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In this episode of our Ultimate Guide series, we have put together everything you need to know about the Evil The Wreckoning. When The Wreckoning was introduced, it was immediately loved by experienced trail riders that push the limits of what can be done on a mountain bike. That's not to say The Wreckoning does not suit beginner or novice riders, but The Wreckoning is a bike that is asking to be sent off the biggest drops and charging down rough and technical terrain. Here we have put together everything from technical information, trustworthy reviews, all kinds of different videos, and some of our killer custom builds that will get you up to speed on the Evil The Wreckoning

Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Evil The Wreckoning with the New Fox DPX2 Rear Shock

Evil The Wreckoning Technical Information 

Evil says that The Wreckoning "keeps out of control in control." The heart of all Evil's bikes is the Delta system designed by the legend himself Dave Weagle. Dave has some very impressive successful suspension designs under his belt, including the classic four bar linkage seen on the Ironhorse Sunday, the DW link used on Pivot and Turner bikes, and Devinci's Split Pivot design. The Delta system allows Evil to achieve a complex leverage rate curve that can be used to tune for different terrain and the intended use of different models.

The Evil The Wreckoning rolls on 29" wheels, and with 161mm of usuable rear wheel travel, this bike is designed to eat the trail up! Currently The Wreckoning is offered with a 8.5" x 2.5" shock with traditional 22x8 shock mounting hardware and features 148mm x 12mm boost rear wheel spacing. The Wreckoning also uses a 73mm threaded bottom bracket to keep everything nice and tight. 

Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

The Wreckoning Delta System and Integrated Upper Chainguide

The Wreckoning uses an integrated upper chainguide similar to those seen on The Following MBThe Insurgent, and The Calling. This integrated chainguide will secure your chain regardless of the single ring you are using right out of the box. Evil also offers a custom E*Thirteen lower guide that mounts to the ISCG 05 tabs on the frame, giving you a bash guard and optional lower pulley.

  • Wheel Size: 29" 
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 161mm
  • Frame Sizes: S, M, L, XL (See Size Chart Below)
  • Rear Shock: 8.5" x 2.5", 22mm x 8mm shock hardware top and bottom
  • Rear Wheel: 148mm x 12mm Boost
  • Seatpost: 34.9mm
  • Headset: FSA Integrated Tapered No. 58/68 Upper 44mm Lower 62mm Tapered OD
  • Bottom Bracket: 73mm Threaded
  • Chainguide Type: Integrated Upper Chainguide. ISCG 05 Lower
  • Single Ring 1X Drivetrain Only
  • Maximum Chainring Size: 36 Tooth
  • Minimum Chainring Size: 30 Tooth / 32 Oval


Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

A - Head Angle Low 66.1° 66.1° 66.1° 66.1°
Head Angle X-Low 65.5° 65.5° 65.5° 65.5°
B - Seat Tube Angle Low 74.8° 74.8° 74.8° 74.8°
Seat Tube Angle X-Low 73.9° 73.9° 73.9° 73.9°
C - Virtual Top Tube Length 604mm | 24.00" 624mm | 24.90" 647mm | 25.50" 671mm | 26.40"
D - Seat Tube Length 390mm | 15.00" 425mm | 16.70" 460mm | 18.10" 495mm | 19.50"
E - Bottom Bracket Height Low 348mm | 13.70" 348mm | 13.70" 348mm | 13.70" 348mm | 13.70"
Bottom Bracket Height X-Low 339mm | 13.40" 339mm | 13.40" 339mm | 13.40" 339mm | 13.40"
F - Head Tube Length 104mm | 4.00" 114mm | 4.50" 127mm | 5.00" 139mm | 5.50"
G - Chain Stay Length Low 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93" 430mm | 16.93"
Chain Stay Length X-Low 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00" 432mm | 17.00"
H - Wheel Base Low 1161mm | 45.71" 1182mm | 46.54" 1207mm | 47.52" 1232mm | 48.50"
Wheel Base X-Low 1162mm | 45.76" 1183mm | 46.58" 1208mm | 47.57" 1233mm | 48.55"
I - Standover 734mm | 29.00" 745mm | 29.30" 752mm | 29.60" 765mm | 30.10"
J - Axle to Crown 571mm 571mm 571mm 571mm
K - Offset 51mm 51mm 51mm 51mm
Stack 627mm | 25.00" 636mm | 25.10" 648mm | 25.50" 659mm | 26.00"
Reach 415mm | 16.00" 432mm | 17.00" 452mm | 17.80" 472mm | 18.60"

