Fresh Fox Forks + New Transfer Post, A New High Pivot Bike, XC Race Tire Choice & More... Ep. 134


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Today on the podcast, the guys discuss all sorts of new components from Fox, RaceFace and Marzocchi as well as a new bike from Forbidden before jumping into some seriously excellent listener questions ranging from which WC employee would win in a UFC fight, to Jeff's thought process for his new bike and everything in between. Tune in!


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ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 134 of the MTB podcast presented and
hosted by worldwide cycle re I am Jared I am Jeff and I am Trevor you're tickled
over there yeah it's cuz you're you're just like a full-blown 1980s radio host with these intros so you think I could
get the job ready takes a pot off and he comes back just flowing just ready to rock ready to rumble ready to go we were
speculating that you were actually watching the uh doing the fulling extended edition did you do that no that
would have been a really good call though yeah okay yeah I don't know it happens all right well in this episode
we are going to be discussing all sorts of new products from Fox raceface and marzok a new bike from forbidden how
Trevor is prepping his bike for Utah and my speculation is how Jared is not prepping his bike for that's actually
not true I did some changes too okay okay J's been doing pretty good about that wait till the segment wait we'll
hear about it we'll hear about it I'm pretty excited but I'll wait and of course the usual excellent listener questions ranging from which WC employee
would win in a UFC fight to if you should if you why you if you should go
for a one quiver bike and everything in between that's a great question because he really makes you think you know like
Trevor would and like imagine Trevor versus JN or something like that like that would be N I would not want to fight John I'm not fighting John no I
mean again we'll save it for the segment but that would be crazy Zach's words of wisdom which he
pawned off to Matt Bradley and uses using Matt's words and I'm pawning off to Trevor to read go ahead Matt
Bradley's words of wisdom people are more important than things that is the truth that's true yep don't get stuck up
in buying stuff you don't need yep people tell that to people in Miami people your relationships with your
family and your friends are probably the most important thing in life so that's right keep those good thank you Matt
yeah thank you Matt kind of along those lines is like collect experiences not things yes you know I like that one too
it's kind of in the same vein wow so inspirational yeah so cool dude it's really inspirational did I just inspire
you man nice you inspired I'm inspired inspired
for sure you know I'm inspired by this fantastic testimonial just got some Kettle socks and Manda they feel great with my Crocs
Benji and you know what you slip on some Kettle socks and some sandals and it's
like you're in another world are you supposed to go without socks and Crocs or socks and Crocs I have no idea I've
never worn Crocs though I think there's all etiquette is just out the window when it comes to Crocs do you want like if you're going to wear Crocs you're
clearly the kind of person who just does whatever you want kind of kind of a free spirit yeah you're a free spirit so this comes from a guy with a pair of Crocs
you have a pair of Crocs you have a pair of Crocs yeah well my my Adventure Race teammate was very specific about having
Crocs and he does have a good point so in adventure racing your feet are what always fall apart so when you get to the transition area the first thing you have
to do is take your shoes and socks off and powder your feet cuz if they're wet for too long then toast soggy you
actually get this thing called trench foot trench foot yeah which is like a bacterial infection of the skin if your
skin is wet for more than 48 hours so it's really important to take care of your feet and those long distance
long-term races so he's like when you do that take your shoes and socks off powder your feet put your Crocs on and
then you leave your shoes and everything to kind of air dry and you just use you just have your powdered feet in the
Crocs for the whole time and then the last thing you do is put your fresh socks and shoes back on so I bought some
Crocs for that yeah they're nice man they're like wide squishy recovery I don't know they're pretty practical
waterproof They Don't Really Ever smell they're like I don't know I'm not going to like sell you Crocs but like for
their use case they work great just like for the use case water shoes work great you know it's just different pair of
shoes for different reasons I mean there's a reason people all over the world of Crocs I will yeah that's
exactly right Crocs is a massive it's a publicly traded company so billions of dollars worth of those things wow I will
say um when we spent all this time and effort figuring out just the right amount of Marino wool and nylon blend
and cushioning and like did all the specific work on the kettle socks for these like using them for long-term
Outdoor Pursuits I didn't think someone would ever be like just got them when they feel gray with my
Crocs but you know socks some days you do gnarly stuff with them some days you just wear I'm in your Crocs so yeah
Benji I hope you're enjoying them in your Croc yeah thanks Benji and we appreciate that you know what else we
appreciate fun facts y this one's a doozy Canada is south of
Detroit sheesh isn't that nuts mind blown mind blown yeah and if
you look at the map I mean it yeah it's true not only that but it doesn't make sense they just were like it's like someone was drunk and also blindfolded
when they drew the Border you know yeah that whole I'm just just looking at it now that that whole border draw
situation is a little confusing well it's it's around it's around the Great Lakes though right right yeah yeah which
it was it was just yeah all very arbitrary right they're like we're going to put it here and they like just this one little arm here of what is it
Ontario just like oh let's just extend this all the way down to Detroit crazy
mhm they weren't looking at the Google Maps image when uh they figured that out back in the day could just made a nice
straight line they could have just made L and then Toronto would be in the US if would just kind of sliced her that'd be
convenient slic Christ you Toronto's nice dude it's a really nice yeah love that part of Canada I've been I've been
in Toronto and it's one of the cleanest cities I've ever been to in a Like a downtown scenario everything was clean
and organized and it was great nice yeah can is a nice place they have a nice uh
winter cleansing effect there every year I've heard about where everything just freezes it's nice and cleaned up you
know I see what you mean there don't believe me go somewhere tropical and you'll see a lot different situation y
that makes sense cleansing effect that makes sense you get a chance to go to
Toronto area in the summertime it's absolutely beautiful as well like a little north of Toronto there's like on
the Rocky Crest there's a bunch of just lakes and it's it's gorgeous up there that's pretty sick I heard they got some
mountain biking out there too mhm they do Emily Emily bad's from uh north north of
Toronto there you go household name household name yeah smoking hot chick
