Popular MTB Goods This Month! Top 5 (Ep 4.24) [Video]

It's been a while since our last installment of Trending MTB products, and we have some seriously fresh goods for you all this month! Featuring newly released products from Fox, KETL, Crankbrothers and SRAM, plus some classic favorites from brands like Continental, Reserve and others, you won't want to miss this one!


Crankbrothers SOS Tools

Crankbrothers SOS Tools
Since the inception of mountain biking, riders everywhere have debated how and where to carry their riding essentials. Strap it on the bike, throw it in your pack, or maybe just raw dog it and don't bring any tools at all like our fearless leader Jeff. It was this dilemma that inspired Crankbrothers to create this all new line of products called SOS (save our shred) that cleanly integrate your tools and tube into one package. You can either utilize an accessory mount for the twin tube design like the one that's shown below, or you can utilize one of the bottle cage mounted versions like the ones that is shown above, and have all of your riding essentials cleanly in one place, never forgotten in the garage or in your vehicle. 
Crankbrothers SOS
Crank Brothers S.O.S. Tools

Fox Transfer Post

Fox Transfer Post
Fox's Transfer post has long been the go-to for riders everywhere looking for a quality dropper post, especially if you have Fox suspension and are looking for that matchy-matchy setup. The latest Fox Transfer sees some awesome updates that are very welcome and some would say needed improvements over the previous version. You can now adjust the air pressure in the post head underneath the saddle clamp as well as adjust the travel in 5mm increments. Not only that, but this new post is much more user serviceable than the previous version. You can also easily unthread the collar and add some grease and keep your post running smoothly. All things that riders everywhere will appreciate. 
Fox Transfer

SRAM XX1 Eagle Chain

SRAM XX1 Eagle Chain


SRAM has had an oil slick XX1 chain in their arsenal for years now, and it has consistently been one of the most popular chains we sell. It could be the fact that the rainbow colorway goes with tons of bikes and it's been extremely popular for a while, or it could be the fact that it's just plain awesome. While other oil slick parts seem to have come and gone, the XX1 rainbow chain has stuck around and is clearly a fan favorite.

SRAM XX1 Chain

Continental Kryptotal

Continental Kryptotal
Continental MTB tires are certainly having a resurgence at the moment. Their latest tread designs, compounds and casings are just as competitive and impressive as the other top dawgs and have been extremely popular among us here at the shop as well as riders everywhere and racers on the World Cup circuit. One of our favorites is the Kryptotal, which has a designated front and rear tread pattern. This tire has an excellent combination of rolling speed and grip, and the most popular variant of this tire that we've been selling is the Downhill casing tire with the super soft rubber. Install some of these on your bike and you'll be a hero on the gnarliest downhills in town. 


Continental Kryptotal Tires

Reserve Wheels Reserve 30 DH SL AL Wheelset

Reserve Wheels Reserve 30 DH SL AL Wheelset


Reserve has long been known to make some of the most bulletproof wheels on the market, and they are also known for their impressive lifetime warranty if they aren't as bulletproof as you thought. Either way, this video of Danny Macaskill smashing a set of reserve carbon wheels lives rent free in our heads as it's one of the most bonkers things we've ever seen someone do to a set of carbon wheels and it's certainly recalibrated our brains to think how strong carbon wheels are. 

Reserve Wheels

SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth Disc Brakes

SRAM Maven Ultimate Stealth Disc Brakes


Braking power is a hot commodity these days, especially with the latest crop of extremely capable and modern enduro, downhill and e-MTBs that you'd see these SRAM Mavens installed on. These brakes are the most powerful brakes that SRAM has ever made, and they utilize a massive master cylinder, caliper and reworked internals in order to dish out all that stopping power. They've also utilized Mineral Oil as the braking fluid in these brakes as opposed to the DOT fluid that most of their other brakes use. Long story short, if you're looking for some insanely powerful brakes that will make you stop on a dime, look no further than the Mavens.


SRAM Maven Brakes

SRAM Ultimate Piston Press

SRAM Ultimate Piston Press


There's nothing like a purpose built tool that makes your life easier and helps you perform a specific task, and that's exactly what the SRAM Ultimate Piston Press tool does. This tool will easily and evenly push your brake pistons back into the caliper so you can either bleed your brakes, install fresh pads, or all of the above. This tool will also work on a large number of brakes as long as they don't have a bridge across the caliper like the new Mavens or Magura MT7s for example. You might be saying "yeah well my $3 plastic tire lever does the same thing" and well you might be right. But does your tire lever press all of the pistons back into the caliper with the same exact force at the same time? If they do that is very impressive, but I haven't seen anyone do that yet. 

