Short Travel High Pivots? Should Everyone Own A Dirt Jumper? Sea Otter Highlights & More... Ep. 135 [Podcast]

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Today on the podcast, Jared, Liam and Trevor chat about their latest MTB escapades and adventures before discussing some fun new products and some epic listener questions ranging from if you need another bike to MTB time travel and everything in between. Tune in!


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[Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode
135 of the MTB podcast presented and hosted by worldwide cyc I am Jared I am
Liam my name is Trevor that's right ladies and gentlemen and in this episode we will discuss some seaotter highlights
Liam and Trevor's recent racing experiences Trevor in my most recent chasing epic trip to Utah a new bike
build new product and some epic listener questions ranging from if you really need another bike to mountain bike time
travel and everything in between you do need another bike I'll just start with that I'm trying to like come to terms
with the fact that I don't need another bike but eventually I will well you're like pretty excessive and you just built
one three days ago yeah excuse me Mr you're just trying to deflect the attention away from your own situation
over Liam can't talk you know you just got a new bike as well and you're building like three more at least one
more it's okay we're all kind of in that's we're all always do I've been pretty good I've had my 140 for over a
year now you're a little too good we're all kind of worried about prever is uh
like too good yeah for this podcast I'm almost thinking like he's doing some stuff secretly the the problem with it
is like I built it the exact way I wanted to and it came out came out perfect and I don't need anything else I
haven't touched my trail bike in a year true really it's been basically pretty concerned about both you guys actually
wondering if everything's okay at home um well let's start with Zach's words of wisdom these are original words of
wisdom not like a quote from anybody or anything let the people live and worry about yourself that's pretty good oh man
I wish we could talk about Weaver's recent [Music] um I think we could kind of give a
little backstory just be a little his trolling on next nextto app yeah so uh
this comes from Zach he spent a little time on next door cuz a lot of people on next door I don't know if you all familiar it's like online community
platform basically we'll summarize this to keep him in the green um he just left
a comment on a slightly controversial post and said let the people live and
worry about yourself yeah and uh his girlfriend's mom saw it and got
upset that's what he posted on it okay that's not too bad it wasn't horrible no not at all no but yeah it was it's
pretty funny so that is his real life that's his real quote words of wisdom let people live and worry about yourself
and it's valid which I mean most people should probably worry about themselves more yeah you know focus on yourself
what you're doing and then everything else will fall into place right which kind of perfectly ties us into our fun
fact the world's oldest living land animal Jonathan I'm going to try not to busher this the Calis giant tortoise he
celebrated his 191st birthday in December of 2023 can you believe that dude 191
pretty old yeah you've seen some stuff yeah and apparently prior to this the oldest one was like 255 years old wow
yeah I wonder what that is that in the galpagos you think uh it is somewhere in that region I think they move them
around sometimes but they do I think they do like enjoy those traic right there true OG I mean yeah the one that
died died in 2006 I think and they were born in what it it was like 1755 like
can you believe that that's like close to being as old as uh the United States of America it's pretty cool yeah yeah
it's amazing super cool um survived multiple world wars right I mean you
have like you said you've seen some stuff lot of grass man a lot of grass lot different lot of lot of bugs pretty
cool pretty cool I mean they're very wise I would imagine just like in uh Finding Nemo yeah yep my boy your boy
speaking of your boy we got a fantastic testimonial here hey guys longtime
listener first time emailer I had some pretty serious hip and femur surgery back in November during my recovery I
would slowly pedal a stationary bike in my bedroom and listen to the backlog of your podcast episodes the humor and gear
talk really helped keep my mind occupied and my spirits up ultimately I got inspired to go from R loving bikes to
wanting to build them so I bought a heap of tools from the worldwide cycl website and when I was back on my feet I jumped
into a Yeti sb160 build project I decided to film the whole thing and I ended up with a somewhat elevated and
unconventional take on a bike video that celebrates the art and craft of being a mechanic so this video uh was actually
amazing well here PS either way I'll H King lentil and his endless Reign from
Scott so uh this video Scott this the video uh is is very
impressive um and I'm going to put it in the show notes he wanted to show it to more people so um anybody listening feel
free to check out the show notes and watch this really cool video it's it's super impressive and the bike is is
really nice good for him the resources are at his disposal mean YouTube's kind of your best friend for learning how do
stuff and um that's super cool he just took it upon himself to to build it up and it's a super nice full full circle
from listening to content to buying to building to creating content and now
he's back at the beginning yeah and he's I spoke with him he's healthy ready to shred so nice uh Scott thanks for
listening and pretty sick uh pretty sick video you made there bud um well speaking of pretty sick Liam
how was sea otter you just got back uh a couple weeks ago or a week a week ago a
week ago feels like I don't know it's been crazy um SEO was was good it was uh
you know I kind of go mostly to meet with other brands at this point um I don't participate in any of the bike
riding there uh it's kind of a pure work thing for me but it was good I mean a lot of these people with the brands I
talk to them you know if not weekly monthly and then we don't ever get to see each other until kind of SE otter so
that's always cool it's cool to see consumer interest uh was still high
considering the you know wavy patterns of the bike industry right right now St
sport yeah it was good to see consumer interest very high a lot of internals are very you know touch and go on how
things going but people were there 11 bikes a ton of new product yeah like so
much new product it was the busiest new product season I've ever had working in
worldwide they're crazy yeah that's cool to see yeah it was kind of like Co sold everything out everyone tried to make
new more of the same product but just keep product on the shelves and now this Cycle's finally come out to where maybe
products that got backlogged or didn't have the resources to get made on time
have all came out at this time so literally almost every brand there had a new product and there's a thousand