mountain bike racer household name speaking of
which we're going to Utah going to Utah yeah both of you guys are going yeah we are going to St George to hurricane
hurricane Utah yeah Virgin Utah apparently very specifically hurricane and hurricane y there's no e on the end
of it right or is there's an e but it's hurricane oh yeah we heard it from the hurri
themselves what do you call somebody who is from Hurricane hurrier I'm
henite all right we'll go right past that one I'm sure in the comments or somewhere we'll hear about it somebody let us know people always let us know
when we pronounce anything wrong but you know so chasing epic trip what four days of mountain biking yeah well four days
total I think three days of riding just a short little short little trip um epic
Trails some shuttles some uh Some Loops should be uh some technical desert
riding so sharp rocks maybe Cactus here and there I don't know if there's is there Cactus there maybe maybe not a lot
I don't know you ever ridden bikes there in St George hurricane no virgin aside from your St at Red ramp I've been Grand
Junction and fruto is probably the closest I've ever been to that terrain I guess okay but nice I don't think ever
went out there now yeah so it looks cool we're getting the bikes prepped MH so what's what's the plan so like what
would if if you're going to go on a trip like that or anywhere for that matter my
thought process is I watch some YouTube videos do a little research geography look at some trail Forks try and figure
out what the trains like and then I start thinking from there you probably already knew some extent what that area
for some extent I mean for I mean for the people that are going on the trip for the chasing epic trip all that's
taken care of so it kind of takes the guesswork out of it which is nice um but if I was to go solo or with a a buddy
and try to figure it out myself yeah I would look at Trail forks I would look at YouTube videos um see what's popular
and see what style of riding it's going to be first and kind of go from there and decide what kind of tires I want to
pick and maybe like what style of bike you want to use not everyone can do that but um is important to make sure you
have the right style of bike to maximize your experience out there for sure so in that area what have you determined as
the train and trails and what are you going to do for your bike so I'm going to bring my Yeti SP sp40 which I think
is the perfect bike out there it's the lunch ride Edition so it's 160 Fork 140 rear travel and um going to try out some
new Forge and bond Carbon wheels out there which would be pretty sweet pretty excited to try those out and um got some Maxis Maxis rubber on
there got a double down in the rear for a little protection and a little bit of stiffness to uh just keep it keep
everything safe and a uh on a dissector double down for the rear and then I've got a as a guy AO plus casing Max grip
in the front for as much traction as I can get yeah mhm Ultra traction so no no
inserts no inserts um just correct PSI run probably 28 20 four and uh raw dog
it go go for it hopefully not blow up any Wheels but that's not the plan so keep it
sustainable and keep it smooth and enjoy the time out there yep what what are you writing Jared well it's funny you ask I
got my forbidden Druid V2 um also set up Double Down tires Double Down aggressor
in the rear and a Max grip asagai double down in the front nice um that is pretty
much all I did yeah I got my crank brother synthesis wheels on there and I've had those on there for long time
had those in Italy and uh other bike parks and those have carbon rims right those are carbon yeah they've held up
great I mean those are super good wheels and uh yeah I got the new Fox stuff on
there that's pretty cool we got the new this is a great segue into it's a great segue forbidden having a new bike which
we were going to talk about next and fox having a bunch of new suspension and a dropper post I think I did that on
purpose um so yeah I got the third 36 with the grip X damper so it's almost
kind of like a kind of like a grip 2 in gold in Gold kind of like you're going
to ride that fork out there same setup you have right now yeah smelted golded going to Utah W SCH smelted gold in Utah
yeah I thought about putting my other Fork on but I'm like it's just a lot of work and it's dialed right now so I'm just going to leave it and then you know
figure it out when I get back but long story short got the grip X and the fox 36 which is pretty cool because it's
like a grip two but you can Crank that uh compression knob all the way and it
basically locks it out or like firms it up it's not fully locked out right um but it's about as locked out as You' want to like get up out of the saddle
and mash the pedals you know on a fire Road climb or something like that um so that's pretty cool cuz I think a lot of
people you know and there's a lot of bikes out there right like all mountain bikes that you know you want like that grip to descending performance but
you're sometimes like oh man I wish I didn't have a Bobby Fork when I'm out of the saddle climbing so there's a lot of
technical climbing out there yeah nice so probably won't use that very much cuz I like to have it open on the climbs but
um yeah it's just nice for long Fire Road or just roads logs and you're just uh cruising but then they also have grip
X2 which is just an evolved form of the grip 2 um and then also grip SL which is
like you evolve form of Fit 4 which brings kind of like grip damper technology to that kind of shorter
travel segment which is pretty cool um so there's a lot of new damper stuff going on internally with shims and
everything probably Trevor Liam would be really great to explain all that I
personally like yeah it's got this sh like Sims yeah stems and Shacks stems
and Shacks Sim and Shacks great I love it feels great on the trail well we will drop a link below in the podcast
description for the the link to our article where we talk all about that stuff in more extensive detail that's
right and then uh then maybe next time we have Liam on here we'll just go into more hardcore nerd hardore
and then we'll have some more time on those things too cuz I haven't even ridden all that new stuff just you and Liam have so far have you tried it out yet I have not yeah so it's pretty sweet
um yeah and then they got a new Fox 32 which is this crazy looking reverse Arch that's like engineered to have the
lightest strength to weight ratio it's a super strong but super light it's like the lightest cross country Fork they've
ever made um the arch has holes through it right it's not just a complete AR it's like a lattice looks great it is
super cool um and I was super tripped out when I saw it at first wasn't really sure if I liked it but and then I saw it
like on a bike and I was like okay that actually looks pretty it's amazing that I I always thought the reverse Arch did
not look very good it just looked super wrong to me all the man Forks yeah but then they then they kind of flipped the
script and made it ARS that no one's ever seen before with it kind of Ling together like that they made it look
good good job good job on them for doing that yeah it if it was just like a regular Fox Arch flips around it would have been like oh you know whatever but
it's actually like okay you guys actually made this like super light and it's strong and and it's a new design so it's all pretty cool they didn't just
