Tire Wisdom 2.0, Nifty New Products, Bike Versatility & More... Ep. 133 [Podcast]

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Today on the podcast, the guys discuss their recent rides, new bike builds and exciting happenings in their lives before talking about some hot new products and jumping into some excellent listener questions ranging from tire setups to bike racks and everything in between. Tune in!

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ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 133 of the MTB podcast presented and
hosted by worldwide Cyclery I'm Jeff I'm Trevor and I'm Liam we are not with
Jared today because he is out well he says he's sick says he has a flu really
doing probably trying to watch all of the Lord of the Rings extended editions in a row that's what I would do if I was
sick that's a good sick day activity yeah I love Lord of the Rings yeah it's like the best
Trilogy so uh yeah it's just us today and we're going to talk about all things mountain bikes and hopefully provide
some useful mountain bike knowledge to all of you mountain bikers out there I'm just trying to stuff the word mountain
bike in here more frequently for uh search engine optimization mountain bike
I like bikes oh let's see we've got a ton of
listener questions as always and we're getting a little bit more in-depth with these questions they're a little bit more long and complex you say they are
pretty long- winded these days so yeah thanks for sending those in keep sending them in whether they're simple or
complex we will do our best to get to the the best ones also I have a request mhm for people sending in questions also
send in some more funny ones it's been a while yeah we're a little light on the funny questions yeah yeah yeah you can
ask whatever you want by the way no one's going to get offended in any way shape or form by anything if anything
we'll just and if it is notra up PG-13 for the podcast we will laugh internally we might write you back and it just
won't make the podcast so we keep it light around here yeah keep sending them in keep sending them in to podcast
worldwid cy.com so let's start off with Zach's words of wisdom it costs nothing
to be nice wow that is that that's just the truth that is the truth I try to
live by that motto and uh you know when you are a customer support guy that's
even more obvious that people could be nicer to you so be nice to people
especially the customer support staff cuz there's probably not their issue probably someone else's issue and the
people making your food that too yeah definitely those are the people who I nice too yeah I always got upset with
when you're on the phone with customer service and you hear someone on the other line just getting super angry and eray and it's like it's not worth it
it's like it's not their problem or it's their problem but it's not their fault although I was almost losing yesterday
trying to get in contact with FedEx and an automated system I wasn't mad at a human I was mad at the automated system
was making me put in a tracking number and every time I'd say it they would read it back to me wrong ah you just
typed it in how do you do that on your phone it has has a z in it yeah you saying e or D exactly Z yeah Z
for zebra and I was getting frustrating like you know yeah I think there's a meme that says uh you know the real U
comes out when you ask for the Auto or you asked for a real human you start
give me a real human I heard you can just press a bunch of zeros and it'll just go straight to sometimes
work yeah it's not always easy but you know when you are talking to a real human just be nice because it costs
nothing to be nice Daniel's fun fact why don't you read it off Trevor Lake Superior holds 10% of the planet's fresh
water 10% of the fresh water is a lot I guess fresh water yeah ocean water is
not fresh water the biggest great lake is nope I was going to guess but I do
not know it's like Superior because it's Superior well I guess that would make sense if it if it's a if it's the fact
and it's holding 10% of verse water probably I'm not I'm actually not 100% sure that is the biggest Great Lake but
I'm like I I in multiple choice I would guess that one yeah would this podcast is not fact checked uh neither are
Daniel's fun facts someone just pastes them onto this document and just blindly trusts him I have to says I have gone to
the Niagara Falls before though and it's uh pretty mindblowing how much water is going through that waterfall at any
moment kind of have you been there wild yeah absolutely blew me away the force that it is from and that's from a great
lake too so yeah pretty impressive cool definitely is also impressive is this fantastic testimonial raced the
Tennessee Enduro this weekend with the B team and what an awesome group of guys had a blast with them and they were
ripping wow nice so that's more a testimonial to the B team but not to us
I guess so okay well we we sponsor and support the B Team yeah so that counts supporting some amateur Enduro racing
out there I just made them all new jerseys yeah they look pretty good Kettle Wayward Jersey but custom screen
printed for the B Team nice so pretty cool they were stoked yeah Matt video called me wearing that thing yesterday
in his bathroom just going on and on about I didn't didn't see below the way
so who knows he going was yeah he was sitting on the toilet wearing wearing the like dude these things are sick
these came out so nice he's pumped so yeah stoked to support the B team and some uh amateur and racing out there
speaking of amateur racing I actually watched the the Tennessee national National on was like the wind Rock Bike
Park YouTube channel did you see that I did not see that I just I just caught like some of the highlight reels yeah
it's really it's done really well I was telling you um that guy I was with last week does it he's head of production of
all that so he does does that he does the US Open he's going to do the whole Monster Energy Cup that's coming yeah live broadcast all of them and he's the
announcer too yeah I just I watched I saw the YouTube recommendation and I clicked on it I was like this looks like
something I would watch on Discovery Channel just like well done go crank works yeah totally it was really cool
like they covered the whole race they had a bunch of the footage from I mean pretty much all the footage from all the racers and an announcer that ran you
through the things bike checks like it was like this is great it's like an hour long that's red yeah on YouTube yeah
I've never seen a mountain Mike race covered that well from just wind bike park YouTube channel yeah exactly yeah
it's yeah exactly I guess it's a national but still it's not a World Cup it's not a cran cors event like not Red
Bull event yeah so us downhill resurging
yeah it's pretty cool pretty rad I thought it was it was really well done I was really impressed well the next segment we have