Brands that's wild pretty cool I feel like last year not last year but I think it was two years ago we went together um
I feel like we were like there is no there was no new product and we were like this is kind of boring like there's
a ton of new products so um yeah I mean I guess we can jump ahead a little bit and talk about some of the new products
that we are we last podcast we talked about a handful of them or you guys did
I wasn't on it yep all the fox yeah some more some more tires so we have Michelin XC tires they came out with an aspen St
or Aspen short track which you say Michelin Max Max's XC tires Max's XE Michelin is what you're yeah okay Maxis
XC tires uh they came out with an aspen ST which is an aspin that's even faster
which was previously like Max's faster tread pattern that's crazy and now it's even faster crazy um looks wild yeah
it's insanely fast it's basically a gravel Tire let's be honest it is so fast um and they also came out with a
team speec casing for the new Maxis St Aspen St sorry Aspen St and the Aspen
Tire which is a 170 TPI casing which is lighter and thinner and more Supple than
their normal 120 TPI EXO casing very interesting so pretty insane yeah both
of those two are obviously extremely Niche kind of aimed towards the top
racer level Nino you know Keegan Swenson all these kind of top Racers from you
know cross country world has been riding both of these tires um Jeff kabush had on the Aspen St in
the rear at the Moab rocks race I did just the other week and normal Aspen up
front Okay so wow yeah really fast tires for them and on the opposite side of the spectrum Michelin has some new DH tires
that are super Burly and thick and Bulletproof the new dh22 and the
dh6 which I got to see when I was in North Carolina South Carolina I don't
know when that was six weeks ago8 weeks ago something like that nice so um yeah some new tires all around everyone loves
new tires and uh both Michelin downhill tires and maxus XC tires are pretty
notable so dh22 is what Sam Hill wrote to a lot of ews
wins very consistently at that as well y that's awesome to see you know what else I really like aside from like obviously
the super dialed compound and tread pattern they got the nice subtle logo like the you can get like the bright
like blue and yellow or like the gray it's like I know okay thank you finally figuring this out I mean they probably
won't sell too many of the yellow blue ones you know just because that option is there I mean but it's really nice to
have a subtle logo option for sure you're still riding the tire you still are you know supporting the brand it
just might not be like a marketing pow but yeah yeah I agree with that
thanks what else we got here DT Swiss D hub yes that's a pretty cool little new
thing yeah or that's true 90 points of Engagement new star ratchet design
bigger ratchet I like it yeah so DT Swiss doesn't often come out with new
products and when they do it's you know serving a purpose so most recently which
was like four or five years ago at this point they came out with the DT Swiss exp system which they still make and
it's still their top-of-the-line kind of Hub system now sitting beside it it is the de Hub system um both found on the
240 level uh basically the deeg gets more points of Engagement larger star
ratchets so the diameter is much larger and the teeth are the same size as a
previous 54 to exp that's nice so it's just as reliable so it's just as reliable even more reliable because it
has more teeth and more surface area contacting itself that's nice um but they're not in these teeny little teeth
that are going to slip yeah um and I believe it's the most engagement for a dual ratchet system on the market oh um
and it's aimed at you know kind of the trail and duro downhill world where
weight isn't as much of an issue it's about 30 to 50 Gams heavier I think per
size and spec um so yeah kind of the exps for like the road XC kind of more
weight conscious and then the deeg is for you know a little bit more riding performance engagement and uh some
durability so okay pretty cool something something that I I'm kind of looking forward to as a mechanic is the serviceability of it you can take out
the drive side bearing without having to undo the ratchet mechanism previously
you had to take that out with the tool and some they famously get pretty stuck on there ring Drive the ringh so now you
can just pop the bearing in and out and uh service your bearings whenever you need to if you ride in horrible conditions all the time then you'll need
to do it more often and that's just a super nice little feature and just cuz the ratchet is so much bigger now sick
pretty cool love DT Swiss stuff yeah pretty cool to see them make a new design on off of something that's been
amazing to be honest so that's cool yeah big DT Swiss fan so stoked to see them
doing new stuff and I get to go there next week to uh check out how they do kind of everything I think they even
make Spokes and products in the Grand Junction location where I'll be so sick
that's super cool get some little behind the scenes content there BS quity there
heard that they they hand build all their wheels as well there and um I think that's super cool most companies
don't need to they don't need to do that but that makes a quality topnotch and definitely uh proves that good quality
control speaking of GT Swiss are those the wheels that you ran in Moab on on
your Yeti ASR ASR they are um yeah so DT
Swiss has soft launched their new xrc 1200 Wheels uh they do not feature The
deeg Hub they feature the EXP Hub cuz they're weight conscious uh 1,300 G
wheels and that is what I wrote when I raced or participated in Moab rocks
whatever you want to say nice so what does that race like that race was a 3-day mountain bike stage race uh with
pretty much some quite technical Moab riding that you do on an XC bike nice um
so each day was about 2 hours to 2 and 1 half hours long for me me um day one we
went up to porcupine Rim via a fire road which was an hour and 18 minutes or 15
minutes something like that just straight up basically pinned as well pinned as well technical climb fire this
one was all fire start in town ended up in uh porcupine Rim but then you go down porcupine Rim including the snotch oh
which was covered in snow and I did not that sounds so scary covered in snow Yeah snow the night before just dusting
so it's pretty slippery slippery to walk down I even I even watched a GoPro one
of the pros and um they kind of like dabbed it in spots they didn't ride the whole thing so wow um I rode it in
practice but not on the race day and then um yeah so then you go down
porcupine rim on an XT bike which is pretty wild uh it's like full pull you
know you're going down you know some ledgy stuff you know two three foot Ledges and like just not touching the
brakes um which is super fun uh day two was the bar M riding area
which is just literally like 50 to maybe 100 foot tall climbs all day long
consistently no breaks just Punchy I just I think at one point I was like do we ever go downhill because it just was
