FOX 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork 29": Rider Review

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Mountain bike suspension has come an incredibly long way in recent history. With so many great options to choose from, how do you narrow it down? For some riders, there's only one option. A Fox Factory fork or bust! Our favorite customer, Byron Peterson, recently ponied up and slapped a spankin' new Factory fork on his Yeti and gives us his review. Check it out!


A little context for the upcoming review. I consider myself an average mountain bike rider and until a few months ago was limited to riding the relatively flat but still fun single track of Eastern Virginia and North Carolina. Given this, I was very content with my hardtail Carbon 29er. A recent move to Western Colorado and a newfound access to some crazy trails I soon realized a new bike was in order.

For many years I dreamed of owning a Yeti mountain bike, but not just any Yeti. My Yeti had to have a turquoise frame and an orange Fox factory fork. The time for my build finally arrived and I decided to build an SB100. The only logical choice for me was the Fox SC 34 SC in factory orange.

Fox Factory 34 SC Fork Rider Review

Installation & Quality

From the moment I opened the box the quality of this fork was evident. I certainly felt I had gotten my money's worth and I hadn't even installed or put a single mile on it. I honestly spent hours just staring at it while waiting for the rest of my build to arrive (not sure if I should have shared that.) Fast forward a few weeks and I finally got my new toy assembled and it was time for some setup and a shakedown ride. Setup was super easy and I had it dialed in in no-time. There is so much information available online that is was just a matter of setting up the air pressure for my weight and adjusting the compression and rebound according to recommended settings. So how does it ride?

Fox Factory 34 SC Fork Rider Review 2


One word to sum it up, amazing. I am fortunate to live a short distance from some of the best trails in the world here in western Colorado. So with only the winter weather holding me back, I was off to Fruita for some riding. Climbing, descending, slow turns or fast, this fork soaked it all up with ease and gave me the confidence to push harder and harder. I know for a fact that it is my own skill (or lack thereof) that will hold me back, not the capability of this fork. Addressing some other notable characteristics of this fork, I found it to be very rigid and never felt any flex whatsoever. I also appreciated the lightweight of this fork which was in line with the goals for my build. I am in no way a weight weenie but appreciate the opportunity the shed a few grams when I can. Now as a 6-foot guy weighing around 175 lbs, I can't speak to how this would work for a larger rider, but for me it was perfect.

Final Thoughts

So in summary, this fork is a light, rigid and easily adjustable fork that will let me explore my nearby trails with confidence.

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Fox Factory 34 SC Fork Rider Review CTA

February 19, 2020

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