here is bikes and rides we've been enjoying lately and or anything and everything we're excited about so uh I
put my new L Hefe which I've been talking about for weeks now still it's
in process getting built still still has no wheels titanium hard tail from Revel
bikes uh designed for 120 mil travel Fork right but I'm putting a rigid carbon Envy Fork on it that's 100 Mil
adjusted which but once you put a hard tail on and you're at sag it's going to be roughly the same as where this bike's
going to sit yeah hard tail at sag you mean a suspension fork and sag art tail sag Fork sag art tail at sag I
could either right kind of yeah I guess it's technically still sag yeah still sag yeah it's going to be a gravel bike
for me flat bar gravel flat bar gra bike also known as a rigid mountain bike I've been doing a lot of thinking locally
what's faster because we don't have these long Arizona Kansas even like uh
Eastern Colorado roads where you're like on a true Gravel Road for a long time we're basically riding straight up
straight down fire roads fire roads rough fire roads rough fire roads and it's like does a drop our gravel bike
actually make any sense here or is a flat bar rigid bike like yours MH overall
faster I don't know I mean I just think it's also more fun and enjoyable to ride on flat bars yeah that's that's your
opinion but I'm just talking about if you're just riding along PCH the drop bars are great ni Arrow but you're only
on there for like 20 minutes and you shoot back up yeah that uh your Al face is going to look
rad out I can't wait for people to see that it's I've just uh SE seen it being built up and it uh it's a looker for
sure it's definitely unique it's going to be a cool unique bike I just think I mean having that salsa Cutthroat that
was just such a fun bike to have the with flat bars it was like wow a really lightweight rigid mountain bike it's
just super fun to have it's like useful you can put together these rides on it that you would never really do on a
normal mountain bike and you wouldn't do on a gravel bike or a road bike and just a cool fun unique enjoyable bike so I
would I would highly suggest everyone build one just for funsies are you going
to use that or Ranger for your adventure races the Ranger Ranger just for Comfort yeah cuz Adventure races too you got
you're just so fatigued and sleep deprived half the time that having suspension is is just safety you can you
can kind of space out or or look down at your compass and then like smash into a rock and be okay when you have
suspension and yeah on a rigid bike you you know there's no forgiveness on that stuff so yeah I'll definitely be on the
ranger I'm also excited about these DJI videos so I was lucky enough to get in contact with DJI and that's the company
most well known for their drones which we have one what did we have L dog mavic mini um that thing's sweet but they also
now have a GoPro competitor an action camera well I think they've had it for a little while but it's interesting to see there's a couple different companies
that are really nipping at the heels of GoPro and uh yeah pretty pretty good stuff so yeah I'm they're going to
sponsor a couple videos we're going to review the camera compare it to a GoPro let mountain bikers know how it works on
a mountain bike for a mountain biker and I don't know I'm just stoked it's like forced creativity we're selling out baby
selling out not in the podcast yet should be cool though DJI makes pretty legit stuff so they they come up with
well it's stuff we actually use right it's not like we're just you know taking some random sponsor yeah I mean there
there's a lot of cool things that I could just mention about that but I'll save it for making a YouTube video about it but the things I thought right off
the bat which was just a really cool feature that is kind of unique to them is all of the color grading and footage
you can mash it perfectly to all the DJI drones it's like that's a really good idea cuz a lot of people use a DJI drone
and the color is totally different yeah than whatever else they're filming it on I was like that's a smartv yeah that's like a very obvious
shoe and of a really good Advantage because they kind of the market whole camera system yeah both of them to get
the same sensor on both yep you're going full Fuji fu Fuji Fuji film so fancy
what Fuji it's actually not that fancy um xt3 body and then a x70 little body
yeah it's pretty pretty standard stuff not not fancy should be pretty exciting
not like my new bike your new ASR which is as fancy as it gets that thing is
bougie I know it's over the top that's the first bike I've seen that has no cable ports on the frame well it has
that one right on the left side but if you look at it on the drive side there's no cable ports any on the frame that
it's cool that's aesthetically pleasing to look at actually Revel bikes made a
road bike in 2018 or 19 called the pure Road or the pr which was access only
back then didn't catch on the rebel name or the YY okay sorry y Cycles name okay so it was Tai yeah huh Tai bike 32 mil
Tire clearance and it was called the pr Pier Road and was only for axis and they say it's they worst selling bike
ever they were just a little late to the party little early a little early to the party and I also think I told them they
should make it now 38 mil Tire clearance and called an all road bike and they'd sell the out of them especially now with access stuff
being so prevalent and being user friendly but yeah I got a personal ASR build after riding the demo that we had
for the past month um and yeah I went bougie I got the ASR T5 ultimate build
um cuz one I want to try try the fly attendant too we're going to make some content on it so it will be
multi-purpose and uh I didn't just go out and ball out cuz I'm I'm balling it's not the case you're balling by the
way for context we're talking about a Yeti Cycles ASR we talked all about it in the last podcast podcast episode uh
episode 132 there's also a YouTube video in extensive detail all about that bike if you want and a Blog and a Blog
Flagship XC race machine from Yeti which you recently rode how' you like it it's the most XC thing you've written in a
while huh yeah was a it was a full full on XC bike it was uh it was efficient we
uh rode it on some stuff that maybe it wasn't meant for um like up a creek but
um it was an adventure and yeah it was fun it was uh just something different to try out and um it was cool just a
little sketchy sometimes but I'm not totally used to riding XC tires and XC brakes and that kind of stuff but it man
if if I was going to go RAC an XC race tomorrow I'd get that and just not change anything yeah yeah yeah I mean I
swapped a few things out so I swapped out brakes to four piston level ultimates with 180 HS spam hs2 rotors so
more Pistons bigger rotor and a thicker rotor so that should make a massive
difference for breaking CU I think that was what what's holding the stock build back a bit is the the brakes I put my
preferred uh XC Tire combo on that and then um yeah bigger chain ring I don't