like they did their homework exactly they didn't just like slap something on there and call it day so yeah the objective was to make the lightest
possible cross country Fork on the market so right got to get creative with that yeah so that's kind of what they did too with the damper like they shed
uh shed weight off the damper so like well let's go to the chassis so they shed weight off the chassis made it stiffer and lighter so that's pretty
cool and it's gold and it's gold I want gold too which is a limited edition color limited edition color which will
be available I will say every time fox has done these custom limited colors which I think the last time was a long
time ago right was like 2020 maybe or they did pistachio root beer Battleship that pistachio looks so good still looks
those all sold out unbelievably fast and like there's only a small batch that
they make and you know they just disperse that between like 10 retailers or so and then once they're gone they're
gone so yeah yeah if you're interested in that color you can see it now all the pictures are available and if you want it get on those that email alert and
yeah we we're going to get them all and yeah they'll probably be in stock for days a day or two so yeah so that's
pretty cool and then they also have a new transfer post which is a huge deal
yeah you were the most excited about this I think from when you came back from your little yeah your little trip
to Fox little trip to Fox trip to the HQ um it is super exciting because it's like everything I've ever wanted in a
transfer post like you can adjust the air pressure the travel uh you can service it it's like okay so these are
all things user serviceable yeah more user serviceable so these are all things that you hang about complain about the last one was like it wasn't you couldn't
charge it up I'm so excited about that personally as a as a mechanic there's nothing worse than like giving a
customer back or a dropper post that's not even that old and I have to send it out to service to fix it or have these
crazy special tools and lots of money to fix it's annoing when it could just be solved by a shreder valve and an air
pressure exactly so super glad Fox fixed that and
yeah I've had bad experiences with Fox post Fox posts in the past so I'm I'm excited about this new one it should be
pretty good totally I mean like kind of got it with like the last version like you could unscrew the collar grease it
whatever that still didn't really solve all the problems right like you still were like oh I just want to top up the pressure in this thing like let me do it
and now they just they like okay cool here you go do it so and when it does feel good it feels amazing it's super
smooth it tops out nicely when it does top out and um yeah feels great so
super excited about that it feels great I'm stoked on it I was going to ask you so historically fox has done this very
confusing thing where in the spring they release their product line and that's named as the next year yeah so this is
all model year 2025 is it though because on the pink bike stuff they're putting 2024 it's all model year
2025 okay released in 2024 yeah cuz Fox they called it like a model year 25
product Recon when we went up there so I mean that's like kind of how they do it in like the car industry other things like which is
stupid like how rivian's like you can order the 2027 R3 and just like what year is
it it's a pre-order pre-order it's like available in 29 but whatever anyways
long story short yeah the new Fox transfer is is really cool um yeah like
I said everything you wanted in a transfer is is in a transfer now nice and like you don't have to like make excuses like well it it it's not as good
but box and it's really cool looking like you can finally match all all your kushima and have like a really really
reliable easily serviceable dropper post well said yeah yeah something else coming out new from that that whole
family I should say is the new maroki super Z Fork new Fork from marzuki is it
marzuki or marzochi I believe it's marzuki marzuki that's what they were calling it it's originally in to
probably not pronounced Italians call it yeah Mari yeah so new super Z4 it's a uh
it's basically a 38 with a grip two damper or sorry grip X damper grip X right yeah yep so um just me for it's
like a 190 travel fork or up to 190 travel Fork it's meant for bike park Free Ride little bit of a cheaper cost
Fork I think it's still $1,000 but relatively cheaper and um kind of meant for that Free Ride crowd looks great
it's got a red and black color way to it and um yeah something a little bit different little little different off in
from Fox Race Face marzuki family and kind of cool yeah it's pretty sick I we
had the bomber Z1 i' actually had multiple bombers on my bikes in the past and they're always really good so this
is like a no-brainer for them yeah killer idea for just like the price point Free Ride price point strength
like definitely a good I don't know fit it fits in well to the sort of Fox lineup if you want a 38 but you don't
want all the bells and whistles of a full-on factory race Fork then this is kind of what you would want to get yeah just like something that is it's still
very high performance what is it like 300 400 bucks less yeah I think so I
think yeah I don't know if they like released exact pricing for us but um but yeah it's definitely comes it at a more
affordable price price point and like kind of like I was telling Trevor earlier I feel like that like kind of
wallet friendly super uro Fork is like kind of that market segment is a little underserved like you get the domain
which is like it's okay it's decent fork and like Zeb select again it's like okay
for the money but like marzuki has always been like a super solid product in my opinion I think this would be a great ebike Fork Yeah just something
super stiff and something that you don't need anything crazy for you're not worried about weight at all worried
about weight periced well it's going to be reliable it's going to be great y yeah for sure yeah solid points yeah and
to segue into our last product that we were going to talk about is Race Face AA Wheels which are pretty sweet actually
super affordable for like I mean comparatively to other Carbon wheels um affordable carbon wheel set I think it's
like 15 or, 1600 bucks for the set which with Vault hubs super solid hubs so it's
pretty pretty sweet little wheel set also lifetime warranty inclusive of crashes which is pretty sweet um that
they just offer that and back that up I mean inclusive of crashes yes so if you're whatever racing wad yourself
break a wheel I mean they'll still back you up and get you a new wheel so and that's a whole new wheel they'll send you a whole new wheel they don't like
rebuild it they probably have no idea who knows know what they do with all of the wheels they hopefully something
hopefully something yeah remember I was I was always questioning that when uh Reserve came out with their warranty it kind of was like a little bit of a
groundbreaking warranty right they would send you a new wheel set in like a couple days yeah it's like well what do
you do with the Hub or what where all those hous yeah that's what I wonder I mean they're not new maybe they go on like a demo wheel set or something like
that or Marcato Libre you know what that is I don't it's the eBay of South America oh my
God so literally amazing that's so funny I mean I would buy a hub from that yeah
yeah I mean why not totally especially if it's affordably priced I mean that's just my