Size Chart

Stem Length 35-50mm 35-50mm 35-50mm 35-50mm
Stem Rise
Headset Spacers 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
Handlebar Rise 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm
Handlebar Width 780mm 780mm 780mm 780mm
Crank Length 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm
Sizing 5'3" - 5'8" 5'8" - 6'0" 6'0" - 6'4" 6'4"

Worldwide Cyclery Review

Here's what we think - "The bike was a little long and difficult to get around some of the tight switchbacks, but that was about the only thing that hindered this bike. Right when this bike came out, we had a feeling that it was going to slay the downhills almost as well as a downhill bike and well, we were right…kind of. This bike had surpassed my expectations. I knew this bike would handle the descents well but it downright killed it! Everything from the fast flowy jump lines, to the steep rocky shoots, this bike handled everything I threw at it and was very stable and controllable through all of it, especially at high speeds. This bike held its speed very well and just wanted to keep going faster."

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Evil The Wreckoning

Evil Bikes Website

For more technical information, build kit options, and Evil apparel, head over to evil-bikes.com to get a head start. Make sure to check out some of their sweet videos.

Yeti SB5.5 vs. Evil The Wreckoning

We did our own comparison - "Some love the Wreckoning, because pulling manuals and jumping big trail gaps define their preferred styles. The other half is biased toward the SB5.5, because setting their PR records, blasting down the fastest way possible and being in a controlled-out-of-control riding experience is far superior on the SB5.5."

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Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: That killer blue color on that Evil The Wreckoning frame!

Bike Mag Review

Travis Engel's thoughts from Bike Mag - "The Wreckoning is the bike I've always wanted to make. It didn't even have a wheel size in my brain at the time. On our average trail ride we're riding what are essentially downhill trails. You can call it endurance racing, bike park, aggressive adventure riding. Riding stuff blind, riding it really fast, but knowing you have the right equipment below you. In all respects, it is The One Bike. I did Trans Cascadia on it, but also did Crabapple Hits on it. It’s very versatile, aside from pure XC. The Wreckoning wraps the Folllowing, and the downhill bike in one bike. It’s designed for maximum destruction."

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Bike Radar Trail Tech

Bike Radar brought us an interview with Evil's CEO Kevin Walsh - "Who Would You Say The Wreckoning is For? I think it’s going to be for the person who just wants to have one bike — the guy that rides downhill and races enduro and wants a hardcore trail bike. Something that can handle those bigger days but still be a pedal bike. Setting up The Wreckoning for these different uses can be as easy as swapping as swapping the shock.”

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Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) Review

MBR's Verdict - "When it comes to riding fast, confidence is everything, and no 29er we’ve ridden has instilled us with more confidence than the Evil Wreckoning

The Evil Wreckoning isn’t the best specced bike. It could also be argued that its uni-directional carbon frame doesn’t have the same level of damping as the woven fabric used on the Trek or Specialized. It’s not Plus compatible either, and it’s certainly not the best value. But how do you put a price on confidence? Not only is the Wreckoning easy to set up, it’s easy to ride and the geometry and attitude will instantly seduce you. In a crowded market where everything is pretty much the same, the Evil Wreckoning manages to stand out. And not simply because of the funky colours."

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Ultimate Review Guide: Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

Custom Build: Race Face cockpit makes this Evil The Wreckoning look good

Bike Hub Review

In the end - "Evil have created one of the biggest, baddest 29er enduro machines in mountain biking. In the right hands, The Wreckoning is a mini-downhill sled with huge potential. The bike loves to be ridden hard and fast. The big wheels and ample travel will happily guide you through the most gnarly sections with little effort. Unlike a downhill bike, however, it can climb and does so admirably well considering the manner in which it handles the downhills."

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Luke Strobel Riding The Wreckoning #VitalRAW 


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Evil The Wreckoning - Worldwide Cyclery

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