Fox Float DPX2 Factory Kashima Rear Shock: Rider Review

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If you want to make a big change to your mountain bike the suspension is a great place to start. Both the front and rear suspension need to work together to keep optimal traction. Our friend Kurt gives us the low down on the Fox Factory DPX2 Kashima rear shock. Check it out!

Fox Float DPX2 Factory Kashima Rear Shock Rider Review


I’m new to mountain biking and after a dozen rides or so on my old Trek 4300, I took the plunge and purchased a 2018 Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon S, which came stock with a Fox Float DPS rear shock. After a dozen rides on that, the rear shock just wasn’t feeling right for me. Despite the fact that I am a new rider to the sport, the DPS just never felt good. I scoured the internet, looking for setup tips, adjustments, pressure charts, etc. nothing I did to the DPS made it feel good when I was riding (I loved everything else about the Bronson, but the DPS felt like a pogo stick to me and I kept feeling like I was riding a mechanical bull, with the DPS in control of my ride.)

Fox Float DPX2 Factory Kashima Rear Shock Rider Review
Enter the Fox Float DPX2 Factory rear shock. I had narrowed my search down to two choices that fit my Bronson, the DVO Topaz and the Fox DPX2. The reviews and articles on the DPX2 at Worldwide Cyclery convinced me that the DPX2 was the shock for me. I took the plunge and ordered it. I was impressed by the delivery speed, Worldwide Cyclery delivered faster than their estimate and I had the DPX2 in hand before the weekend. Installation was a breeze, Worldwide Cyclery included the mounting hardware I needed to get the shock fitted to my Bronson and install took less than 10 minutes, thanks to their helpful videos about how to upgrade a shock. After running through sag setup and adjusting my rebound, I felt comfortable with my settings and also took time to check my fork to make sure it’s rebound was in sync with my new DPX2.

Fox Float DPX2 Factory Kashima Rear Shock Rider Review


I set out on my local trails here in SoCal and was immediately blown away. On the way up, the DPX2 pedal incredibly well (I felt myself constantly locking out the DPS, whereas the Fox DPX2 pedals awesome in OPEN, and I felt myself not reaching for the lockout, even when earning the descent. When I pointed downhill, that’s where things got really interesting. This was a completely different bike! The DPX2 handled everything I threw at it with ease, so much so, that I felt my confidence rise considerably. I found myself tackling more aggressive lines, features, and trails with ease and confidence. I’m writing this review now about a month later, and I am confident I made the right decision getting the DPX2. I hit my first major drop, some really tough technical trails, and have become more aggressive inline choice and speed. The DPX2 handles all of them while inspiring confidence that the shock will perform under any type of terrain I will throw at it.

Final Thoughts

I owe this newfound joy and progression to the Fox DPX2. I highly recommend this shock and Worldwide Cyclery for the support (videos, reviews, and articles) that helped me make this choice.

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February 18, 2020

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