guess there's actually there's there's I haven't seen any videos about sort of that style thing in the mountain bike
world but in the electronics worlds when you trade your iPhone in or your laptop there's the whole like expose on where
all this stuff goes and how there's companies that are built off of just getting all these old electronics and refurbishing them and then selling them
on these different marketplaces around the world it's a huge operation cuz so many people trade in phones on a daily
basis yeah it's there's valuable stuff in them too it's like yeah totally well that's the thing if they're if they're
not refurbish they'll strip them down for like the actual uh materials inside of there they try to sell that material
it's wild it's a whole whole ordeal it's crazy it's pretty interesting wow well least but not last we forgot to talk
about the new forbidden that's right new forbidden dreadn V2 um updated like
similarly how we saw the Druid V1 updated the Druid V2 this new dread knot V2 has an inverted four bar suspension
design and also has 10 mm more travel so we're talking 170 Fork 160 rear travel
um yeah this is like their Flagship full-fledged Enduro bike super pretty cool to see a revision on that exactly
so come comes speced pretty nicely it's like full full Rock shocks like like EXO
transmission and Maven and a vivid and a and a Zeb yeah so it's ready to eat yeah
this thing UD for sure the colors look amazing I
should add the uh that that yellow and red with a red Zeb looks insane I think
personally I would get that uh I'm not sure what the color is called but it's called like Freddy t or what's it called
the Green in fatty te fatty tea looks amazing I'm gonna call it the Freddy cougar Freddy cougar the blue and or the
yellow and red no the the the green and kind of darker one oh yeah yeah okay for
bid's just super on top of it looks great they're really attentive to all the details and these new bikes and
they're just really like nailing everything in terms of their their sizing the way they're adjusting the
chain stays per size like all all this stuff is just they they've just hit every little tiny detail like they're
listening and they don't have to like report to a certain agenda by some higher up you know they're just doing
what the people want and I think the people appreciate that yeah and I'm correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the guys who uh started forbidden
or from Norco um or and so they kind of were like well we're going to do
everything that we've like been wanting to do this whole time that's kind of what it seems like do it faster and do like for the rider rather than for you
know monetary reasons exactly um but yeah kind of like you said they're hitting all like the points that you would want you know they got accessory
amount underneath the top tube um you've got the down tube storage compartment
size specific chain stays um you could do mix wheels or full 29 and you can
swap it out with those dropouts so it's like are pretty cool also uh ex or press
in headset so you could do a reach adjust headset or a angle adjust headset so it's like there's a lot of options
and possibilities there with this bike and with the old one you saw people doing like dual Crown forks and stuff like that which is pretty sick yeah yeah
that's a rad bike I think they're really just firing on all cylinders over there and just moving quick too which is awesome yeah this third new bike in a
year basically Druid V2 and the super knot and dreadnut V2 it's like okay pretty cool yeah this is like the the
the definition of the benefits you get from buying a bike from a boutique bike brand like this is the culmination of
all of it for sure these things are coming out quick they're updating things fast they're updating what matters they're attentive to every single detail
that everyone cares about and wants to see changed um like they're just they're just hitting all of that so that's
that's pretty cool like those are all the benefits that you get that you just totally would not get buying a big box
brand well said yeah and also like the you know other cool things about a boutique brand like that you like you
know like you call and like you talk to a person you know you don't have to go through like a bunch of random like menus and stuff just to talk to somebody
you're like yeah you're supporting a small brand people that are work hard to make amazing bikes yeah Jared how have
you been how have you been getting on with your Druid V2 yeah I love the V2 um
it's it's great I mean I recently like stripped it down and built it back up just to clean and grease everything and
that was like a super easy process I was actually blown away you were you were with me when I was doing that I'm pretty sure in the back um but yeah it's like
all things are well thought out it's like the same size bolt for all the and all the bolts for the linkage are on the
same side typically they're all like right next to each other all goes back together super easy and I was just like whoa all the bearings are in the link
itself like not pressed into the carbon or anything so now now that you've been on it for a while how do you feel about
pedaling a high pivot like trail bike um definitely has as pros and cons you know
um definitely a pro would be like the capability like the thing can absolutely
eat and it actually like has an insatiable appetite for like just chunky trails and like steep Trails even though
it's not like a super slack bike or anything but it can handle it though yeah it can handle it and it still like is pretty efficient like on these days
that when we were in Italy it's still like riding all day you know huge days on the bike and it's still I don't feel
like I'm pedaling around a slug but um with that said like I'm not like a huge fan of having the idler pulley like just
I don't know cuz out here I think it just it suits a different style of Rider right like I think a high a high pivot
with Ider like suits the sort of like winch and plummet crowd as you would say where like you're just kind of going up
to the top and you're shredding down a super steep Trail where I haven't heard that term before but it makes a ton of sense yeah right and then like out here
you don't really do that kind of rting as much except for it's like suicide or or rocky Peak and even then like you
have a pretty long ride to get to the top of your descents so um I kind of
crave something a little more efficient at times but it's so fun on downhill it's like every time I do that then I'm like this spike is
like it's really fun on the downhills yeah lot of the trails around here were really like covering a lot of distance
just going up and and straight down you're right about that yeah so just yeah serves a different Rider like you know a different purpose yeah I wonder
too I guess that's what's hard because you kind of need to test all these bikes in different settings but climbing
something that's really chunky and just ledged out like dead cow for example or
imagine dead cow but less steep right so like a lot of places like here we pretty much just have up or down like there's
very few sort of flats or Rolling Hills like you're just going up or down
whereas a lot of other places especially out east you ride and there's a lot of sections that are these like sort of long chunky barely they're like flat
chunk for and that's like a huge percentage of the ride is this like flat chunk which is super tiring um but I
