Customer Review: RockShox Pike RCT3 29" Fork

In this review, one of our customer mounts 2.8" plus tires to his RockShox Pike RCT3 29" Fork. Read more to see how the installation and trail performance are for this RockShox Pike.

Rockshox Pike

RockShox Pike Fork Review

I installed my Rockshox Pike on a 2015 Santa Cruz Bantam with a 27.5+ conversion. Previously, the bike had been set up with an MRP Loop TR set at 150mm, and on the mostly buff trails of East Burke VT, it all worked quite nicely. Moving back to my Connecticut rock farm, I found the fork to be out matched under my heavy weight. Because I knew the last of the Santa Cruz single pivot bikes were coveted for the tire clearance, I decided to opt for a burly and BIG set up.

The fork arrived on time in original packaging and neatly taped for added security. Included in the deal were a couple of volume tokens, an alternate stealth black sticker kit, and star nut. I've always liked that RockShox has it in mind that the user should be able to service their products. Installation went off as neatly as I could ask for. XT brakes set on a Shimano adapter for 180 rotors bolted up and aligned perfectly first try.

Rockshox Pike RCT3 Fork

I set up about 28% sag, which wound up a little less pressure than the chart. After three or four trips up and over a small curb to find a starting point for the rebound, I was off to the trail. (Rebound 10 clicks from open) While I will switch to a pedaling platform on my shock, my fork is "set it and forget it". I have a couple of clicks of low speed compression, but otherwise keep the compression side open all the time.

"Fire when ready!" The stiffness of the Pike combined with some properly stiff wheels beg for action with no hint of deflecting off line. Having a trail bike feel as solid as a free rider, can put you in a need for tact's full on hooligan. The fork felt consistently good from the go with none of the new fork lag. To be honest, commenting on small bump performance might be tough since the 2.8 inch tires filled to 16 psi would probably mask any short coming, but reviews else were always remark about the Pike having a great connection to the trail.

Rockshox Pike Forks

November 10, 2017

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