SRAM Ultimate Piston Press

KETL Vent Touch Glove

KETL Mtn Vent Glove


For our second unique glove design for KETL, we were shooting for something that was not only highly ventilated but also had excellent touchscreen compatibility and was extremely comfortable. We do believe we hit all of those marks with our all new KETL Vent Glove, and we are very stoked with how it turned out. Perfect for hot days on the bike or for those who just prefer a thinner, less cumbersome glove, the KETL Vent Glove will have you staring at your hands for hours because of how damn good looking and comfortable they are. Just don't blame us when your partner is angry at you for going on a 6 hour ride and you said you'd be "right back". We've all been there.

Vent Touch MTB Glove

KETL NoFry Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve 

KETL Mtn NoFry Shirt
Our best selling garment here at KETL currently is our NoFry Sun Hoodie, and we found that people loved to wear it for all sorts of activities and were looking for another version with slightly less features. That's why we created the NoFry long sleeve and short sleeve shirts - these are extremely featherweight tops that are perfect for hot days on the trail, in the gym, or wherever you find yourself needing an upper body covering during the sweltering heat and want to look good in the process.
 Nofry Sun Shirt Short Sleeve


If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the video above, continue reading below!

ladies and gentlemen mountain bikers of
the world we are back with our
installment of the trending top most
popular important mountain bike products
of the month for April 2024 as we come
into the mountain bike season and we've
got some really good exciting
stuff what's going on with you just
excited about the new dropper post from
or our first product
what the Craig Brothers SOS toolkit
modular tool system modular tool system
save our shred that's what SOS actually
stands for shred bro let's see here
we've got a myriad of applications here
Solutions Crank Brothers you know they
really just dive deep into the thought
process of like what do you really need
on your ride what's going to save your
ride if things go haywire and you break
your chain you get a flat tire and you
just want to have everything on your
bike ready to go at all times so that's
kind of the whole thought process behind
the SOS as you can see here they have a
few different styles this one here
attaches to your accessory Mount and
basically can deploy you know your
multi-tool your bacon strips everything
in here whereas these other Solutions
like je is holding here uh is a more of
a ball cage mounted solution where you
can put your tube in there everything
else so there's a few different
solutions and it's worth checking them
all out but they're super Nifty I think
the coolest thing is that they're
modular so there's like various
different versions like that one you can
mount to the accessory Mount or you can
have this one which is really simple
just Mount the tube in there tire lever
um this one is more of a comprehensive
you put your tube in here your CO2 there
your tire levers right here this has
bacon strips and a full I think it's a
15 or 17 piece multi-tool with all your
different allenenes and torqus and like
every possible thing you're going to
need multi-tool tube CO2 tire lever kit
all in one piece that you could just
hook right on your frame and do it in
this fashion the accessory Mount fashion
the water bottle Mount fashion super
well thought out product and definitely
something that was popular and popping
off in the month of April popping off
and popular popping off and popular
don't pop your tube unless you have this
who has tubes
anymore next up is this month's video
sponsor ag1 yes yes yes I know you've
probably seen some ag1 advertisements
before however I've personally been
drinking ag1 for over 6 years I met the
founder of this brand at a conference
many moons ago and actually learned
quite a bit about nutrition from him and
really believe in this product and how
much they care about it I feel as if I'm
a bit of a ag1 Drinker I've recommended
this to a ton of people they call it a
foundational nutritional supplement it's
kind of that multivitamin multi-mineral
and all of these other things as you can
see here it does a lot it's super
comprehensive and just to me it's sort
of that nutritional insurance that I
think is really important to have in
your diet not always possible for me
traveling to replenish micronutrients
and all that other stuff and I don't
want a cabinet full of a million
different vitamins and minerals having
one scoop of this in the morning mixing
it up into a little thing like this
actually tastes pretty good surpris
surprisingly is super convenient these
guys little travel packs because the
most important thing for me is when I
travel I can't always get like good
nutrient-dense food so having these is
amazing a1's incredible thank you very
much for sponsoring this video You're a
mountain biker check this stuff out
there's a QR code right there please
scan that it helps us out it help you
out and your Nutritional Health and
Jared this stuff is fantastic I just
signed up for Iron Man I can't even
swim it's all over your face you're
supposed to are you sure you I put it
all in the bottle and finally we have