like up down up down up down like you never get a break it's like intervals intervals all day and like very
technical kind of rock features that you're doing trying to race over as well jeez and then day three you head out
towards mag s trails um and you head all the way out there do some Trails out
there and then head back towards the road so yeah 3 days um very
technical which is kind of what I want and what I was after so I got that um
and I did I did pretty good I was in the you know the open class and rolled in 13th out of I think 30 starters on day
one so sick sick good job mate yeah props to doing that to riding Moab on an XC bike with with with Aspens gnarly
it's that's pretty crazy I've been Moab myself and I would want a full travel trail bike with downhill tires probably
and to do that and that setup is you to have a different mindset but it's that's a cool kind of unique thing you know I
actually thought there's a lot of benefits towards being on I was on my ASR flight attendant which flight
attendant was flawless I was going to say what was that like out there I just didn't have to think it was perfect
always perfect just constantly changing between locked and unlocked and Trail like thousand times probably a day wow
that's cool and so that worked really well I had on these new DT Swiss Wheels along with two four Aspen tires Maxis
Aspens front and rear with big inserts running low tire pressure what I think
really helped was a bike was so light and I could pump really easily with a short travel that in stuff that was Tech
and kind of flat I could really hold speed and momentum and just kind of be smooth yeah where a trail bike kind of starts getting like bogged down a bit um
so yeah there's there's pros and cons there's definitely some big hits as well on that bike and it came back looking a
bit battered for being like a week old but I mean that's what bikes did you
have moments where you thought you were going to maybe blow up a wheel or get a flat or pinch it or something like that a couple times on porcupine Rim I was
just kind of yanking for gaps on that fire road yeah you're doing like 2530 pulling up for some gaps and it's like
all right I really hope I make this one yeah land smooth uh cuz it's about you know a curb or a 12T kind of ledge that
I'm trying to get over um luckily I was very smooth I didn't have a single mechanic hole for three
days no Flats no drop chains no issues no crashes nice um it's a testament to
the setup it is yeah so yeah all that went well for me DI sick dude yep Trevor
you just got back from a race yes I did I just did the complete opposite spectrum of what Liam's been doing for
real so yeah so it's the TDS it's called the Dirty Sanchez Enduro um I'll try to explain it I don't
think a lot of people know know about it or know what it is but invite only invite only it's on it's hosted by the
Sanchez family um they have a ranch up in Grass Valley which is near Sacramento
California and yeah it's an invite race and it's kind of for pros and Industry
people I would say and um it's a gnarly Enduro stage race so two days we do
around 11 to 12 stages typically um this is my fourth year doing it so I'm lucky to kind of know the trails sick they
have yeah they have just open men open women and then they also have open U men and women ebike class and I was racing
ebikes this year I've done it previous years on uh normal bikes analog bikes
and it's fun I think you kind of have to earn your turns there but it's way more fun than ebike this uh this race isn't
typical race at all it's it's a party the whole time um it's a three-day party including practice and yeah it's just a
little bit more enjoyable if you can do it more relaxed and not have to worry stress as much about results but yeah
yeah so on Friday uh Thursday night I should say we got there started dumping rain all night
and then uh into the morning still raining and I was like damn it's all
clay up there so it's super greasy and they dropped us into practice on the
gnarly stage of the weekend first run nice which was pretty crazy maybe the Hard like one of the hardest Trails I've
ever had to ride in the mud cuz you especially on the ebike you kind of break on a shoot and there's not really
any stopping you're kind of just pinging off rocks and stuff and I was very glad I knew the trails because I felt bad for
some of the guys that it was their first time there having to do that trail in the mud for their first time it would
just make me like sick to my stomach brutal man yeah pretty brutal so a lot of PE I mean yeah it's an early race
people were breaking themselves breaking their bikes and um yeah so after Friday it stopped raining Saturday morning it
was first two stages were pretty greasy and then the dir just got better and better and better and by Sunday it was
all time hero derp so that was cool with that race as well they do about half of
it blind so we practice like five trails and then the rest of it is just like you
got to just be aware and and you had never done those blind Trails previous in your four years um some of them yes
but they CH it's kind of a web in there so they kind of change it up it's all gravity fed but they change it up so you're kind of always on the fly on your
toes and um I think the coolest trail that we did was a downhall track that
they had built for the specialized gravity team so we got to practice that in the rain though so there's Road gaps
and big doubles and pretty scary stuff and the rain was pretty crazy so to do
that in the race with uh with good dirt was fun and we we kept it light me and
uh me and my friends we dressed up in our Halloween costumes as the the uh the
squad from Taladega kns Ricky Bobby and uh we trained it down the stage like all
three of us in a row different orders and different uh on different trails and
uh kind of got the party started with the crowd as well I think we were kind of like celebrities with the crowd which
was pretty cool walking back up and high-fiving everybody and stuff and that's amazing yeah it was cool bike
went well I was riding the Crestline ebike um RS 7550 and um that was flawless I did Al although have uh three
flat tires on the weekend um I flatted in practice I was running a downhill
casing Max dhf and I sliced the sidewall didn't even feel it just heard it Go
done and then luckily brought a spare tire in the race in in a rock garden
yeah totally tore sidewall again but a huge slash so I tried to put the old
tire that I slashed on cuz I was out of tires at this point 650b tire and I put a Martin gel wrapper on the sidewall a
tube 29er tube cuz that's all I had and that one flat in 30 seconds
on my next run so um ended up getting a tire from uh wbtb they gave me a tire and was able to finish the race which
was super cool and yeah the rest of it was Flawless didn't crash so I was pretty happy about that and yeah it was
a successful weekend sick sounds like a great time yes sir well uh and you guys
were also out in Utah the past couple weeks we almost overlapped we almost overlapped like two days difference
missed you out there bud but uh yeah Trevor and I went to St George for chasing Epic Utah trip that was pretty