think a high pivot would be awesome in that setting too like you just be able to ped through that stuff easier and
then your bike would just handle really well through that like low speed stuff or you're using a ton of the suspension
travel for sure so yeah and it is like absolutely amazing on technical climbs
like I have never had a bike so good on Tech climbs that just will not lose grip and it just tracks over everything um
but yeah if you're just kind of cruising up fire roads like you know it's really whatever but nice yeah great bike pros and cons pros and cons well pretty much
every bike right take a quick intermission while you can go look at it and smile since it has a clean gold Fork
on it right now and now a word from our sponsors hello mountain bikers just a quick favor
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of the best little elements of all of our favorite grips into one the grip has also been responsible for donating
$88,000 to supporting a trail building Network in kajabe Kenya where the hellsgate National Park is located and
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off with the code MTB podcast5 that's t r a i l o n ebike and
the code is MTB podcast 25 Muchos Gracias Amigos and now back to the show
listener questions hey fellas hey fellas I've really enjoyed
mountain biking and shredding some n berries but to further my skills I think I'll will build up a full custom sorry
his exact words custom full sauce unicycle I know you probably get this question all the time but what would be
the best dropper post suspension Fort combo for this and would this be a good application for
an oval chain ring looking forward to your wisdom thanks have you guys ever ridden a unicycle I've tried so hard
everyone's tried they're impossible they're so hard I've tried next to a wall or next to a curb I could hold on
to and I still couldn't do it it's really hard I think it's just one of those things you either can do it or you just can't I figured if anybody could
it' be you I got okay at it like I could probably write 100 ft wow that's pretty
good that's pretty good and I tried a lot enough to the point where I like like I just can't do anymore but like
not to the point where you D cuz the bike shop worked as a kid we had one there so I would just like mess around with it occasionally and I got enough to
where I could like get up go a little ways and fall over but I could never like ride the thing like I couldn't really steer it I couldn't stay on it
for a really long time I was like this is just I don't know some people have it I think I'd rather read like an actual
pogo stick yeah which is super fun this thing that he's describing almost sounds like a pogo stick with a wheel with some
damping and I guess pedals and a crank but I tried to find like what this guy
was even talking about and like I couldn't even find like a unicycle with the suspension Fork let alone dropper post I've seen
one with a dropper post where you can actuate it underneath the saddle really
um and you can drop that up and down in person I've seen that before like you know where they have those dropper posts
manual ones where you can press it underneath that's man you you guys don't remember that one the one famous
unicycle dude I forget his name but he was in all the neural disorders like yeah he was he was in all see
you're dating yourself too young right now Wade Simmons was here he would tell us all about it oh man the this this guy
so all these OG Free Ride mountain bike movies there was a segment of this dude who would just shred this unicycle on
the same Trails he would ride Northshore mountain bike trails on a unicycle hit huge drops hit jumps it was unbelievable
yeah it was really cool it's all super old school stuff I don't know what happened I mean he must have just you
know threw in the towel on that idea but he was in all those videos before did you have a fork so Offroad well it's not
I don't know if it's called a fork but there is a piece of suspension in there really yeah and then it and it has a Freewheel and it had a brake on it oh no
way it has a brake lever so he wouldn't like be pedaling up to these things and like pedal pedal pedal ped no it wasn't
a fixed one it was it had a free whee and a brake I didn't even know they had those either learning lot how do you even how would you even use that with a
free wheel that does I don't know if that makes sense get balance yeah like how do you how do you on cycle like i'
never even these are things we'll never know how to do we're going to go to the Grave not knowing how when I when I first started riding bikes I was riding
Hummingbird at Rocky Peak it's kind of an iconic iconic Trail back in the day and uh one of the very first times I
wrote it I saw a guy going down it on a unicycle no way and I was mind blown I haven't seen someone ride a unicycle on
a mountain bike trail since that is crazy it's pretty cool I feel like I've seen somebody riding unicycle like in
Sedona or something I'm like that' just be crazy this is him I just Googled New World Disorder unicycle guy Chris Holm
Legend W he's a legend man that's crazy he's on Wikipedia Bor born in 1973 is Canadian best known for riding unicycle
and off-road conditions has ridden since 1985 and considered one of the pioneers of off-road unicycling and is the
world's best known unicyclist holy he is the founder of competitive unicyclist
trials wow that's that's some talent and skill right there it was 1999 North
American 2002 World and 2005 European unicycle trials Champion you imagine
like yeah bro you think you're good on a bike take off one of those Wheels let's see what you can do like dude what that's insane he also held the unicycle
side hop world record from 1998 to 2004 how many how many hops I don't know
that's amazing well uh sorry dude we don't really have a lot of experience with this hit up Chris Hol I bet he's
he's probably looking at his Instagram message requests these days I don't he think he's that popular anymore yeah hit
up Chris Holan he might he might have some you know advice for off-road something like that I wouldn't even know
if an noal chering would be good for that or not I just don't have enough experience on a unicycle seems like Weir
look at this he's got a laundry list of video appearances and notable media appearances wow uh Ripley's Believe It
or Not you got to see this more than human world fantastic her
National Geographic that'd be sick wow it's R
unreal you learn something new every day what a guy Trevor do you want to read this next question yeah um I've got a
sb130 that I use as a onebike quiver that is being swapped to an SB 140 for a
CL a crash replacement I put in 20 plus Park days this year and it's time to get a park rig not looking for an uro or
downhill race bike and I like to jump and goof around but hit it all would y'all recommend an Enduro bike or a DH
bike I would argue that you can convert your s sp40 into a sweet Park rig if you
like to jump around if you still pedal the S sp40 then you could just kind of keep it
as is and then just get a full-fledged downhill bike which is the most fun thing in the world if you're going to
actually use it at bike parks yeah 20 plus days is a lot at a park and if you're yeah if you're going to be 20
more than most people yeah yeah that is a lot of Park days if you're going to be just shuttling on a chairlift all day
