Customer Review: WTB Scraper i40 TCS Rim

This review was written by one of our customers, Craig Tuttle. He used the WTB Scraper TCS rim to build a front wheel for his 26" Ibis Mojo. Let's here what he had to say about the install and ride!


I built a front wheel for my Ibis Mojo 26" bike using the WTB Scraper i40 rim and DT Swiss Champion 2.0 spokes wondering if wider is really better. I was set back a bit because WTB measures ERD differently so after finding this out I measured it myself and got the correct length spokes. The wheel build was easy with this rim and so far it seems very solid and stiff. The first tire I mounted was a Continental Trail King 2.4 but it was obvious this rim is too wide for that tire, so I mounted a WTB Ranger 2.8 plus tire, not knowing how well it would clear a standard 26" RockShox Pike fork. It works great – there is plenty of clearance and I may try the 3.0 tire next. I've ridden it at several different pressures and have settled on 11 psi, and the jury is still out whether wider is better.

Customer Review: WTB Scraper i40 TCS Rim
Most of my riding is on technical, rocky trails and the increased contact patch with the plus size tire really improves cornering, especially for someone like me that does not have great cornering skills. It also floats nicely down loose, rocky descents. Climbing technical terrain is more challenging because when the plus tire strikes an obstacle it rebounds harshly. For me this is a big deal because most of the time riding is spent climbing. I am anxiously awaiting a plus size 26" tire with a strong sidewall because I think this will help alleviate the harsh kickback. Overall I like the idea of plus size tires and low tire pressures so will continue to try and figure out how to minimize the rebound problem.

WTB Scraper TCS Rims

February 08, 2017

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