Fox Racing Proframe Helmet: Rider Review

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While there are a few things on your mountain bike you can be conservative with, protective gear shouldn't be one of them. You only have one brain so it's a good idea to get quality protection for your noggin. Our friend Karli tells us about the Fox Proframe Full Face helmet. Check it out!

Fox Proframe Hekmet Rider Review

I got the Fox Proframe helmet because it is so lightweight, has a breathable design, and the matte black looks really clean and sharp. It comes with different sized pads so you can get a better fit. Since they are removable, it makes it easy to wash them as well. The buckle on the helmet is really convenient because you can clip it together with one hand because it’s magnetic.

Fox Proframe Helmet Rider Review

One thing I think is worth acknowledging is that the Fox visor is not a flat surface, so it doesn’t fit a GoPro mount very well unless the mount is off-centered. I also wish that there was an adjustable tightener to get a tighter fit around your head, rather than just on your cheeks, which is what the removable pads do well.

Fox Proframe Helmet Rider Review
Final Thoughts

For anyone with long hair, you might get caught up in the cheek pads since they’re removable. I haven’t figured out how to avoid this yet. I wear my hair in braids and they still get caught.

Fox Proframe Helmet Rider Review CTA

October 15, 2019

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