then yeah get a downhole bike you're going to have uh the most fun and you're going to get away with things you never thought you could get away with yeah and
plus if you already have an s140 like you're kind of splitting hair by getting an Endura bike you know just go all out
get the DH bike like I don't know get a Frameworks that'd be pretty sick that's what I would do like you know support
Nico and then you have a sick downhill bike that you know I don't know it's
pretty pretty cool that would be cool that would be pretty cool um here we go
another bike question I am currently going into my junior season of high school mountain bike racing in Colorado
and over the two seasons I've noticed that we usually have a couple courses including states that get beat down
and turn into dust oh stages I think that I meant okay turn into dust over the other categories racing on it I was
wondering what would be the best tire choice for racing on Dust SL sand I'm riding a Scott scale 925 with Max's
Ardent 29 by 2.4 by the way love listening to the podcast on my training
rides Ardent 29 by 2.4 is what he's got I think the bigger
excuse me bigger profile tires will be good over the dust and sand to kind of conform to the terrain that you're
riding especially if you're run a little lower pressure um H I would say like
maybe the an aspen is that crazy or a forecaster like the original
forecaster I think the forecaster in the front would be good um and something a little bit faster if you're racing
probably something a little bit faster in the rear yeah um like I don't know Liam was just on
those Aspens of what Moab rocks not really a super Sandy course yeah Liam was on the Aspens with inserts in low
PSI which I think makes a big difference yeah but I think icons would would not be a bad choice that's true depends on
if you're trying to really get power out of the dtin sand like if you're climbing up hills and stuff you probably want something a little bit knober um if
you're trying to just roll fast and that's its own thing right true Jeff you know a lot about tires uh
to be honest I wasn't listening to any question at all got him off in your own world we got
it I was off in my own world I was I was looking at a question further down okay it got me thinking about the Al he and
the Ty these different Pikes and then I was like looking at geometry charts just spaced out and then I heard you guys
start answering the question and I was like oh I missed the question Okay sandy racing on Dustin sand pick a tire XC XC
Racing for Sandy courses I would do it Liam did yeah icon low pressure with
inserts Aspen oh Aspen that's right or icon oh he yeah that's right well he was
doing a lot of experimenting like around here and I don't have enough experience on those tires to know I see the Aspen
tread pattern profile and it worries me it's scary it doesn't even it looks like
it looks like a a kindergarten just drew some Drew something up and put some trees and some lines in there and like
there you go I know it's that's the thing about XC tires like when you have knobs that small to begin with like does
any design make a difference right like you use it once like in a blind test like okay but just blind testing tires
would be a crazy thing to be able to do to begin with if it was possible but if you were to sew blind test you know
Enduro and downhill tires I still think that most people would be able to figure it out whereas if you blind tested XC
tires like nobody would know yeah it' be like blind testing road tires get out of
here whenever I ride whenever I ride X tires I end up just like skidding to a corner or something yeah that's none of
them have traction like that's just part it's just I don't know it is splitting it's the definition of splitting hair
definely I mean I don't know you I think at that point you could just test them out I've always liked the closest I've
ever got to fullon XC tires is just those Recons yeah so I think I think that's a good Tire Recon race could be
good for this guy yeah that's true I did I think at one point I had a Recon on recon race in the back and like that was
the fastest sort of XE Tire setup I've ever ridden it's a pretty fast combo yeah and it works good I mean it's not
as like crazy as going down to the icon or the Aspen but at least you have a
little bit of grip in the front some traction Rec in the front also I think a lot of that stuff depends on your skill
set too so like if if you really know you're weak on cornering and like you're going to just putt really slowly through
all the corners to begin with then go for something super light and fast if you think you're really strong on quartering then give something that'll
actually like allow you to grip and have an advantage over the other Racers out there so could have do your own personal
strengths riding well said all right well I love this next question for the the bike industry is in turmoil
excessive inventory bankruptcies every smaller refinement of the bike that seems to provide little
Improvement to us weaken Warriors the list goes on with that being said would you rather pee your pants every time you
laugh or scream in horror when someone says your name you love these questions
Jeff I'm going to say scream in horror you think there's a way around that with like a nickname you think somebody can
say your nickname and then you could just beIN and not scream well here's why see the problem with these this or that
is that it has to be extremely well specified so scream in horror I think
your initial assumption is like you could never say that you're like H like you can't like downplay screaming more
like that's got to be a loud yell scream whereas pee your pants when you laugh couple drops of pee each laugh no
problem you know what I mean like I I mean I think peeing your pants is is like full-blown peeing your pants yeah I
I was like picturing like like the full bladder every time see that's not specifi where you have to like change
you know like you're uncomfortable afterwards I'm going with screaming horror cuz I feel like if someone were
to say my name and I screamed I'd probably start laughing afterwards yeah then you're screwed yeah then you you scream and but
I P I picked the scream oh that's pretty funny so what are you picking Jeff I'm going with pee
because if I only pee a drop or two no big deal it's just a drop or
two little trickle yeah that's yeah okay all right that's fine about you Jared no
I'm going with scream yeah but that would be pretty funny cuz I could end up laughing and then I'm PE so whatever
love the introduction of the question I know little curveball going should I beared for this Us in the first half
yeah all right Jeff can you explain your new fascination with the L Hefe and the rigid Fork two questions to help you
answer with the choice between the Tia with the back country geometry in the L Hefe with a more traditional geometry
why the l Hefe didn't you just sell a flat bar salsa gravel bike that you that was great what's with the switch to the
somewhat similar L Hefe and why the rigid Fork when a lightweight example
stepcast Fork would reduce fatigue and let you ride longer in more varied Trails even the endurance Racers use a suspension Fork on the Hefe which I have
for the record have been asking him the same thing all right I got all sorts of answers let's see what you got big boy
so uh to start the the Ty raade is does
have you know he says more Backcountry geometry but that bike's designed around 140 Fork so that's like a full-fledged you know like trail bike with 140 mil