know I think it's kind of it short of cranks so your bike is full flight attendant full axis um how many
batteries on on that thing seven batteries seven batteries including the shifter pods huh yeah it has four axis
batteries and then three CR what are they CR
232s uh two for each shifter pod or one for each shifter pod so two total and then one on the power meter um it needs
them all to talk together so the system actually works as well as intended and we will see how that starts to work cuz
I haven't ridden it yet Jeff has actually written it more than I have yeah I wrote it to lunch
today yeah it's cool it's fast yeah 24 and half pounds as it sits yeah I just
think I just still can't get over how aesthetically pleasing it looks from the drive side with no cable ports and and
it's a like raw carbon look and stuff it's it's a good looking bike raw carbon and then it's got silver Yeti decals and
silver Chrome access kind of like accents to it and man it looks pretty so
I'm excited to ride that over the next week and then I'm going to Moab to race
Moab rocks and hopefully I you know hold my own and don't embarrass myself Moab
rocks yeah three-day XC stage ring Moab so you think most people there will probably on similar bikes like 100 Mil
travel XC bikes yep yeah it's crazy because when I think of Moab I don't not think of XC I think not at all I think
of Tech rock climbs you know but same like with downeyville like if anyone goes to downeyville on weekend they're
not bringing their 100 Mil bike they're going to bring a trail bike but then the race is like you know the king of the
100 Mil bike is just you know trying to go fast pretty much if you can point that thing downhill and survive it's going to be the fastest uphill and
downhill machine so yeah cool that's what I got yeah true well Trevor you got
some you got some great ones what what am I excited about right now so I've been excited about RC cars lately um
full on full on nerding out on RC cars me and my roommate has have been into it and got inspired last year when I went
to the uh TDS the dirty Sanchez and duro they have a fullon RC track there and I
was kind of Blown Away with how fun those are and how aggressive you can get and how much you can laugh just they're
incredibly fun I totally agree bashing RC cars so I got one myself and been modding it and making a painting a new
body and stuff so that's been filling up my time and been having fun AR and C Blue Dog's over there laughing at
you don't judge me it's fun it is fun dude it is fun it's awesome um yeah it's
like a trophy truck right but it's a little toy but you got to drive a modern one like that's a thing a lot of us
think of RC cars and we think of how they were when we were kids but just if you drive one that was been made in the
last like few years it's unb it's insane just like massive four-wheel burnouts for like 200 feet I mean it'll break
your ankles they're red um going on the chasing epic trip to Hurricane Utah in
about 3 weeks so that should be pretty fun pretty excited about that um never
ridden out there so pretty excited to ride the 140 out there and feeling good on that bike so first chasing epic trip
first chasing epic trip so pretty pretty stoked for that and then also I've been building out a personal toolbox um
that's been a bit of a process just trying to figure out what tools I want what tools I need um how much money I
want to spend and yeah and uh if it's going to be just my bike or other people's bikes or um a
race aace or something like that you know so trying to get it dialed I got all the tools um just need to start
cutting out the foam I'm going to do a foam insert toolbx so having all the tools placed in the foam have protected
I can travel with it if I want to um so it's a bit of a process but it's been uh it's been fun to do that yep it's a lot
of work but it's nice Liam has one himself I've been inspired by him my roommate Blake and a couple other guys
and that are friends and they're pretty dialed and it's nice to work out of so I want one for myself yep toolbox Wars
they just reminded me of that toolbox Wars toolbox Wars yeah Instagram account I've been studying that some of those
are so crazy they're a bit over the top my small into toolboxes go follow that Instagram page which you were actually
featured on toolbox War yeah yeah I think actually technically I um I'm I
have like one of the guys oh yeah yeah um the major little figure nice um when
I was like full-time wrenching here yeah um yeah it's awesome the one I have in my van's a bit smaller but more like
Essentials but um some of them on there are so over the top like they make mine
which is pretty nice like I have like CNC cut out foam like in like Abby tools and like bougie stuff and it makes mine
look like amateur toolbx yeah and you really don't need to go all out no you
don't need to at all but it's nice to get quality tools but you kind of need what just what you need and that's about
it some people have multiple tools for the same purpose and I think that's a little bit Overkill um what I do like
what you have is your pable tool box that you keep in your van um I would like to build out one of those for myself um just so that when you're going
riding or on a trip you have just the basic essential tools that you need and you don't have to think twice about
having a tool or not having a tool and that's super handy and definitely is has come in clutch for me using your blocks
many times yeah the one I keep in my Vans the that's my fancier one like that's one I was like one only buying
like a third of the tools I might as well buy like a little bit nicer ones um my home tool boox I don't have a
portable one it's just like slide out drawes but that's like mostly just Park Tool stuff yeah good stuff but nothing
like bie yeah didn't we make a YouTube video a long time ago about your toolbox
yeah that one was fully Park Tool sponsored that's what I work out of every day here yeah that's right yeah I
wonder if we should make another one like a followup your current toolbox you know what I think people might more
interested in is rather than like a shop toolbox but just that that sort of portable keeping your truck keeping your van toolbox travol R2 mhm yeah toolbox
War shootout YouTube video people are into it yeah I know I mean if we really want to it's an N plus
one situation there's a couple friends we have here and we can bring in a couple cple tool boxes yeah that'd be
sweet yeah wow tools bro wow tools bro well speaking of tools couple new products um
one of them is a tool new Crank Brothers SOS products I thought you're talking about
yourself oh man burned all over the place these days that was too
easy um yeah Crank Brothers SOS products uh just came out today actually um or
the day of recording this podcast um it's a SOS like basically you know send
help um tool line that has kind of two well I guess three but two main kind of
functions there's a water bottle as well as a tube stash um to use your accessory