epic we rode uh Little Creek Mesa Gooseberry Mesa couple Trails called Zen
and barel were super fun graft and DH Grafton DH that was sick that was one of my favorites all kind of around where
Red Bull Rampage takes place we weren't riding the same style of riding as red Rampage not even close not quite no but
the trail bike stuff around there is pretty legendary and famous and it was really cool to check that out totally
shout out to Bill yeah shout out to Wild Bill Bill is a legend he was one of our gu out there he's kind of a legend out
there he builds a lot of the trails and the Trail Boss yeah we we ended up spending a night out there after the
trip and riding some cool trails that he built with him and his buddies and that was pretty special yeah super special
yeah what a great time just a perfectly executed chasing epic trip that was my
first chasing epic trip and I was uh very impressed by the whole thing um I I
think it was just really well put on Steve's wife cooked for us every single night breakfast lunch and dinner which
was amazing great housing um the guides were cool we got just really good experiences
on trail and especially there there's the trails are marked by either paint on
the rock or little stacked up rocks sometimes not even yeah so if I mean I
feel like I'm pretty good about knowing where a trail is going to be riding I mean I just raced a bunch of blind Trails like turn around we were
traversing this Mesa and just turning around randomly and thank God we were
following Wild Bill and he was just showing us where to go which is pretty cool made it worth it I would have been pretty frustrated on my own if I did
that solo where some friends I'd be popping up Trail Forks every 5 Seconds just kind of pissed off because I don't
know where to go right especially Little Creek Mesa was like where are we yeah the bar M trails are similar in Moab
there's a pretty good line that you can follow um that's like continuous in
spots but it does get broken up but yeah for I don't know um during the race for
probably 20 30 minutes you're you're just on slick rock with no dirt so just paint it's just paint you're just
following paint for like 20 30 minutes it's got to be tough in race yeah I mean you're trying to go fast and also trying
to go smooth and yeah yeah what was super cool on our trip is um the guides pointed out some petroglyphs out there
which are like markings in the Rock cool I'll tell you what they look a lot like the new Aspen um St tra or tread pattern
they look a lot like they look a lot like Petra and that one tool we found it was like a maze Grinder like remember
that like the whatever it's called I'm trying to think of the thing like the mortar and P pedal and mortar whatever
you know what I'm talking about yeah it was like that um yeah cool area out there in St George it's pretty pretty
rugged it kind of feels like the land of the free out there yeah and um yeah that was a that was a cool experience I
brought the sp40 out there perfect setup on that couldn't have asked for a better bike Jared was on his forbid in
y he doesn't have anymore true which he does not have anymore true that was that
was the last harah but it did well for you we had no issues so that was cool even on that drop on was that on Barrel
I clapped the rear wheel yeah Jared did this there's this big drop on a trail called Barrel out there and we were kind of sizing it up because it's was pretty
big and blind and mandatory and I was looking at it I was going to kind of scope it up run into it a couple times
and Jared just goes into it and hits it like I was like wow that's that's pretty
wild I was like I'm just going to come in dude and I'm just I'm at the top of the trail and I hear it and he's he's uh nothing happened but
he cased it really bad he CED it honestly like how bad like sprocket on the knuckle or no almost but like maybe
like six inches or a foot like short right you must have hired a lawyer cuz you came out of that clean and the
spokes were still tight wheel was still intact no cracks Frank brother synthesis Carbon wheels Y no breakage that's right
no issues things have all speaking of seen some those things so those are some solid Wheels I'm impressed by those that
was solid yeah but super solid um I guess you kind of you know alluded to me
into the fact that I sold the bike but I just built up an sp140 and it's pretty sweet nice yeah yes I have had an sp140
for you Eagle ear listeners out there um but no J likes to do that he gets a bike sells it and he goes back to itens more
how good the bike is how did you build it up um let's see well I've got the fox new Fox 36 with the grip X damper uh
Eagle x01 mechanical drivetrain mura mt7 brakes Race Face era Carbon wheels um
Trail and cockpit and new Fox transfer era cranks uh Maxis asaga and
dhr2 solid yeah pretty uh pretty bulletproof build pretty solid I just wanted a trail bike you know fun solid
trail bike and uh it's what I got nice super stoked on it but you know stuff
that's pretty good good stuff with that should we uh have a little ad let's
let's have an ad let's have an ad and now a word from our sponsors hello Jeff again I just wanted to quickly mention
that this podcast is sponsored by you if you have ever purchased from worldwide Cyclery Trail 1 or Kettle you have
supported us and we genuinely appreciate it and thank you it's not the easiest to operate a small business in this day and
age especially not in the bike industry right now and if you've ever bought from us I appreciate it we all appreciate it
thank you that's all and now back to the show listener questions I really want to buy the new
ramadana my wife says I don't need another bike because I bought two last year is she right I don't think she
is that's tough I think it depends on what bikes you just bought and I don't
have a wife might need another wife see like if if you just bought like a Enduro bike
then I would say she might be right I hate to say this that she might be right but
if you don't have like that kind of bike then I say do it I don't know know what
your financials are like two in a year is a lot year is kind of I mean happy wife happy life but I mean you got to
have the bikes right true are you are you buying like you have two and you're buying another one and you're going to
have three total or you going to sell one and buy another cuz if you're selling one and buy another like absolutely go for it doesn't sound like
he's doing that I don't know what he's doing man hey if you buy the same bike that's all the same color your wife
might not notice as much that's true so has raw bikes for
$800 I might raise it it might be a little bit more I was doing this like years ago for 100 bucks inflation um
I'll make you a wife re seat tell your wife you paid 2,300 bucks for this bike she won't know there you go and then I
make you the receipt show her 2,300 bucks yep yeah I've had customers in the past tell me that they have the same
color bike because it Blends in and like the wife won't know how much how many bikes he has yeah just black black there
you go well I guess that's your answer all right Liam you want to read this
