Ultimate Review Guide: Yeti SB4.5

Ever since the release of the 29” All-Mountain/Trail  bike, we have been huge fans of the Yeti SB4.5. The bike is an amazing climber and really inspires confidence when you descend since it’s incredibly stable. With only 114mm of travel, some might be curious on how well the bike descends but don’t let those numbers fool you – the bike is incredibly balanced and can charge through any rough or rocky sections on your local trail.

We have decided to put together a guide specifically focused on the Yeti SB4.5 where we compile a ton of info and reviews all on one page so you can get all the info you need on this amazing bike. To start with, you can click here to read our own review of the Yeti SB4.5.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Yeti SB4.5

Yeti Website

The best place to start would be the Yeti website. You can click here to head to the site where you can find out all of the technical details as well as the the FAQ's that relate to this specific frame. Also, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to check out the geometry as well as the specific build kit options available for the SB4.5.

Pinkbike Review

Pinkbike's Take - "Speed freaks will rejoice at the SB4.5c's capabilities, but even riders who prefer to cruise along at a more subdued pace will appreciate the handling and suspension feel that Yeti have baked into this turquoise machine. It's a lively trail bike that doesn't balk when faced with more technical terrain, and I'll admit that I felt more than a twinge of regret when it was time to box up the SB4.5c and return it to its Colorado home."

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BikeMag Review

Excerpt from BikeMag - "For a bike that so clearly excels at climbing, the SB4.5c felt incredibly balanced, its longish toptube and sensibly slack 67.4-degree head angle instilling confidence on challenging descents. Describing the ideal buyer as “Shred Schralperson,” one tester wrote, 'It’s just so damn versatile, so damn fun.'"

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2017 Yeti SB4.5 Custom Build

2017 Yeti SB4.5 Custom Build

Enduro MTB Review

Excerpt from Enduro MTB - "The Yeti SB4.5C shares the spiritual heart of the SB6C and SB5C and Yeti have shown the versatility of their Switch Infinity by creating a different breed of bike. Brutally efficient, it’s a bike for long days out and massive epics, and for those who want to get really rowdy, there’s always the SB5.5C."

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Bike Radar Long Term Review

Excerpt from Bike Radar - "The SB4.5c is the latest member of the new guard of incredibly capable short-travel 29er trail bikes such as the Kona Process 111, Transition Smuggler and Evil's The Following that make up for their meager millimeters with refined suspension designs, slack head angles and long front centers.

The Yeti impressed both of our testers with its climbing prowess and downhill chops. It makes the most of its 114mm of rear travel and proves that suspension numbers alone do not make the bike."

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Bike Gag Review

Excerpt from Bike Gag - :The SB4.5C will caress its rider both on epic journeys as well as hard, technical rides. The ease at which they perform is nearly snobbish – everything is done without breaking a sweat."

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2016 Yeti SB4.5 Custom Build

2016 Yeti SB4.5 Custom Build

Yeti SB4.5 Geometry

2017 Yeti SB4.5 Build Kits

Bible of the Bikes Test: Yeti SB4.5C

Yeti Iceland Proven Here Video:


Custom Built Yeti SB4.5c by Worldwide Cyclery

February 09, 2017

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