OneUp Thick Grip [Rider Review]

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One of the most important points of contact to the bike is the grip. And what we hold on to is very important when it comes to comfort. OneUp offers the thick grip for those that are wanting more cushion to their grips. See what our customer thinks about the grips!


Using varied grips over the years, I have consistently drifted to more beefy grips that provide a substantial grip when climbing and cushioning when descending. The larger grips always give me a more confident and comfortable ride with less hand discomfort.

OneUp Components makes a few different grips (Thin, Regular, and Thick) of which I’ve used two. More recently I’ve been using the OneUp Thick and Regular grips on a few of my bikes.

Comparing the OneUp grips on a couple of my bikes, there are differences other than the thickness of the grip. The Thick grip has textures in various locations. Under the index finger are vertical ridges that allow a softer grip for that finger. The palm heel has rubber blocks cushioning it when the weight is forward. The outer three-quarters of the grip has horizontal ridges that provide a place for the fingers to grasp. Very nice to have during long or technical climbs. The grip is 5mm larger in diameter which delivers a more positive grasp of the handlebar. The Regular grip however has a single texture over the entire grip but does share the horizontal ridges with the Thick grip.

Ridges molded on the underside provide a place for sweaty fingers to grip especially during hard, prolonged climbs when the trail gets technical. Tricky pitches up Dreamweaver and D'Yer Maker on Mount Fromme are much more manageable when you have a good hold with sweaty hands but you still need to push hard on those pedals.

Descending down 7th Secret with its rock-armored berms and ladders, these grips soak up the sharp edges and keep you rolling. OneUp Thick grips definitely provide an ample 35mm grip. A softer composition makes the long rides more comfortable with less hand cramping when the trail gets steep and rough.

The end of the grip is very durable and has not torn yet despite crashes and tree hits. Navigating around a log on 5th Horseman over at Cypress, I could not hold the line and slid out. The grip end hit the trail hard but did not have a scratch or tear. My thumb was not so fortunate.

Paired with OneUp carbon bars, the combination makes a great upgrade to the ride feel. The cushion of the grip and the vibration-damping of carbon bars make a very comfortable ride and still provide a great response to the trail.

Our Mountain grips, previously used, have a similar pliability but that is where the similarities end. The OneUp grip has different textures for the various parts of the hand. For me, a much better grip.

Final Thoughts

The Thick grip absolutely delivers the grip needed to muscle up North Carolina hills single-speeding and descending steep rock rolls and chunky trails in Squamish and North and West Vancouver.


April 02, 2024

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