next one I'd love to looking for the differences between X SE Trail and down
country bikes with similar travel what are the differences and best uses for a different class but with identical
travel like the sp120 yeti sp120 and the yeti ASR great question so really great
question I've had both you have had both I have one let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth um
uh I mean yeah like the S Yeti SP sp120 is a mini trail bike it's a stiffer
frame it has a more complex suspension system um and those are like kind of the
big differences right like the frame is much stiffer it can put up with more abuse and the suspension is a bit more
Dynamic uh throughout the travel and uses the travel a little bit better um
granted it is one 20 rear 130 front and the yeti ASR is 115 rear 120 Front
couple mil difference but it does feel like a big difference on trail and
that's cuz the the ASR uses a flex day system and single pivot and single pivot
versus switch Infinity correct yeah they sound so similar like with travel numbers but it's a really completely
different bike and goo's almost identical between the two as well like I think reach is 10 mil shorter on ASR but
every other number is basically the same really I didn't not know that um but
again like which is a good thing yeah I mean they ride dramatically different the ASR is really light really Nimble uh
I'd say it uses the 115 well but you use all of the travel pretty often um and
yeah it's it's definitely Geared for lightweight climbing and making its way downhill where the sp120 is kind of
geared to be good uphill and downhill pretty evenly that's a good way of putting it yeah yeah I would say like
what Yeti sb120 is probably going to be slightly more like descending focused in the way that like you'll have a little
more fun downhill yeah and like whereas ASR you're definitely towards more towards like the racing end of the
spectrum correct and like yeah you'll get down the hill it's just not going to be like as fun not as be yeah yeah and I
mean with one of the reasons why Yeti did that and a bunch of brands have done these single pivot kind of flex day
bikes it's extremely light like the ASR versus the 120 is probably a two to
three pound frame weight difference wow in just the frame weight not including the components that come on as oh yeah I
mean so ASR is going to be like what 23 24 lbs like most of them like the higher end builds yeah higher end builds like
yeah 23 is a little light maybe like 24ish 24 mine's 24 and a half with fly
attendant with all the components probably 4ish pounds right my 120
was it was uh I think 27 set up for downeyville um and my ASR is 245 but I
have flight attendant now which is a little heavier actually and and a Reaver backis where I had a transfer SL on the
other bike so um I could get my ASR down to 23 if I went uh non- electronic
suspension or dropper Post Yeah and your setup will be a little bit different as far as the components that are on the
bike so like Tire setup and components are just going to be like you're
probably going to want to set them up different like for example Liam's running those double Aspens on his ASR like you could do that on your 120 but
it's not really the best use case for sure you want to run some knobby your tires and a little bit thicker stuff and
um you'll have a little bit more fun yeah yep agreed wow what a really nice comprehensive answer to that question
here's a question for both of you guys cuz you've been there m if you were going to go back to do a trip to the dolomites what bike would you ride and
why the goal of the trip is of course to maximize fun key word fun would you
bring one of your own bikes would you rent one ebike for the s B of argument assume you would do the same trip you did last year H I would go on the same
exact bike I rode last year which is my Rebel rail 29 yeah um with like a you know me I think I had an EXO plus Maxis
EXO plus front tire and a double down rear tire pretty solid pretty solid um I
rode every Trail you don't do a lot of pedaling because the gondola network is
so insane there's like two or three gondolas out of every Valley going up and over the mountain so like could you
get away with like double down tires out there probably you probably could there was a lot of like flat you know pedaling
Through The Valleys to like get to the next Gondola or whatever but I mean you're not you're not like racing you're not like trying to wor about how fast you're going honestly yeah with that in
mind how much how many rocks there is I probably would run a slightly heavy casing Tire um but yeah I think either
trail andura bike with like EXO Plus or double down is pretty perfect and nothing there's too too rowdy like the
most Rowdy stuff was in valasa on the ews Trails um but you're not racing them
so you could get away with you know a 140ish rear 150ish rear travel bike MH um you're on your forbidden Druid last
year you were okay yeah which was a great bike there too high pivot mid High pivot 130 bike um yeah I mean I would go
you know heavier Trail or lighter and duro bike with kind of a similar Tire setup um I personally want to go for an
ebike I just don't think it's necessary there agreed yeah I mean even what uh Joe was on one and that he rented and
didn't even seem to need it yeah like you said if you got Gondola shuttle and screw that I prefer to not rent my own
bike or not rent a bike and bring my own bike just for the sake of being used to it I'm really picky on barwidth and
Brake fuel yeah which is something that e or rental bikes are pretty bad they'll
be pretty beat they might not be the safest thing in the world either yeah um you would I mean yeah and then the money
you're going to spend on renting a bike might be the same as flying with a bike
over there anyway so yep I would say I mean unless it comes down to like Logistics like bringing your bike you
know in whatever rental car like shuttle whatever you're doing to get to the dolomites it's not like whatever you're
going to fly into Venice probably to get there but that's really the only thing that would be the only like uh you know
hurdle right something yeah to like how are you going to get it there um and cost-wise it's probably going to be the
same like checking your bike on the on the flight versus renting a bike what was it like 200 bucks or something like
that for each bike each on the hairline so you're probably going to spend 100 100ish bucks per day renting a bike I'd
say maybe more and uh so yeah probably a wash there but yeah I mean I would bring
my own bike like Liam said personally but yeah there you go all right next
question is a doozy mhm you are given a time machine to travel back to 2006 and
are offered a million dollar to win a race using a bike from today which discipline are you choosing X Enduro or
downhill what does it say go back to 2006 I think personally I'd probably go
uro yeah because I think the newest bikes are so insanely better than a 2006
bike and there's enough stages and time that I could actually make a some difference with the bike mhm I think
downhill I don't think I could beat 2006 Steve pet I'm thinking that in my head right
