E*thirteen Base Composite Pedals (Cheap, Subtle, & Efficient) [Video]

E*thirteen has been stepping up the bar recently by adding and releasing a handful of new products to their catalog. The brand has had its ups and downs in over the past couple years in the MTB industry but recent revamps to their products have left riders and racers feeling comfortable and confident on their bikes. Confidence comes from those contact points with your bike and your pedals are quite arguably one of the most important contact points for all aspects of riding. That is why e*thirteen has released a new version of its flat pedals. A composite version to keep cost and weight down and an increase in durability.

E13 Base Composite Pedal

E*thirteen Base Composite Flat Pedal

The E13 Base Composite Flat Pedal is designed around a lightweight body with a large surface area for an increase in contact and stability for the rider. Also keeping in mind that not every rider has an endless bank account. The Base flat pedal from e*thirteen features 11-pins on each side of the pedal to ensure a secure grip. On top of the grip given from the abundance of pins in the pedal, the body was designed as a concave platform. This is important in a pedal because instead of your foot wrapped around the pedal trying to hold on, your foot actually sits in the pedal locking your foot in place while also creating a more comfortable position for the rider’s foot. Lastly, we see a super clean, slim profile. Besides looks, these extra few millimeters can help many riders avoid pedal strikes as more and more bikes transition towards a forward-thinking geometry (longer, lower, slacker).

E*thirteen Base Composite Flat Pedal

Base Pedal Specs

Weight: 392g (pair)

Material: Composite (plastic)

Pins: 22 Metal threaded and replaceable per pedal

Build: Inboard bushings, with one outboard bearing

Colors: Black, Red, Blue

Initial Impressions:

"The Base pedal felt great right out of the box and on the bike. For such a cost-efficient pedal, you can’t really ask for more, well I can’t ask for more. From steep climbs to chattery descents the E13 base pedal performed up to my expectations for what it is. The key features play a big roll in the performance and overall comfort of the pedal and I think e*thirteen really hit the nail on the head with what they were going for with the Base pedal." - Reamonn Ryan

E*thirteen Base Composite Flat Pedal

June 26, 2019

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