mount on your on your frames so you have you know your water bottle mounts and then some frames now are coming with
that accessory Mount um one like off top of my head the rebel Ranger has one um
so attached to the water bottle either can be a water bottle cage or it's got a
alloy tube with a 18 bit multi-tool in there that kind of has everything you
need um a 2 through eight a T25 a flathead screwdriver driver a chain
breaker CO2 head spoke wrenches valve core removers Chain Link Storage like
Tire levers everything you need everything you need um and always on your bike always on your bike and then also has a spot to hold a CO2 or a pump
on that and that same backing piece can either be bought with the water bottle
cage or the tube stash um and then you can buy them all a cart as well and there's also a twin tube tool that's
pretty Sleek you have that right um that one looks a beit bit sleeker it's
like kind of this metal rectangle and these two two tubes kind of like swing
out bat batwing style um and it has the same I think that one's actually a 17
bit but a 17 bit uh tool multi-tool in there so it's pretty cool stuff it's
really hard to explain this stuff over a podcast doing my best but uh it's it's a good solution it's a good solution for
having everything you need to get out of trouble if you need to work on your bike on the trail and just to have it always on your bike
I find myself having to constantly I don't like riding without tools and a tube and CO2 and stuff so um I always
find I'm always going through my bag just trying to get everything in my pockets before a ride it's nice to have
everything on your bike you don't have to think about it it's just lot to do just ride yeah we're just talking me and
Jeff probably spent 20 minutes talking about between this setup and then the day saer setup uh which we also have uh
on our website and which setup he wants for his bike and we probably spent 20 minutes talking about that
today well the day saver is pretty cool the day saver is a little more cumbersome to use but it's more Compact
and it's way lighter weight it's it's sort of the weight weenies multi-tool and the minimalist multi-tool um the
crank well it's probably more expensive CU these crank brother ones are very affordably priced um little bit heavier
yeah slightly bulkier but yeah that's I'm actually really impressed that the bc18 bottle cage toolkit is 99 bucks
yeah like that's a really good deal for all those tools and like a allinone solution it's pretty great for an ebike
if you don't not really worried about weight you can just have it have it there and you're good yeah and it's not that it's heavy it's like competitive in
terms of weight but bavers is obscenely lightweight exactly pretty trick yeah
yeah those are cool um basically five new SKS uh but they kind of use like
three bases you want to say and then they kind of add on from those so um yeah pretty cool stuff from Crank
Brothers I mean they've been making some of the best multi-tools for 10 15 years
at least than I can remember yeah so they know what they're doing when it comes to tools and this is a great
all-in-one solution the other new products that are uh coming out soon uh
after this podcast but you know once it's out new raceface error wheels so
Jared and I went to uh Fox raceface headquarters last week and and spent a
couple days riding all new raceface products and fox products the raceface air Wheels being uh the first to kind of
come out from that kind of release batch um Carbon wheels kind of taking what
they learned from the next wheel set the Carbon wheel set and putting into the era the next era I'm pretty sure that's
what they meant by that um and yeah I mean they're just Carbon wheels uh Trail
andur focused uh lot of empasis into some compliance on them pinch flat uh
prevention um balancing of you know 28 hole The Vault hubs have a slight
revision um it's a single single uh machine tub shell now
so before is a two-piece and there was some creaking going on in those um but yeah I mean we've both ridden Vault hubs
for a long time the hubs are really solid yeah they're super nice and yeah Jared and I rode these these Race Face r
and you typically I'm not a big carbon wheel fan when it comes to like trail bike and drill stuff it just hard to get
it right yeah it just seems to beat me up a bit I don't weigh that much so like um I kind of get bounced around a lot
but like these felt totally good I didn't really like think anything of them which is good right you kind of
want something to disappear under you instead of like noticing it yeah um are they doing the whole 28 in the front 32
in the rear like some doing no I want to say the 28 front and rear 28 front rear um uh I don't know the exact price off
the top of my head um weight I think they're like 1,700 grams is range so like typical uro wheel set Weight Wise
um come with a great warranty kind of uh I think no questions asked warranty from them so yeah rims are starting to get
much nicer in the mountain bike world as far as like stiffness and pinch flat capability or pinch flat I guess
prevention prevention um coming a long way so it's nice stuff is getting way more reliable which is awesome yeah and
I guess a lot of this came from their Racers uh many of which were on the
Rocky Mountain uro team who preferred the alloy rims for how they rode and felt and also uh like you know you could
smash them and keep riding them and that kind of came into these new Carbon wheels so cool they basically try to
make carbon feel like alloy with the uh stiffness and the reliability that comes with carbon cuz actually carbon is more
reliable till it's not right yeah defin alloy can dent a lot and have those
small issues where like carbon's not going to Dent so catastrophic only catastrophic only which is pretty rare
these days you don't really see it's really not that catastrophic usually it's just like cracks and then yeah
butra yeah couple years ago it was catastrophic you'd see stuff occasionally it still can be but yeah
pretty rare yeah now when a carbon Rim cracks just like a you cracked your flat whatever you don't go flying or anything
no let's hope not yeah yeah let's hope not well rad good stuff mountain bike
industry is still pumping out some cool new stuff yep it's release season so
there's lots of new stuff coming downward death spiral of profitability well hopefully it Sparks not your
problem it's more mine Sparks new interest Sparks new interest sales you
know products that aren't discounted heavily yeah yeah that's true yeah optimism baby speak I've got it you
don't it's hard as a business owner you just beat down like you know whacka machines that's what it feels like to
own a business these days it's day and age but you know my problem which is why I'm drinking all this whiskey with
berries all right speaking of that let's take a break here's our sponsor and now a word from our sponsors
hello Jeff again I just wanted to quickly mention that this podcast is sponsored by you if you have ever