now like who was racing in I'm like probably Sam Hill and Steve Pete and going like Stupid Fast yeah me and
my roommates have this discussion like do you think you could win a downhill race um on a modern downhill bike versus
like Sam Hill back in the day the answer is no the answer is no those guys are
still gnarly and back then XC bik's like yeah you're on 29er now and a little bit
more efficient bike but like those 26 in bikes were like 21 lb still and maybe
they you have some better training and like nutrition stuff now than 2006 but like I still don't think I could beat
you know 2006 guy is Nino was Nino racing back then maybe no I mean like
you early on but yeah those guys were still gnarly super gnarly super fit so I would go in Duro because I think that
would be my biggest Advantage I think I would agree with you Liam I mean did did Enduro even exist in 2006 no been like a
like a Tomac setup I mean Tom that's before or after tomx time still but like where he would do XC and downhill in the
same weekend and win both D super D was probably just becoming a thing um which
eventually kind of phased into Enduro but yeah I mean if that discipline was around back then I would go under yeah I
think I think I would choose downhill because I think it would be really fun to ride like an old Iron Horse or something like that yeah um or something
cool you'd be on a new bike you'd be on a modern bike those guys trying to beat those guys yeah honestly I really want to ride a modern downhill bike cuz
they're probably insane and you can most likely get away with murder on them so I would do a downhill race and race some
old like crusted but track or big bear or something cool or not crusted but but a like snow Mass Aspen or something like
that so speaking of this um I watched a video a little while ago where it was like v10s and The Syndicate throughout
the years and I think it was like Steve Pete who he like did timed runs on like the OG bike from 20 years ago like all
the way up to the most recent one and it was actually like way closer than I thought it would be in terms like the times I don't think yeah yeah that get
the differences more extreme on the Enduro side like I don't think I could beat Steve Pete on that old V10 with me
on a brand new V1 no you're definitely right about that I don't think I could I don't think I could I mean those guys are the the best be for a reason right
it'd be fun to try it would be fun to try but for a million dollars I don't know all right how about this one love
the podcast my question is about blue threadlock or lock tight so you typically put threadlock on wet and it
sets in about 10 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours so when it already comes on aftermarket stem bolts and rotor bolts
is it even doing anything since it's dried on should I reapply my own and assume the stuff from manufacturing
isn't doing anything no it's definitely doing something yeah there for a reason yeah
like yeah um it works I don't know how to explain it more than that but well
basically there's material on the yeah you have material on the threads and it does help lock it up maybe if you put
like had a bare bolt and put your own on it might be like 10% better than if it was applied from the factory but if you
screwing in a bolt with Loctite on it versus a bolt without Loctite on it you will feel it is doing something yeah it
is harder to put on um it doesn't just like kind of flow in you have to apply
pressure there's resistance so it definitely works and when you're when you're screwing a bolt into like a threaded bolt into the threads the bolt
is like when you're when you're getting a torque down it's expanding a little bit and therefore for getting tight so if you have that extra material in there
it's just going to lock in place yep I mean maybe you should threadlock it if you're like working on your bike and you
have old bolts that the you know lock Tire or thread lock is worn off a little bit right like you should redo it yeah
but I don't think you need to do it if it's already on there yeah like I mean I've had some some early production full
suspension bikes that like say don't come with certain thread Locker that they change for production or something
and it's a massive difference of just how fast those bolts come loose and that's all Factory applied locktite so yeah there you go Trevor you want to
read this one yes sir should everyone own a dirt jumper I got into dirt jumping dirt jumping recently and noticed a massive Improvement in
cornering pulling for jumps and general stee stey and a nice dirt jumper is only
like $400 which is pennies compared to big bikes nowadays that's 400 quid mate 400 quid
mate um I think you should definitely own a dirt jumper I think it's a valuable skill for those exact reasons
for for jumping for Comfort on the bike um Ste definitely the Ste points go up
yeah um it also helps yeah it helps your confidence I mean it's just a good skill to learn it's kind of gnarly sometimes
to learn it and you probably crash a little bit might get a little scraped up but I think it's very very important you
learn a lot for sure I I agree I uh I've had dirt jumper I've probably will never
get rid of it because there's no point do I ride it enough probably not but um yeah I mean I just think it helps you
your air awareness your pumping skill um and just kind of General flow on the
bike and like you said it's not expensive and that's why I won't really sell mine it's you know not like I'm
going to get a bunch of money for it it's just fun fun go go with the Buddies to your local dirt jumps or bike
espcially uh now the time change like we should get afternoon sessions going again I was making it a point like I
guess two years ago to go once a week to the dirt jumps and just get stay comfortable in the air like that but
been lacking yeah I'm we should do that we're pretty close to a pre pretty sweet Park called swe and it's public park run
by the city and actually pretty good siiz jumps good siiz jumps all uh well now there's dirt lips but they're all
wooden lips so all very very much the same and relatively safe and Progressive they are very well built so yeah yeah
let's do it I don't have a dirt jumper but I'll go and take photos of you guys my roommate has one she never rides oh cool um but yeah I totally agree I got a
buddy who needs to work on his skills a little bit and I keep on saying like we should at least go to the pump track and like you'll get the pumping motion and
build up your skills a little bit the pump track is the best thing to learn how to ride a bike it just makes you aware of pumping and turning and where
your bike is totally totally all right Li you want to read that one yep hey guys I noticed I noticed that fox
released a new grip SL damper for XC racing and I was wondering if it would be possible and worth it to upgrade the
fit for damper in my current 32 stepcast to the new grip SL thanks so much and
love the podcast C I believe if you have the most recent 32 Step cast backwards
compatible and it would be worth it um it's not only is it lighter than the Fit 4 but the Fit 4 uses a bladder system
