are competitively priced and the weights are not far (or even better, looking at you Hadley and Chris King) from the premium brands. I have stuck with these hubs religiously for my mountain bikes for the last 6 years. I would recommend them to everyone including my grandma.

I have these hubs laced to Light Bicycle flyweight 29er rims with Sapim CXRay spokes.

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June 25, 2019

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