purchased from worldwide Cyclery Trail 1 or Kettle you have supported us and we genuinely appreciate it and thank you
it's not the easiest to operate a small business in this day and age especially not in the bike industry right now and if you've ever bought from us I
appreciate it we all appreciate it thank you that's all and now back to the show
tra Duro TR Duro that's that's a question it's on the horizon read read the
question is that the next down country but for y okay is TR Duro on the horizon
say one were to take the new Rebel Rascal and swap a sh swap the shock for Super Deluxe coil ultimate and upgrade
the fork to 150 mm lyric ultimate what tires would you pair with this
setup dude I just put into chat GPT ever heard of Trail Duro and it just
immediately goes yes Trail Duro is a term that blends the essence of trail riding with the endurance and Technical
aspects of Enduro mountain biking wow and then it just is still just typing and typing all about how does it know
that I don't know tra Duro as a concept would likely combine The Adventurous spirit and accessibility of trail riding
with the technical challenges and endurance aspects of endural riding I don't know if he's just I think he just making all this up yeah yeah but it's
not wrong this Truro on the horizon yeah chat GPT already knows all about it it's on the horizon well there's kind of two
questions here Revel Rascal with a Super Deluxe coil ultimate and then it comes with a lyrics stock but you're going to
bump it from a 140 to 150 mil Fork which I think the Fork's a great idea the coil
can be it's also 135 mil travel but is having this debate with Trevor of like
dude that Rascal's sick but like also my rail 29 with the lyric is basically the
same weight with a little bit more travel so it's kind of hard to justify
like making the Rascal beefier when you could just get a rail rail 29 and it pedals really well yeah the Rascal is
like and after riding it especially the V2 is really just like meant to be a
playful bike yeah um it is not a Smasher by any means and if you're gonna put a
coil ultimate on it and a bigger lyric on it then you're kind of blurring lines a little bit you're getting really close
to basically what a real 29 that's very close to a real 29 and the shock extension on the Rascal the shock Yol or
whatever you want to call that link Wishbone Wishbone and there's like seven names for it um it's actually quite long
and fox came out with a uh the Yoke length
to shock stroke for coil like chart and it might not be fox or coil compatible
because it is so long so that's something to look at it basically it'll work fine but basically what's going to
happen it's going to bind um and cause more stress on both your your frame and
your shock bushings and uh seals yeah I feel like that's something we should know if the basal V2 is compatible with
coil or not yeah I mean till TR durl came out today um
register yeah that' be a good question for Rebel for sure yeah yeah I I'm sure it's in their FAQs I would I mean I
wouldn't put a CO shock on a rascal but um so that's the first part of this question second part uh if you are going
to beef that up and not listen to us which you totally can don't listen to us um I probably put like a exo Plus or EXO
plus front or double down style of tire that's just an easy way to say Max's uh
kind of midrail casing Tire yeah like
pedal it all day long um but I think it is better suited for a bike of that travel and use use case um but if you
are feeling like out of control or or whatever on the Rascal then maybe some grippier tires would be a better option
yeah I have that same Tire combo lined up to put on the rail 29 before or once
I I know I have these michelins on that are doing pretty well so I'll wear those out but I have that same exact tire
lined up asy EXO plus Max grip front diss sector Double Down Max Terra
rear can you remember that no I I went you know when someone says something and
your brain just like like blows up internally yeah you just you just looked he he just looked just said yeah he just
was looking through me I can tell exactly I I was the reason part of why I
was doing that was I was just thinking that over the years bikes have gotten way more capable as in their versatility
has expanded per category and the result of that has they've they've blurred the lines into the next
category therefore we are starting to try and blur the terminology of them we
used to have XC bike and trail bike and then there was this Enduro bike and a downhill bike and as each category of
bike became more versatile and broadened we've tried to invent these terms like
pink bike or whoever that guy invented down country and now Trail Duro I don't know I mean part of what makes mountain
biking so fun and and mountain bikes so fun and enjoyable as an Enthusiast sport is that you can customize them to the
nth degree and that's really cool especially right now where you can take a bike even I mean this guy's saying TR
Duro I had a rascal last year that I rode almost the whole season and I had 150 mil Fork on it and pretty big tires
and that was awesome I think the 150 lyrics great bump up and travel on the on the Rascal I think that's great like
130 in the back 150 in the front some like beefy tires that's a super fun bike like yeah it's 135 too isn't it the
13 it's 130 oh okay um also so the stock Rascal V2 comes with the Continental
Trail casing tires so the cryptool in the front and the zotol in the rear which are great tires if I were to make
that my own bike I would put the softer compound maybe heavier casing uh
Continental Tire cryptal in the front just to have as much traction as possible I think Revel is supposed to be
specking Trail soft okay yeah trail trail casing soft compound would be the
perfect tire for that bike which is what I would do and then have the normal Trail casing in the rear um just that
harder rubber in the front I I when I wrote it personally I feel like I was losing traction um so I would want the
softest rubber I could get yep with some knobs yeah all right next question is a
long one it's also a tire question Tire nomenclature amongst all the brands is
confusing obviously really you didn't just understand what I was saying I know but just trying to pick a tread
pattern for my local trail conditions can sometimes feel challenging enough even though it's probably pretty basic
for more experienced riters whenever I read about certain tread patterns I always see terrain descriptions such as
best for loose over hard pack or loose to hard pack Etc one thing I don't really see
mentioned often maybe because it's so basic is what these really mean can you take a minute and help explain what
exactly loose loose over hard hard pack mix Etc also maybe what terrain means for
your ideal tread pattern example Lucifer hard terrain do I want focus on bigger knobs to dig in or more tightly packed
tread pattern that is a deep question but it's good it is it's well written it