where the new grip SL uses a springbed ifp system um for nerdy talk it's uh
it's smoother off the top it's going to stay higher in the travel and it doesn't uh heat up as much and have some
inconsistencies that a sealed damper system might have or the grip damper kind of eliminates that being a semiopen
bath so what they were kind of saying also right it's like almost bringing like grip technology to like an XC style
damper um and another cool thing I remember is so like if you're on a Fit 4
damper um and you're like either locked out or unlocked and you want to go the other way sometimes you'll feel a little
bit of resistance if you're like in the travel a little bit whereas the grip SL there's that is not there yeah it's
really easy to bump between the modes yeah um they also I think there's also if you're
locked out on that it has a bit of a giveaway as well so you can kind of be locked out and then hit a bump on
accident maybe um and it will actually give your fork a little bit of give so that's nice yeah or the fit four is
pretty firm from what I remember I haven't read one in a couple years but yeah I think it's pretty cool my last XC bike I had a 34 Rhythm on it and wasn't
too impressed with the damping on it just it was kind of basic basic to me and I upgraded that to the grip two
damper and it made the biggest difference even though it's just a 34 yeah it was a night and day for me so I
would definitely recommend that um I would also recommends getting the serial number off your fork and making sure
that it's compatible before you buy any parts and good call give a call or email worldwide cycler or or even the fox guys
just to make double sure and Y those guys at Fox send it great for that too sweet I'll read this next one do you
guys think there is a right and wrong way to design High pivot bikes especially short travel bikes here's why I ask ever since the new Norco came came
out last month I couldn't help but notice the new optic looks so much like I forbid Druid so I picked at the comments and pink bike section and was
surprised to see how many people felt negatively about the optic vers how many people still Rave about the Druid including myself on paper they're pretty
similar minus the 5mm rear travel difference between the optic and the Druid till in front travel I'm also
aware the company is closely tied my V1 Druid is hands down the most fun verse to bike I've ever ridden feels so
confidence inspiring on the downs and can pedal all day on the other hand the optic review would steer me clear of trying something like that if feel my
first for a into high pivot suspension interested to see what you guys think drives the most difference or maybe lack thereof cheers well I mean just a start
visually they can be similar Geo can be similar but kinematics which is basically a hidden feature uh makes all
the difference of why these two might ride differently especially to a a reviewer MH um so I don't know the two
kinematics off top of my head um but that plays probably more difference than even like you know the five M travel or
a little bit of head two angle change or here and there yeah um that also being said the Forbidden Druid is a really
well balanced bike um it's a carbon bike it's a lightish bike for being a high
pivot bike the Norcos um I haven't ridden one I don't fully know but the
weights of them kind of mindboggle me sometimes they seem to be on the heavier side um I think this one the sword of
travel one the optic was one I want to say like 35 36 lbs no way and the the
new what's the longer travel one the site I don't know there's a site in the range I want to say the one of the two
newer High pivots that are as bigger travel is like 38 lbs yeah so they're
they're Porky um I also think what happened here is the optic used to be kind of like a short travel down country
Ripper 125 travel pretty simple kinematic and not high pivot um and a lot of people kind of felt like they
blurred the lines and like they were like why did you ruin a good thing like you didn't need to make it high pivot it
was efficient and fast and like now it's not you added complexity you added weight to this bike that didn't need it
um whereas the Druid is kind of in a different class I feel like even though it is only 5 mil travel difference like
you said I don't really know the goo of the optic off the top of my head um but I feel like that's the kind of the line
is like 130 travel like if you're going under you don't need it to be a high pivot and like don't really want it to be a high pivot
so I don't know what do you think Trevor it's tough I don't know if there I don't really I don't maybe not the guy to ask
if there's a right and wrong way to design it yeah I would say the best thing that you could do for yourself however is to try and demo it try
actually take it for a ride and and go and feel how it actually is going to be it's hard to tell you know it's really hard to tell how a bike's going to ride
just by looking at numbers you know you don't really know the characteristics of like the pedaling platform it has true I
mean you can kind of guess but you're never going to know until you really ride it yeah and also take the pink bike
comments for what they are most of those people aren't buying new bikes anyways
and they will just say anything to say anything as well as a lot of the reviewers uh you know they all have
their personal preferences and one person might like a super tall stack and the other person might like a super long
chain stay and that's their preference that doesn't mean the bike is bad because they have a certain preference
yeah so write it for yourself make your own opinions as much as you can it's also tough to have a super solid opinion
on a bike after riding it for two rides you know when I first got my 140 to be honest I didn't gel with it for about a
month and now I can't get off of it so it takes a while sometimes to really get used to it and really kind of flow with
how the bike is going to react to your riding style and so yeah take it with the graen of salt yeah yeah I don't know
something about short travel and high pivot I mean I don't know it's it's an interesting topic heavily debated that's
for sure yeah well how about this one Trevor you want to read this one about sealant hello everyone all are all tire
sealant created equal no ST mock off orange WTB specialized is the magic
sauce essentially essentially the same and do most people just buy what's on sale how about compatibility should we
avoid mixing uh wondering if there are difference in performance durability shelf life mess
considerations anything to steer away from I've been using stands for about 15 years mostly out of habit always open to
change would you be willing to share share your personal preferences absolutely yeah I mean I don't think
they're all created equal that said it's also my least favorite product to test
and try yeah CU when you need it the most it's going to fail on you if it's bad product yeah uh that being said I've
used orange seal almost consistently for maybe five to six years and specifically