Fork so I can't really put a rigid Fork on that like it would screw up the Geo too much um whereas I can put a rigid
Fork on the AL Hefe and the reason I want to do that is because I did have that flat bar salsa so it was a salsa
Cutthroat they call it a drop bar mountain bike and it's basically rigid mountain bike geo with drop bars I just
put flat bars on it and a dropper post and it ended up being one of the most fun bikes I've ever had it was just
unbelievably li like 20b unbelievably light super fast really fun um really
good storage so you could just kind of bike pack or just always have space on your bike for stuff and it was just fun
like it climbed so fast it was out of control it ride it super long it was fast on the road like it was just a
really fun unique bike that I never knew I'd enjoy so much and uh I eventually
was like oh got to sell this thing had it for like almost almost two years I think I had that thing and uh you know
that's a long time for me that's like that is you know that's like a normal put that thing through hell too oh yeah I did I put that thing through ABS yeah
it did crack which it wasn't the fault of salsa it was all by itself propped up on a rock while I was like 10 ft away
from it changing into my board shorts to go for a swim in the ocean and it blew over in the wind and landed on a rock
and The Rock smashed a hole in the top tube so yeah I was ready to sell that
thing which then I proceeded to ride another like thousand miles on that bike with the cracked top tube and it was
totally fine so he did for sure do that to salsa he definitely did that yeah so that that thing had seen some seen some
good use and I just thought it was such a fun bike so I was like wow I really want to build something else like that
and it's also so kind of leading into the second question is why not just you know put a suspension Fork on it to
reduce fatigue and ride longer yada yada it's uh a little over a pound heavier
even the absolute lightest cross country Fork is still a pound heavier than a rigid Fork believe it or not it's a lot
of weight and I already have a reel Ranger which is you know sort of that
light Trail 120 mil in the front 115 in the back that's my light trail bike I
don't want another bike that's too close to it I want to have like some more separation between these bikes and if I
were to get a regular L Hefe with a suspension Fork on it like it's really close to that Rebel Ranger like it's so
close but if I were to make it Ultra lightweight weight weeny like what I want to do with it then it'll it'll be
more separated from the ranger so that's why I want to do that and because also having no suspension like yeah it does
fatigue you way more especially your your neck falls apart when you're just like on a downhill with no suspension
but that's also to me half the fun like that's half of why that salsa was fun because there was no traction because it
really was just sort of loose and out of control on the downhills and super fast
everywhere else and I just thought that was fun like that was enjoyable so next normal Trails seem way more extreme yeah
exactly right like you could push that bike to its limits way easier and
frankly safer because like that bike at its limits on any given downhill is not really that fast or scary or dangerous
compared to like if you're taking if you take like an Enduro bike and you're pushing that to its actual limits like that's a dangerously fast speed and
gnarly terrain whereas if you take a fully rigid mountain bike with 1.9 tires on it and push it to its limits it's
like not really going that fast or riding trails at gnarly this weekend I I took my road bike down a single track
yeah there you go road tires and it was like just for like 10 15 seconds it was
terrifying yeah no traction no no give at all and uh something I would just go
as fast as I could on a mountain bike I had to just be on the brakes the whole time so something different and fun to
change up a little bit see that's a little too far whereas like the rigid mountain bike is like just enough where
you can still have fun but like you really have to focus you really have to pick your lines closely um I don't know
it's it's just a really fun unique bike and the salsa proof that to me and I was like how can I recreate this ever so
slightly differently and I was like I could build this L Hefe with the rigid Fork it's very interesting pretty cool
bike very interesting I think it'll be fun I'm interested to see after riding it after you riding it if you feel the
same way like if you if you go up to these trails and you're like oh well
this would be a little more enjoyable with a fork or like I ended up on this Trail where like I you know I'm a little
in over the head with a solid or rigid fork or whatever yeah but obviously it's way faster and like you you know just
Speedy everywhere else yeah so you're just riding it differently than you would and riding different Trails than
you would on the ranger I guess yeah totally yeah and that that salsa it was
it's obviously lighter because it was a full carbon setup this will be a titanium frame carbon Forks like the salsa will be lighter but that salsa
riding around the road like commuting like to and from work or wherever like it's just like the sickest bike yeah and
having flat bars in a dropper post you can still bunny hop up all curbs that you want and drop off stairs whatever so
like yeah so like around town it is the most epic commuter Shredder of ever so I
don't know it's a fun bike it's definitely an enjoyable unique bike to build yeah so it's pretty cool don't
knock till you try it that's right but you do again I still think you need differentiation between bikes you can't have them all like so close to each
other for sure if you didn't have the ranger I would say you're absolutely insane yeah it would make no sense
clinically I need to check you in somewhere if I had like a 140 mil travel trail bike yeah you know then I would
just have a regular hard tail with a suspension Fork on it exactly yeah well there's your answer it's cuz he already
has a bike that's sick and works great for that application Trevor you want to read the next one yeah I really want to
hear what Jeff has to hear has to answer about this one this is a good one if every employee in worldwide cycler had
uh to fight each other in a UFC octagon who would be the last man standing Jeff
you should make all your employees get branded with a hot iron to show loyalty to the company would make great YouTube
content that would be good content yeah probably going arrested afterwards this guy sounds like he should be hired
for the head of company culture right he's two great ideas let's talk in let's all fight each other in a cage match and
brand each other maybe brand each other first so we're like extra riled up
um Lou laughing over there that's like what they do for oh no not for like codeos but it's like along those lines
right where they like flick the balls or whatever it's like brandom in throw them into the Octagon um I'm sticking with my
initial thing like it would be Trevor and John oh man um or maybe I don't know
maybe Daniel has some crazy things I feel likey dude and he actually would care to
compete really does play a big difference when you're fighting like whether it be like jiujitsu or wrestling
or whatever there's weight classes for a reason yeah and I feel like I would have no chance to get Zach oh yeah or John