is confusing like you said tires and tire casings and compounds is its own language yeahh I would I would defer
slightly to uh We've made dozens of Tire videos on YouTube and I think we've done
a really good job at explaining these small nuances and it's easier to understand on YouTube than a podcast
because you can see all of the tires however part of his question is what exactly does it mean like come to think
of it in all those videos I don't recall us ever sort of showing dirt like we didn't film the dirt and said this is
what we think Maxis means by loose over hard pack when that's kind of a good
point to be honest we should we should show the dirt yeah show someone fingering the dirt to understand what
type of dirt this is for this SoCal loose over hard pack is uh you don't have any traction um yeah whatre you put
on it's concrete with dust on top that is what I think of loose over hard yeah
in SoCal we have that's everywhere everywhere is basically the trail itself is not moving it's stay there it's going
to stay there forever but there's little there's sand on top of it or little Pebbles or rocks um that will make you
just lose complete traction no matter what y so that's that's lucier hard um
it would be funny to try and get even more scientific with it so find find a way to determine how hard the dirt is so
such as how much weight the durometer of the dirt yeah like how much weight do you need to put down on a you know 1 in
by 1 in piece of Steel in order for it to sink one in so like it would kind of tell you how dense it is and then you
could uh take a sampling size of the the the various little Pebbles marbles on
top of it and measure the different diameters wow so when maybe this would
be helpful for this guy for tra Forks Trail Forks Trail rating in our uh our
break we're talking about winning the lottery and I think if we won a lottery we'd come up with a soil mountain bike
soil terminology chart yeah that's that's a fantastic idea but what we need is Grants so we need some type of my
buddy Grant to come along and help us we need some type of government funded grants or or publicly funded grants
could be you investors investors could be you um yeah that would be nice this this
guy honestly has a really good point and it made me realize if we make any future YouTube videos we should actually show
people the dirt yeah in the video when we're talking about well we are going to do a Cony video so we can maybe glue
that in yeah excellent question so what would you choose for the best loose over
hard pack I think personally I would go for like yeah like a softer rubber compound
I think that that would help um if you're looking for traction
as your priority if you have a not knob your tire with a hard rubber on it it's
just going to go over all that stuff and not dig into it and you're just going to be sliding on you kind of want to dig
into that stuff I mean that's why I always default back to a dhr2 um it's consistent in a lot of
terrains you can get it in a really soft compound on lucier hard you don't get any of that squirming you get from a
knob that's too soft or Too Tall like a magic Mary personally around SoCal is
not good you take a magic Mary to the p&w and it's awesome it's a king in soft so and it
digs in and it's good so those are that's kind of like my two really clear examples of like dhr2 knob that knob is
not squirming it's solid you can get a really soft rubber and it's good for like loose over but also can be good for
the soft soil in PMW but a magic Mary you take to lucier hard um which
basically like you know riding on super hard-packed dirt like concrete almost
and that knob just squirms and it gives you a really vague feel to me yeah I agree with
that interesting but that's a good point um your comments Trevor were solid hope and
hopefully helpful hopefully to this gentleman I was more just spacing out about measuring dirt and also showing
dirt on film NE the problem is also you you'll hit a trail and you're going to get all different types of conditions on one
Trail um so it's never really going to be anything consistent unless you're on the the same plot of land you know but
it's always changing out especially here where we live it's always changing yeah I yeah completely agree I would say too
this stuff you know unfortunately it's just not anything you're going to figure out right away and you just have to ride
bikes for a bit more years and months to figure this stuff out and know what works and what's versatile and what
enjoy the video I've always recommended the most even to friends and various customers over the years is the one
video we made about Tire combos in particular Maxis Tire combos so I kind of we have a chart in that video that
I've talked about a million times that just shows if you're really focused on you know speed rolling resistance and
weight all the way up to you don't care about rolling resistance and weight at all and you just want the utmost of
traction and everywhere in between and then the kind of suggested combos that uh of the actual model tires you would
use along that chart so that was a helpful video that I think would be useful for you know that was a Max's
video right yeah it was Maxis it was like best Maxis Tire combos for various different use cases yeah I think that
was just a good video that we made and broke it down pretty well so if you're a um even if you're an intermediate in the
sport you can still watch that video and start to memorize and learn different brand different model name Max's Tires
and which use case they're best Ed for and then also just helps you broadly understand that like oh yeah okay if
you're on an XC race bike you are more concerned about you know weight and speed of a tire rolling resistance of a
tire and as you go further down the way towards Enduro and downhill you're more concerned about traction and less about
weight and rolling resistance yep and concerned about durability and casings
because you're smashing rocks going super fast it's complicated so yeah it it just takes time my Facebook
relationship status yeah um we have two more Tire questions
do we want to stay on tires we want to skip down a little I don't know hit them hit them hit the tire questions people
love talking love Tires Tires all right hello love the podcast it sounds like Liam and Jeff swap out the tires twice a
day every day not too far off my question is can you walk us through the process I'm assuming there's a sealant
cleaning process any good methods for cleaning on the old sealant products used or dealing with tri sealant do you
ret tape Rim every time or is it okay to keep the existing tape if it's in good shape often you exchange the tubless
valve um cleaning it out I use a stands
sealant injector I basically pop half the tire off suck up all that sealant if
it's if it's like is that the it makes yeah pretty similar uh if I'm changing
tires pretty often that sealant is still good so I suck it up put it back in the bottle um if that tire is roached I'll
