PNW Components Loam Lever: Employee Review (More Cushin, More Pushin)

Words by: Adam Englander

I had seen the PNW Loam Lever on many of my coworker’s bikes and decided it was time to make the switch. My bike came stock with the RaceFace Turbine R dropper lever, a solid lever no doubt but I wanted something a bit more. Not to mention, I had been looking to add some PNW components to my bike so this was a perfect opportunity to do both.

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First Impressions

This dropper lever looks badass. I opted for the cement grey color to match my bike. Although it isn’t the exact color, it is pretty damn close and looks great. The machining on the lever is impressive as well. It is clear that PNW Components put some time and thought into the design and overall feel of the dropper lever. 

The lever itself is also much shorter than the RaceFace. This might take a ride or two to get used to but I don’t really see it being an issue moving forward.


  • Weight: 48g
  • Price: $69
  • Colors: Safety Orange, Cement Grey, Seafoam Teal, Black Out, Really Red

PNW Loam Lever Employee Review


  • Weather Proof
  • No-Slip Grip
  • Compatible w/ all cable-actuated dropper posts
  • Custom CNC machining


So the main question I had was how much I would notice the padding on the lever. Although I do wear gloves when riding, it was noticeably more comfortable than my previous lever. The lever actuation is very smooth and easy which makes using the remote pretty enjoyable to use. I found myself pressing it just because I enjoyed how nice it felt.

It did, however, take some time to get used to how much shorter the lever was. The first few times I attempted to press it down, I got nothing but air. I plan on adjusting the position a bit so that it sits closer to my grip and hopefully that fixes things. Either way, I got used to it pretty quick out on the trail and had no complaints.

PNW Loam Lever Employee Review

Final Thoughts

Since dropper seat posts came out, I have tried multiple different levers. Everything from the Wolf Tooth lever to the Fox, I have tried them all. And yes, they all work, but some just have a bit more than the others. The stock Race Face lever my bike came with worked well and looked clean but wasn’t anything special. I really didn’t think a small pad would be that noticeable, but I have to say I have really grown to love the PNW Loam Lever. I also noticed how much easier it was to make small dropper adjustments. Feathering the remote was much easier and allowed me to make short adjustments easily. At only $69, it’s hard to find a nicer dropper lever. It checks all the boxes for me and is what I plan to use for the foreseeable future. 

About the Rider - Adam

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February 18, 2020

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