but he's got messed up feet dude he can't even walk around huh it's only some days some days his feet are okay
other days he's I mean in I would try my hardest but I would not I would I would
fight Zack but I would not fight John well many moons ago um I thought this
was a hilarious idea because I uh saw one of these at a carnival one time and did it and it was so fun it was a sumo
wrestling sort of Jolly jump thing so you get this you get a huge bouncy house
sort of Jolly jump uh boxing ring and then you get these sumo wrestler suits that come with it like huge ones like
you can barely move in these things they have the helmet and everything they're disgusting cuz they're like used and people sweating them and then you just
like go to town sumo wrestling in this ring It's the funniest thing ever so I got that for the company party and and
everyone wrestled each other and it was the funniest stuff I missed out on that one that sounds amaz it was hilarious
yeah I think we should do that again we got pretty into it we got pretty into that yeah and a former employee who took it way too seriously was definitely the
winner um and also just like livid yeah
needs to go to therapy after that it's like well now we know who needs to go to
therapy just let out all the aggression for yeah we should do that again that
that was fun I'm going to say yeah I don't know what do you who's the last man standing in your world in this
octagon I think Weaver yeah I just think CU he's big and he would try hard yeah I think it'd be him and Jon probably yeah
I think Tyler would throw down too yeah true also way my probably throw down he's strong yeah but again like I think
I think weight and height play more of an advantage than anything he's got the size that yeah Weaver's got the size
yeah not even in the top 20 he's big bird for a reason yeah although if it is pretty interesting to think about like
the weight class and like who would vers who you know like I don't know who Liam would fight probably you you guys are
the most the closest in weight yeah we've got some featherweights spread across the company
Tyler yeah we got some featherweights he'd like oh man I'm cool you guys yeah he's I just don't want to do that
man I would I would FAL watch that you want me to do no I don't want
to do that and Lou Lou Tyler MinGa just like
no you guys get cool man yeah man people would pay money I
would for sure pay money for these fights that'd be hilarious well maybe I'll I'll spring and get that uh sumo
wrestling that funny yeah that this summer we can doou Sumo jousting oh that's
hilarious um we've got time for one more question and we got a note from episodes past that's pretty funny as well we need
to get to all right how do you get mountain bike Forks to feel amazing I would say run it as soft as
you can before it gets too soft where you're just bottoming out the whole time you really want as much traction as you
can and uh I would say Don't run too much compression because it's just going to get super harsh um um just don't go
extreme with it I would say like find a middle ground and then go from there yeah people are always like oh I want to
put volume spacers in there like you know run as much compression or like no just like back to Bas if you think that
you want if you're going to go fast you you want to go super fast I need to pump my Fork up super hard like Aaron Gwyn like yeah I know you like you're going
to lose your control and your suspension is at the end of the day it's your control and you need to have as much control as you can to be safe so um I
would run it on the softer side if you can yeah what do you think Jeff I would also say just like a word of advice is
don't use any compression like have it fully open run it open yeah wide open I
I tend to run on my Forks like I'm running a Ze right now and a lri and I tend to run my highspeed compression all
the way open unless I'm running writing something super aggressive or super Rocky with bunch of drops and stuff I'll
literally just add one click of compression and a couple clicks of low speed makes the world of difference but
nothing more than that really yeah just tread lightly with those three clicks Max on either one yeah for sure for
pretty much everyone you know if you you know if you're a pro racer you're not asking this question but it's a
different scenario but most people yeah just just try and get your air pressure dialed in correctly and then leave your
compression settings totally open or just like one two clicks for each one make sure your rebound is not too
extreme yeah try to not mess up your rebound the rebound is pretty important if you're if you're too fast it's going to be super out of control if it's too
slow it might feel like you're in a lot of control but you're not taking as much like using there just supension as you
should be and um it's not going to work good mhm well said well let's get to
this note from episodes past here following on from my most important question a few months back of should I
stay with my partner despite the fact that she had a tan wall Max's front tire and and a black Schwab r Tire things
have turned out well after your Sterling relationship advice that I should buy her a matching Tire which I did she now
has matching Schwab Tires on a new Canyon Aon things have turned out well she has agreed to marry me nice so with
if it hadn't been for the excellent advice from worldwide Cyclery I would doubtless have been lonely single and
without a mountain bike riding partner so many thanks P.S you'll be delighted to know that I am sporting matching
tires also Max's forecaster tires front and rear Jeff was right about how good these tires are nice that's wow that was
kind and in inspiring and positive and I just really thought I was going the other way really happy that's a good
story that was like a note p and a fantastic testimonial all in one so yeah
it was congratulations uh you know that she agreed to marry you that's awesome I think that the tires had a huge part in
that um no I'm just kidding but thank you for
tuning in and uh for listening to our advice yeah yeah it's good well I'm just
also happy that they're now all have you know great couple uh with matching tires
yeah so the world is okay the world is okay in some places there's there's more
peace on Earth when people matching tire brands and black and tan wall
yeah if we can just match our tires we all get along that's all I got y that's all he's got well if you've made it this
far thank you very much we genuinely appreciate it for any questions if you would like us to answer them send to
podcast worldwide that's right that's an email address can also find in
the show notes that's right and also importantly please leave us review if
you can it really helps us out Apple podcast Spotify uh or on YouTube hit the
little subscribe button little thumbs up thing yeah genuinely appreciate that screenshot and if you screenshot send it
your review email that over to podcast worldwide and Jared will give you a gift a gift of $15 for the website $15
discount $155 holla which a $15 discount is actually pretty good deal because that's basically 50% off grip
60% off pair of grips half off some break pads y it's a good deal like a
bowl from Chipotle there you go yeah uh half off a bottle of fox 20 weight gold
we don't sell bowls from trotle no we don't maybe one day maybe one day but
until then until then thank you thank you cheer we out cheer out

April 16, 2024

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