in the shop we buy the orange seal endurance um meaning it lasts a bit
longer in your Tire it still seals extremely well um and that's what I use
95% of the time other times I kind of use standard stands sealant if uh we're
out of the orange seal yeah but those are kind of my two uh I know there's some like maybe
more eco-friendly ones or you know I've heard good stuff about Muk off in the WTB that said I have not tried them um
some of the um some of the sealants are latex based some of them I believe are ammonia based and um in my experience
the latex stuff works super good the ammonia stuff not so much yeah but STS is ammonia B I believe and it works you
know I'd say I'd say stands is pretty much the standard right like you know there's worse and there might be better
but like down the middle stands is quite consistent standard the standard from my experience um working
at a bike shop for a while and also Racing for a while um what you'll hear around the pits and around the bike shop
is um orange seal is kind of the way to go yeah um it's just kind of like it just kind of is what it is around that
that uh those type of people who are using them and um yeah I I run orange seal personally they do make a orange
seal race day as well that's supposed to seal even better I haven't tried it just doesn't last long I like that yeah yeah
I mean I would say maybe I should try since I just changed my tires if you change your tires a lot or if if you're if you're racing downhill and you're
going through a tire in a a weekend it might be worth getting that race stuff if it does drop faster just so you can
have as the best sealing proper as you can get yeah um and also don't slash
your sidewalls on your tires and nothing's going to seal that right yep I would say whatever you run just make
sure you check and make sure that there's sealing in there coming from a guy who just got a flat tire the other day and there was no sealing in my tire
so no matter how try hard you try and plug it up or think it's going to work if you don't have enough steal in there it's not going to work thinking it was
on my gravel bike it was like whatever on the road not a hug deal for the most part the sealant the sealant are going to work if they're pretty fresh yeah um
yeah always check to make sure you have sealant tires it's just worth it in my backpack that I ride with I always carry
a little bottle of stands cuz it's convenient and it will save someone's ride mhm and back to that probably avoid
mixing yeah yeah probably avoid mixing yeah good call yep yeah well there you
go uh esteemed and awesome podcast guys what are your opinions on saddle bags for tools and tubes if it clears the
tire when the post is down and the shock is compressed is there any other concern does the weight prematurely wear on the dropper is there a weight limit one
should aim for to maintain proper function I have a bag that I strapped to my frame but it kind of rattles on Ry descents that is unacceptable and
annoying thanks yeah I agree that is unacceptable and annoying I've actually found you I get more rattle on the seat
post and I don't like the weight of it being up high on the post you want yeah it can also buzz on the tire
if it's you if you bought them out too hard I mean he it clear you know if it clears but yeah I kind of run a saddle
bag if there's no dropper if there is a dropper then I strap it to the frame that's kind of like my general rule yeah
um we sell straps um oam straps swe they got a boa dial in them also ones without
a Bo and just a velcro and um you can pretty much put it on any frame um and
it'll act the same as a sadle bag and that's just what I would do yeah I mean
I'm not I've never really been a fan of saddle bags on dropper post personally either um I'm not I don't know if we
could say you know definitely if the weight prematurely wears on the dropper or not um I mean I don't think so I
don't think it would but I would say like if dirt gets in there between this the rails or the
St I've seen I've seen some wear also just doesn't really work all the time if you're dropping it all the way down it's
going to kind of Hit the the uh the seal and just not really work so I would avoid it if you can y yep agreed
well I think we got time for one more uh in a dystopian world where Riders are forced to choose between a tires of the
same manufacturer but with mismatching colors example Max's front tan wall rear black or B Tires of the same color but
from different manufacturers example Max's front Continental rear which you you choose bonus question for Jared if
Bean would shred on bikes would she be more of a dhf or DHR type um I'm going
to say neither and she would be more of an ass guy type so she's an as guy has
has Bean seen your video where you tried to choose your
mind of a dhf or DHR oh I should show her that one she probably get a kick yeah yeah um I'm also going to hop on a
uh rocket and get out of that dystopian world that's just not an option for you
I'm getting out of there man he's getting out of there I'm running I'm running matching brands with matching sidewalls but if I guess I had to pick
I'd probably go a really well that's that's I don't know actually looking at
the next the example of it yeah running like an as guy front and a continental rear that could be good it would
probably wear pretty even yeah you know like it they feel good together you got
two two yellow logos like you'd really probably have to like look a double tap I'm going Team B all the way same color
so black on black or tan wall on tan wall um tan wall is probably got to be similar T cuz sometimes they're a little
different yeah like continental and Max's tan wall I have no problem running two different brands of tires it's just
the if the colors are wrong then um did you just hear that Liam I think we might need to find a new person for the
podcasty it's it saved my race on Sunday so I'm cool okay that's true fair enough
and the combo you ended up with was also like what I was just saying like the judge rear is like the earliest rear
judge and Guy front like that's a good combo match I had two stages with it and
didn't flat so that's a success to me honestly I've had that before where like you mix a couple Brands and sometimes
you just like come up on the secret sauce and you're like this is good like this is a really good combo but you can't tell anybody that no yeah like for
for for example I was running that that DHR with it was Max grip but if you run it in some kind of dry rocket conditions
that trail is gone or that tire is gone in a weekend so for sure you gota you got to pick and choose your battles
indeed you do and uh and speaking of picking and choosing battles we are going to go have dinner and have a great
night thank you everybody for listening oh if you want to do so leave a review
on your favorite podcast platform Spotify Apple podcast you name it
screenshot it send it to podcast at worldwide and we will give you I don't know the gift it's a $15
gift card to the website thank you everybody for listening Cheerio good night thank you love you

May 07, 2024

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