Every MTB’er Needs One Of These - DJI Osmo Action 4 Camera Review [Video]

Mountain bikers have been using action cams to capture their favorite moments on the trail for decades, and these days the technology of the cameras and quality of the footage is seriously impressive - especially considering the compact packaging of these little cameras. You may have heard of DJI from their amazing drones, and now their impressive Osmo Action 4 camera is enjoying some time in the spotlight thanks to it's thoughtful features, epic footage quality and competitive pricing. Let's take a look and see how it stacks up in the real world. 




DJI Osmo Action 4 Camera

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we have been using action cameras for
years to film well
action it's unbelievable how much better
these things have gotten and how perfect
they are for taking on mountain bike
trips and just generally filming action
this entire video will be filmed on an
action camera literally every single
shot will be filmed with a DJI osmo
action 4 if the camera is not physically
in the frame then it's the one filming
DJI which is famed for their drones
has also been making a ton of other
amazing cameras like the one that's
filming this video right now that use
their exact same color science app
ecosystem and accessories so it's a
pretty amazing win if you already have a
DJI drone like we
do what's unreal is this camera is now
only 299 bucks that's $100 less than it
was released how is that possible when I
wake up like this each morning
a lot of other YouTube videos have
covered this camera extremely well so
I'm going to tell you what I think a lot
of the missed which is the overall user
experience start to finish that you
would use this camera for as a general
mountain biker for example here's a
video I helped Jared Sho for his mom hey
mom I want to show what mountain biking
like flowers
nature ah
woo well climb is really hard but it's a
good excuse for
beer the creation of that video went
this connect the camera to the DJI light
cut app and then roughly 30 minutes
later babe babe is it good is it good
the overall experience of creating a
simple video like that was unbelievably
easier than it used to be with action
cameras it reliably connected to my
phone it was nice and intuitive to edit
out some clips and boom nice video for
mom so what else is important about this
little camera details details details I
think DJI absolutely packed this camera
and of the accessories with a ton of
small details that really solve problems
and annoyances that I 100% have
experienced in the past and with other
cameras here's what I like Ultra fast
boot up time to press one button and in
2 seconds it's filming this is so damn
convenient because it doesn't drain
batteries staying on the whole time it
doesn't automatically turn off and then
take forever to boot back up to record
again and it makes clearly identifiable
sounds when it starts to record stops
recording and is turning off these are
the little things that count that
actually matter when using this camera
front and back touch screens with a
simple easy and snappy user interface
this epic little microphone for when you
want to level up your audio especially
convenient on Windy days when you're out
riding all right here's what it sounds
like when I'm talking to the Bluetooth
microphone at a casual speed but now I
got a big headwind coming down this hill
and I'm going to start going really fast
cuz this is a steep ass shoot with a big
headwind blowing right in my face my
bike's making all sorts of sounds my God
this does not seem safe to be talking to
a camera while riding your bike down
something like
this magnetic mounts way easier than
traditional style mounts action cameras
have and finally properly solve the
problem of needing to film vertically
with ease chest strap that is designed
so well with this little twist on and
off mechanism and this rad back Mount to
get shots like this
this Nifty little remote to operate the
camera from your handlebars that also
records GPS data and of course a few
nitpicky details I think could and
should be better this DJI mimo app it's
the main app you use to connect the
camera to your phone get for more
updates be able to control the camera
from your phone and you can also edit
videos in there and do a bunch of other
stuff but it's not the main editing app
that's the light cut app it just seems
like DJI has too many apps they're all a
little bit cluttered and they all kind
of send you some kind of annoying
notifications that I'd rather not have
in my life but the app store ratings
kind of tell the story there so little
bit of work to do there
DJI this little
exoskeleton thingy I don't really know
what the point of this is you kind of
need it because if you want to mount the
camera magnetically on the side I.E for
vertical filming that's where the
magnetic mounts are whereas the
horizontal ones are actually on the
camera itself so I don't know what the
point of this is why not just add a
little material to the camera it's
already extremely tiny put the mounts on
the camera for both vertical and
horizontal and then just boom Brilliance
the voice control on the camera it works
okay it's consistent sometimes which
means it's inconsistent which means you
don't use it that often and sometimes it
magically works and other times it
doesn't it works better than any GoPro
I've ever used so that's saying
something but still needs to get fixed
up a little bit and get more consistent
does work better when you use this
microphone just put some AI in that and
call it a day stop recording this camera
just makes everything easy from turning
it on filming with it and cutting up a
nice little edit for Jared's mom don't
you talk about my mama yes yes I could
tell you all about other specs of this
camera the nerdy stuff the crazy size
sensor the low light performance the
stabilization the dlog M footage all
these other fancy things that are kind
of table stakes and you would expect out
of a flagship action camera like this
but for me I just need a really good
camera that's easy to use out of the box
to make fun videos to share with my
friends and family and this kind of fits
bill for 299 bucks this camera is a
pretty amazing value and can seriously
help you make YouTube videos like this
or short edits for your friends and
family which I love it's nice to share
stuff with friends and family massive
thank you to DJI for loaning us this
camera to let us test it out please hit
that subscribe button and a thumbs up
button it genuinely helps out our
Channel and next up I'm going to compare
this thing side by side and all the
nitty-gritty details to the Pro Hero 12
and see which action cam is best for
filming action see you guys
later stop recording

April 29, 2024

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