reuse the sealant if it's only like a month old I do as well too yeah
sometimes I swap out tires like two weeks stuff is expensive Jee sealent last four months do that out of my bike
you don't know what you do all right mind your own
um yeah if it's only like a few weeks old like I'm swapping tires of and testing stuff it's totally good if it's
the rear tire is worn out which means it's been on there for two to four months that sealant is trash yeah um in
that case I just basically soak it up with rags and put it in the trash um retap The Rim only if it's damaged or
you see any Nicks or you might be getting a slow leak um it's definitely worth checking your rim to see if the
tape is damaged cuz that will ruin your day pretty quick and you put on a tire you do all this work and then you go to
fill it up and it's leaking and then it creates a mess because it's like leaking into your Rim cavity now you're going to
fill your Rim cavity up with sealing not good for the r and tubless
valve itself almost not that often like yeah almost never you can clean it out
pretty good with a little bit of Al alcohol and like a pick or like a 2 mil allen wrench but the core is what
matters the core uh I'm constantly changing cores out yeah like I'm constantly changing dude it totally
depends I just put on what I don't know what what I was doing I just put something on and this tire was even old
brand new core brand new valve stem and it was just so much sealant coming out the core and like clogging it and stuff
and this was like a month old just like the luck of the draw I don't know what happened but um so yeah I don't know
change out tubless valve stem cores every 6 weeks to 2 months maybe
yeah just clean them every time you clean them yeah that too you can clean them pretty well like you want I mean I
think that the the fact of the matter is sealant is designed to plug any and all holes and guess what you're you know
open for your valve stem is a hole so that that core no matter what it's going to get plugged like it it just does not
matter how you try and design that I know Santa Cruz tried with those Reserve fil more valves and you can get more air
into those valves which is convenient but you can't clean the valve core as well or even really replace it no you
can't take it out at all I I had those for a bit and I'd say they probably ey I was like oh this is so cool and then I
realized after a few months like actually i' take these off yeah like they they go a little longer before they
get clogged but then they get clogged and there no way to clean them yeah yeah so it's like what do you want you want to swap out valve core every six weeks
or do you want to that one one $50 set of valve stems to last 6 months and then
you got to replace the whole stem yeah pros and cons are those things I mean I I certainly won't say that they're
they're bad but I will say that because of the pros and cons myself and several
people here at the shop have tried them and at first were like oh this is so cool and then don't use them anymore
after six months I would say for changing tires too it's worth yeah
cleaning the rim check the rim tape and also uh if you're going to put the same tire back on just take there's going to
be like a thin strip of sealant around the beat of the tire just take that out and clean it up real good cuz that that
could affect the Seal of a new a new rim or whatever you're going to be doing with that um you just want to everything
to be as fresh as you can for it to reseal yeah overnight preferably and that'll be good and don't scrape out
sealant from the middle of the tire that's kind of like almost your barrier yeah that kind of like hold unless it's
like unless it's um dried up in one area like it's been sitting for 4 months or six months or whatever then take that
big glob out cuz that'll affect your rotation dramatically but um yeah just on the bead everything else just
leave cool our next and possibly last Tire question hi guys new listener here
enjoy the mountain bike waffle a lot I don't know if that's in reference to like mountain bike banter or the fact that I think we mentioned waffles last
episode and Jeff's been getting DMS about waffles and he doesn't know I said about waffles or what we said about waffles waffles are pretty good I don't
know either I love waffles I do think it was kind of tangent like this and it was pancakes over waffles yeah I made
pancakes this morning they were pretty good yeah see pan pancakes why wouldn't you have made waffles they're way better
cuz they're I don't have a waffle maker there you go pancakes are easier to make
and easier to make good waffles uh are better and I think if a good waffle out
beats a pancake personally like protein waffles with some maple syrup is like the perfect PR meal Kodiak cakes like
power power fuel is that what you use Kodiak cakes yeah bom you make those Jeff no but I've seen
that brand maybe we should ask them if they want to be a sponsor down D yeah I
also buy their like pre-made oatmeal things this guy enjoys the MTB waffle a lot so his his actual question is go
about going tubless just bought a new XC carbon hard tail I'm thinking of going tubless but I don't want Gunk all over
my bike do I have any concerns 46 going on 25 years young nice um it's going to
be messy Tu is messy that's all it's slightly messy but like you're not going to get a gun call over your bike unless you get a catastrophic failure um go
tubless man you can run lower tire pressure you're not going to pinch flat you're going to have a bad ride quality
um you know yeah if you do have a catastrophic puncture you will get some seal all over your bike it's really easy
to clean with a little bit of alcohol in a rack mhm I've I've blown up wheels before on my XC bike and um sealant did
go everywhere but I was able to clean it and it just you just have to clean it and it's worth it and like once every 2
years compared to like running a tube or you're going to fly like every other ride yeah yeah it's fair it's actually
fairly easy to get off of your bike it's just more of your clothes it is
hard your leg hairs and yeah your leg my skin kind of reacts that stuff too it just doesn't feel
great allies latex and ammonia I think it's the ammonia I don't think it's latex but the uh yeah it gets my skin
irritated he knows I knew I knew that com was coming latex allergy comment
oh jeez if you're 25 years young you will be uh more than enough ener like
have more than enough energy to deal with the mess of tubist which yeah it's a bit it's a bit messy but it's worth it
the pros way outweigh the cons on that totally y totally even for someone with
as much OCD as me yeah next question how do you travel internationally with your bike I'm
hoping to do the Three Peaks cyclocross race in rural England in 2025 if I
qualify cardboard box hard or soft case ship or fly with it any advice will be
appreciated I mean all of those are options that everyone kind of does
