Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock Review

The Fox Float DPX2 is a brand new shock from Fox for 2018. The DPX2 features a twin tube design that recirculates oil flow through two different pathways during compression and rebound. The DPX2 brings consistency, mid stoke support, and small bump sensitivity to the table that the Float X it replaces was lacking. Fox says that the Dual Piston system allows you to run lower pressure compared to the Float X with a monotube design, giving the shock more off the top compliance and a smooth feel. Here in this review, we are going to be putting the all new Fox Float DPX2 through its paces. We have high hopes for this shock, let's see how it does!

Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock Review - Worldwide Cyclery

The Fox Float DPX2 Mounted To A Custom Yeti SB5 LR


  • Twin Tube Damper. Fox is calling this the Dual Piston System
  • Extra Volume(EVOL) Air can is designed to increase the shock's small bump compliance and sensitivity.
  • 3 - Position Compression adjustment - Open, Medium, Firm. There are 10 clicks or compression adjustments used in the open setting.
  • 14 clicks of Rebound adjustment
  • Factory Series model tested
  • For more tech info, check out our 2018 Fox Float DPX2 Product Overview

Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

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Riding and Performance

There are five different Fox DPX2 volume spacers that can be used in the rear shock. Only one can be installed at a time and each are a different size allowing you to tune the spring curve characteristics. In this test, we are riding the new DPX2 shock with the largest volume spacer available (navy color) on a Santa Cruz Hightower. After setting sag, the largest volume spacer provided just the right amount of bottom out support to suit the Hightower. 

Fox DPX Air Volume Spacer Kit - Worldwide Cyclery

  • It could be quick and easy to say this DPX2 shock rides very smooth and supple, and while it does, most high end shocks now a days will fall into that category. The beauty of the Fox DPX2 is that it offers similar riding performance to the Fox Float X2 built in a small lightweight package. The compression adjustment provides a wide range of damping.
  • So how does the DPX2 do out on the trail? This thing rips! This biggest thing we noticed riding the DPX2 is that it provides the right amount of mid stroke support that everyone is after. The key is running low enough air pressure without using more than 30% sag, and relying on the spring curve of the shock to provide enough mid stroke and bottom out support so you don't ride too low in the travel. The DPX2 makes things easy to find that sweet spot. With some simple setup required, the DPX2 does all the hard work for you.
  • The air volume tuning kit is certainly handy to have. Being able to fine tune the spring curve to suit both the leverage rate on your bike and your own riding preferences allows you to get the full potential out of this shock
  • Even though this was a short term test, if the long term reliability can be compared to other reliable products from Fox, then the DPX2 will have set the bar high for both performance and longevity. 

Fox Float DPX2 Shock Mounted to an Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

The Fox Float DPX2 Mounted To A Custom Evil The Wreckoning

What's The Bottom Line?

The DPX2 gave the bike's attitude a very controlled feel, allowing you to ride harder and faster down the trail. The DPX2 rewards the aggressive rider just as much as it does a novice rider. Take it out for a casual ride on some smooth trail and it will bring some playfulness to your bike. Then when you get out on some really chunky terrain, the DPX2 keeps your rear wheel planted to the ground. 

The Fox Float DPX2 has set the benchmark for performance with an easily tunable package in the all mountain and enduro category.

Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

How To Change The Air Volume Spacer In A Fox DPX2

Even though the shock used here in this video is not a DPX2, the same process for changing the air volume spacer can be applied. 

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December 21, 2017

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