New 2019 Fox Step-Cast 34 Fork (Is Lighter Better?) [Video]


As many have come to notice, bikes are getting beefier, stronger, and saving weight is as important as it has been for many racers. Companies have started making bikes that are more capable for today's riding standards but have sacrificed the integrity of the bike in order to save weight. Why? People are just getting too gnarly and the bikes couldn't handle this type of riding. Fox Shox has just released an all-new fork to make up for this hole in the market. Enter the 34 Step-Cast (Or Fox 34 SC as some call it). This redesigned chassis saves you almost half a pound from the standard trail version of the 34 but maintains the same stiffness which also happens to be 15% stiffer than the 32 Step-Cast fork.

Fox Step-Cast 34 Fork review blog

Races like The Downieville Classic have led to a new era for XC racing. If you have seen the coverage or attended the race yourself, you will know that half the riders are on beefed up XC rigs while the others are on mid-travel trail bikes. This fork is a step towards a hybrid for both style bikes. The 34 Step-Cast is a dedicated 120 travel super lightweight race fork. We repeat, dedicated 120mm fork and will be featured on the all new Yeti Cycles SB100. The SB100 is a revolutionary design towards beefy XC rigs so why not have it equipped with the all-new Step-Cast 34?

Creating a new generation of race forks, the 34 Step-Cast shines in BC Bike Race, Epic Rides, and marathon trail conditions. It’s also perfect for riders who want an all-round fork that performs in a vast range of applications: lightweight for climbs and highly capable for demanding terrain with enough travel to instill confidence when the trail gets rough.

Fox Step-Cast 34 Fork review blog

Fox EVOL updates mean less friction!

Full Spec List:

• NEW Entirely new StepCast chassis
• 3.5lb/1.59kg (27.5” w/ Kabolt axle)
• Same stiffness as 34 140mm, nearly 0.5 lbs/0.23kg lighter
• 15% stiffer than 32 long travel and 0.3lb/.14kg lighter
• FLOAT EVOL air spring
• External steps in lower casting reduce weight
• Dedicated air spring and damper tune
• 120 mm max travel
• 27.5” chassis fits up to 2.8” tire, 29” chassis fits up to 2.6” tire
• Gloss orange or matte black paint options
• Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat


Factory FLOAT FIT4 $943

Factory FLOAT FIT4 with Remote $1,024

(Fox 34 Step Cast Additional Info)

Weight savings are attributed to external lower casting steps, hollow lower section,and shortened shaft lengths – the same lightweight 8mm damper shaft as the 32 StepCast. The dedicated air spring and damper tune are specific for this travel range, with a lighter tune at mid and higher velocities.

Fox Step-Cast 34 Fork review blog


Fox Step-Cast 34 Fork review blog

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November 01, 2018

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