TRP G-Spec Quadiem Brakes: Customer Review

Of course, brakes are a very important component on any bike setup. Yes, most any brake will work but how they "feel" is just as important as how much stopping power it has. One of our valued customers Cordell Carrier shares what he thinks of the TRP G-Spec Quadiums brakes he picked up. Check it out! 

TRP G-Spec Quadiem Brakes customer review


I recently upgraded the brakes on my Yeti SB6C to TRP G-Spec Quadiums with TRP-29 rotors. I'm running a 203mm front and 180mm rear. I’ve had the opportunity to try them out in some very steep terrain. Here are my thoughts. The quality is equal to the Shimano XTR trail brakes they replaced. Installation was very straightforward although I did have to bleed the rear brake after routing it through my frame. My Shimano bleed kit worked perfectly. After bedding in the pads, I took my bike to Bailey Mountain Bike Park in Marshall, NC.

TRP G-Spec Quadiem Brakes customer review
The first thing I noticed about the TRP G-spec Quadiums was the modulation. I had way more control over my bike than I did with the XTR’s. What used to be like turning on and off a light switch has now become as smooth as silk. No more locking the back wheel on steep descents. The next thing I noticed was how much power they had! If you need to stop in a hurry just squeeze harder, I had zero issues with fading even after 15 bike park laps.

Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend TRP G-spec Quadiums enough. They are hands down the best brakes I have ever used. They look amazing, feel amazing, and work even better.

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November 01, 2018

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