been blessed with a new updated Fox
transfer that's right ladies and
gentlemen you know the old Fox transfer
while it was one of the best dropper
posts on the market still left a couple
things be desired like adjustable travel
adjustable air pressure you know they
finally knocked out of the park and they
gave us those things with this new post
and user serviceability user
serviceability that's right easier to
rebuild and service um things that are
really good features in a dropper post
transfer reliability with all those
other really important things and most
importantly kushima and fox and yeah you
get the point I actually uh was lucky
enough to test this post out prior to
launch and also in a trip to Southern
Utah where you about use your dropper
post more than any other component on
your bike let me tell you it was very
nice you know it was a relief to know
that I could rely on this dropper post
every time I needed it which was about a
100 times every single mile all those
little climbs and descents one after
another this thing just kept on going
work Fox nice work another popular
important product on your bike that you
really need to be reliable and
dependable and also ideally rainbow
colored oh your chain the stram xx1
rainbow chain you know what can you say
about this this is probably probably the
best this is the best Eagle chain you
can get for your bike it's rainbow
colored AKA oil slick AKA super cool
compatible with all the eagle stuff and
you know transmission or not
transmission no that's right not
transmission but all of the other Eagle
stuff so e variant possible but not
transmission that's compatible with I
think that's been a top seller for so
long because a lot of people that have
NX or GX drivetrain throw on a rainbow
chain and Bam your bike looks way more
fancy and expensive just because you got
the top-of-the-line chain but maybe not
the top-of-the-line drivetrain or maybe
you do have the top line drive train and
then you can top it off with the rainbow
chain we don't we all just want a little
rainbow chain in our lives speaking of
which you know what else we want in our
lives the Continental cryptool down Hill
casing super soft compound this is an
absolutely phenomenal tire that I have
also run personally which the grip is
insane yes it rolls slow but unless
you're doing some like really good
gravity oriented riding I mean that's
where this thing properly comes into its
own and it will just grip and hold on
for dear life and not only that but the
casing really just kind of allows you to
just plow through the chunder you know
what I mean yep you just Supple Supple
Continental which has been just in the
last few years really biting at the
heels of Maxis which is kind of the
dominant Tire maker makes amazing
mountain bike tires of all kinds
Continental now is just really coming up
better tires fancier tires more options
more variants more product availability
which is nice which is helping them sell
more a lot of people are testing them
out and falling in love with them one of
the things I was surprised about is one
of our good friends and sponsored racer
Nico malale his whole team actually
switched from Maxis to Continental and
we had Nico on the MTB podcast not too
long ago and he talked all about that
and was really focused on the casing and
the feel of the cas in and how that
casing feels in Rock Gardens and
cornering and all that sort of stuff and
a lot of World Cup racers World Cup
Downhill Racers that are ending up on
podiums nowadays are riding Continental
Tires which is pretty cool and different
if you are looking for a Super grippy
Tire look no further than Continental
cryptool they do have a front and rear
version so keep that in mind how many
different compounds three different
compounds and casings you know what it's
going to take you a little bit to figure
that out Continental Tire video coming
soon to explain all of these little
nuances in these tires you're
welcome you'll also want to keep an eye
out for the next product Jeff what do we
got here Reserve Reserve 30 hdsl alloy
wheels these have a lifetime warranty in
an alloy wheel at a good price point
what more could you really want reserve
is kind of famed for their amazing
warranty on their carbon wheels and
really put their put themselves on the
map with that crazy video of Danny Max
skill just riding stairs with no Tire on
doing all this absolutely insane stuff
and Reserve has become known for durable
reliable incredible warranty Carbon
wheels and now they're expanding their
wheel lineup with some alloy stuff which
is kind of needed cuz a lot of people
message and say hey don't want carbon
not my price point and want something
under 800 750 what's a good alloy wheel
set unbelievably reliable DT Hub good
lace up good res warrant and with a good
warranty like a bulletproof warranty
basically good to see some more
competitors here because I9 was a little
bit uh taking too much of the cake on
this price point alloy wheel they really
were yeah good to see Reserve come up
with something amazing and you know what
else is cool about these they come with
the reserve Filmore valves if you didn't
know which are very nice pretty pretty
spiffy you know you know what I'm
talking about you know that I'm the
cream with a crap our next product the
new stram Maven ultimate bricks I mean
