Crank Brothers Candy Lace Shoes - Their Most Performance Shoe Yet!

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Earlier this year, Crank Brothers extended their shoe lineup with the Mallet Trail shoes, this goes along with their match theory about matching the shoe to their pedal. Now to round out the line of shoes, the Crank Brothers Candy Shoes are here to match with the Candy pedal. The Candy Lace Shoe is the slimmest shoe Crank Brothers have made and as you would guess, is designed to be very cross-country like the candy pedal. The slim profile, less padding, and stiffer shank leads to a performance-oriented shoe that balances all-day comfort as well. One thing to note is the Candy shoe does not come with Crank Brothers cleats like the rest of the Crank Brothers shoe line. 

Crank Brothers Candy Lace Shoes


Being only 1 model, the Candy Lace has a simple silhouette that can be at home on a cross-country mountain bike or a gravel bike, or anything you really feel you want to ride it on. I've been mostly riding it as a cross country or gravel shoe and really liking it for this style of riding. 



  • Match Compound - Durable mid-friction MC1 rubber compound allows for easy pedal entry and exit.
  • Match Outsole - Full-rubber outsole and tread pattern is designed for traction off the bike. Directionally angled and spaced toe and heel lugs offer traction for hiking up or down steep and terrain. A ramped toe and curved outsole profile to maintain your stride.
  • A stiff, fiber-reinforced nylon shank transfers power efficiently
  • Long central channel for uninterrupted pedal entry and mud shedding
  • Ability to choose optimal cleat position with a 35mm cleat track
  • Mid-foot anti-slip zone if you don’t engage on the pedal
  • Extended rubber tab at the rear for bump protection
  • Suggested cleat shim:
  • Black 1.0mm / Stainless 0.8mm: Mallet Trail, Candy, Double Shot pedals
  • None: Eggbeater, most SPD pedals


  • Designed for adventure and long-distance riding
  • Robust TPU toe protection and heel counter
  • Enhanced breathability via perforations
  • PU film for abrasion resistance and easy cleaning
  • Classic lace closure system, with elastic retention loop to keep things in check
  • EVA insole to absorb shock and vibration
  • Relaxed fit for all-day comfort

Weight: 340g per shoe (Size 9 US / 42 EU)

Price: $159.99 USD

Crank Brothers Candy Lace Shoes 

First Impressions:

We got a first look at the Candy shoe and I've got a few rides in the shoe. My first impression is the shank was stiffer than I thought it might have been, which I think is a good thing overall. With a shoe like this you want it to be stiff with just enough flex for comfort and when you have to get off and walk. Fit and immediate comfort were great and fit like the rest of the Crank Brothers shoes, it's pretty spot on for sizing, and fits my foot well. Everyone has a different need in shoe sizing, but I prefer a medium - wide toe box, which feel wide enough for my preference. 

I bolted on my Time Atac cleats as that is the pedal I run, I've had all my Crank Brothers shoes set up for Time pedals for over a year now and the interface works really well together. The Candy shoes are no different, no spacers and bolted on the cleats and I had great contact with the pedal and rubber of the shoe. 

Crank Brothers Candy Lace Shoes


With only a few rides I don't have a full review on the shoes but they are breaking in nicely and will be my go-to cross country shoes for a while. They have a good balance of stiffness and comfort, more comfortable and flexible than my Giro Empire R90 as well as a wider toe box which feels great on long days when your feet swell. The rubber also seems soft enough to get traction while walking on hike-a-bike sections and I like that it covers the entire bottom of the shoe. Of course that comes with a bit of weight but these are all day riding shoes, not race day only shoes. The full rubber helps for walking as well as when you unclip and need to get the foot back on the pedal, the added rubber helps keep you in control. 

Worldwide’s Final Thoughts:

We are stoked to see Crank Brothers introduce the Candy Lace Shoes to pair with their Candy pedal, completing their shoe lineup aimed at matching footwear with specific pedals. The Candy Lace Shoes feature a slim design tailored for cross-country and gravel riding, emphasizing performance with a stiff shank for efficient power transfer and all-day comfort. Constructed with durable materials, the shoes boast robust TPU toe protection, enhanced breathability, and classic lace closure system. Initial impressions highlight their comfortable fit and compatibility with various pedal systems. With a weight of 340g per shoe and a price of $159.99 USD, the Candy Lace Shoes offer a balance of stiffness, comfort, and traction for extended riding sessions.

Crank Brothers Candy Lace Shoes

April 15, 2024

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