um the easiest and cheapest is probably get a really a nice like new cardboard
box at a bike shop not one that looks like it's been to Hell in back but a newer one um I mean even a lot of Pros
just travel with cardboard boxes they don't use like evoc cases yeah if you're going to go case I would go like a evok
case the hard cases can be cool I guess actually you're on cyclocross or gravel bike so um they work hard cases
typically work better for those bikes than a mountain bike um but I would probably go soft case um Evo's good
another company I like that we don't carry but is is called AO case o Ru case
they actually make a bunch of bags that are uh Airline friendly so you don't
actually get charged overweight fees either by size or by how light are so that's kind of cool um and the
tip I would use is buy pool noodles from uh Target because I just Le Pool
Supplies any of them yeah um you can just wrap them around the bike they don't weigh anything and they really
help like push away from the bike and also just add more protection than what the soft case or the cardboard box would
normally give you yeah you really want to protect as much as you can I think shipping with a with a case like a hard
case or a soft case it just adds a lot of weight if you're trying to save weight a cardboard box be better you
just really want to yeah get a good one I think Pro tip call like a specializer TX um bike shop and they might have they
they typically ship with um bigger sized cardboard boxes and they're also pretty
sturdy too if you can find a good conditioned one um so that would be my option but yeah just protect it like
crazy cuz you can't really do enough protection cuz they're going to throw it around and you don't want your bike to
be like that um I would I don't know if I would ship it internationally um if you no way yeah if
you were within the states or within the same country shipping it's fine but internationally you might run into like
Imports and customs and weird stuffff like that um there way too much stuff to go wrong the dice if that thing gets
caught in customs for even two weeks you probably whole vacation toast
and also look at your Airlines whatever Airline you're flying to see their rules
and regulations for oversized baggage cuz a lot of them are 50 lbs or under is free no matter of the size um so you
definitely want to hit that Mark which you're on a cycle cross bike it should be much easier for us on mountain bikes in an evok bag it's like on the line
you're like 51 lbs every time chain the pedals and the rotors and your carry on
and I and I and I bat my eyes so much to the front uh Clerk and 50% of the time I
get charged extra yes pyros bike will be no problem just really try to protect it it's a pretty fragile piece of equipment
yep true all right last question all right
I'm desperate I'm desperate I'm in desperate need of a proper bike rack for my car
I'm currently using a SE sucker which works really good for my dirt jumper and my slope Duro whoa new category ding
ding I I had a slope D for like two months you had a SL I had one for two
months however for the past year I've been using it for my transition repeater
which is a bit sketchy eike yeah and my bike did fall over once going down the
highway luckily it didn't fall off I was wondering what bike rack you guys would recommend I can only get a 1.25 hitch
from my car well big tip is go to eart or U-Haul and have them put a 2in on um
tell them if it's a like a passenger car will they even put a 2 you can tell them basically go and tell
them say I'm only putting a 2 in on for a bike rack I have no intention of ever Towing that's why anything that's why
they don't want to ever do a 2in on a on a small sedan or car or something um or sports car because they think they're
going to like someone's going to attach trailer to it something that's way too heavy for but yeah I don't know maybe you have to sign a waiver or something
that you're never going to do this and they're like hey this isn't against our uh or this isn't our policy they do make
a ridiculous looking 1.25 to 2 in adapter I know but then you add weight and length it also rattles around a lot
it's going to move around a lot not recomended some of them are good and they actually like tighten to the side and other ones are just like a a pin
that slips through and everything rattles so that would be my first tip go and like really try to convince someone
that a 2 in is best for your application which is simply holding a bike um a lot
of it works for like almost everyone that says that bicycle motorc yeah bicycle the fact that he put a Seas
sucker rack with the ebike is wild to me those SE the those SE suckers are pretty
impressive but I would not trust that eike and also I wouldn't even mention to them that you're putting on an ebike just tell them you're putting on a
bicycle say bicycle just say bicycle and then yeah rack wise all of them make really good racks now the new Tulie that
uses kind of like the the oneup USA system looks really good um kuat makes
really good stuff obviously they make that like what's it called piston the Piston press piston Pro piston piston
Pro piston Pro that thing is nice it's got tail lights in it Anda CED sh and everything it's
automatic and super nice brand that I like which we no one carries they they're directing consumer is oneup USA
different from oneup components that makes handlebars and Stems uh I really like those rack racks as well they're
just alloy nothing really to go wrong love the product uh but one time the owner of that company was extremely
disrespectful for absolutely no reason to me on the phone many years ago and I'll never support that company that's
my two cents interesting but it is a fantastic product I use the product too and it's
great but well ending on a bad note there but hopefully that was helpful on
the rack question um I think we did actually make a YouTube video 100 years ago best way to transport your bikes
best ways to transport your bikes went over like different bike racks for different style cars and stuff but yeah I think we gave this gentleman some good
advice for the passenger car I've had experience using racks that kind of latch onto a a trunk oh yeah and uh when
I first started riding on my mom's car and uh it's not recommended it seems like it's going to be okay but it's
really not okay at all and it's pretty sketchy I actually have my bike almost fall off on a freeway that way i' fit
probably five or six BMX bikes on those back in the day yeah so would definitely
uh try to get a hitch on there agreed means good stuff well thank you all for listening if you've made it this far we
genuinely appreciate it any all questions please email them to us at podcast worldwide cy.com and if you
leave us a review on Apple podcast or spotifi we would genuinely appreciate it it really helps us out that's it that's
all talk to you guys in the next one cherio love you see

April 01, 2024

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