are you kidding me look at these things
if you want to talk about power stopping
power we're not talking about like you
know tyrants or anything like that
breaking power beefy beefy this is the
most powerful break that stram has ever
produced it is legit I mean this is
probably strictly reserved for downhill
bikes and ebikes maybe a super Burly and
duro bike you know what's funny is a lot
of four piston beefy downhill brakes
have come out and said they're
specifically made for downhill like the
code RSC like the uh trps and then
everyone just puts them on their Enduro
and trail bikes because they want
amazing power and modulation and feel if
you want an unbelievably powerful break
SRAM brakes have come a seriously long
way in the last 5 years if you've tried
recent sham brakes you kind of if you
know you know and the mavens are the
latest and greatest most powerful
beefiest gnarliest brakes Rams got on
the market so worth checking out if
you're trying to stop faster beefy and
gnarly but our next product is probably
one of the coolest things that stram has
come out with in a while that isn't a
component but it's tool this is the Sham
Universal piston press which ironically
enough doesn't work on the maven brakes
but is that true is true that's because
the bridge and the caliper doesn't allow
you to actually use this so this works
on actually most brakes like aside from
mura that has the bridge in the caliper
or the maven so but codes Shimano brakes
whatever you can actually use this piece
here you can basically use this to crank
down and then it will evenly spread all
four Pistons or two whatever you got
simultaneously evenly into the caliper
so you can put new pads in or bleed your
brakes whatever it is so Works super
well I've used it multiple times this
week and it's like you know people say
oh you can just use tire lever whatever
but does a tire lever push all of your
Pistons out evenly and at the same time
if you have for hands maybe but no that
tool while not being 100% necessary is
actually a joy to use and also just a
Flex it really is let's be honest like
it's super nice to use don't absolutely
need it however it's a total Flex it's
really nice to use and yeah it just
looks rad and works great yeah works
great is it a flex yeah does it work
great yeah what are tools for other than
flexing I to be prepared I guess yeah
but mostly for flexing shout out toolbox
Wars check out my toolbox you know check
out my tool box see what I got and give
him the least but not last least but not
last what do we have here the new Kettle
vent air touch gloves um we redesigned
the whole Kettle glove that uh as you
guys know since you watched this video
this long we own the apparel brand
Kettle mountain and this is a brand new
mountain bike glove for us featherweight
Ultra lightweight ready for the
summertime amazing touchscreen ability
you can type in these things you can do
whatever weird things you do with your
phone while you're out on a mountain
bike ride with these gloves no it
doesn't have the little like thread that
makes a touchcreen compatible the entire
fabric it's woven into it so like
anywhere and any finger and any part of
the glove will be touchscreen compatible
on top of it having incredible
perforation on the top the bottom and
just being a very clean simple minimal
glove that acts down tiny and super
lightweight so super nice comfortable
you could even you've probably been
seeing pictures of me wearing them while
riding my forbidden Dru it on your
screen this whole time and like right
now but you know we're talking about
flexing I mean these are some of the
nicest whest breathable gloves
breathable I like that breathable
another thing that we made for the
summer season with Kettle um our most
popular product is actually the no fry
Sun hoodie it's an incredibly
featherweight breathable fabric with a
hood and buttons and it's more for
General outdoor use Sun hiking we made a
version that's just short sleeve and
long sleeve so you can wear it as a
mountain bike jersey or just a summer
tea for travel gym whatever it is as
lightweight and feathery as it gets I
think this shirt in the short sleeve is
80 g it's like the lightest most
breathable shirt you'll probably ever
use wow um that was cool yeah the
lightest most breathable shirt you'll
ever use but if you want an unbelievably
lightweight summer Jersey this is an
incredible one um super minimal
basically has a locker Loop nothing else
unlike our wayward Jersey that's got a
microfiber and a zipper pocket and some
more features this is just like as
minimal simple and lightweight as it
gets for a jersey just look at that
fabric dance just look at it look at
that dance that's it that's all thank
you very much for watching the video
thus far it would mean the world to us
if you could hit that thumbs up button
or drop a comment below tell us what you
bought for your bike in this month and
what you're planning to buy this season
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they're getting extra fancy because my
man Jared here got himself a new camera
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uh Ansel Adams all over the place with
bike parts so it's pretty nice stuff
that's a nice compliment yeah Ansel Adams
but but the color
version see you guys next month


April 30, 2024

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