DVO Topaz Air Shock: Rider Review

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DVO may be young in the eyes of the bike industry but their engineering comes from the minds of veterans. This is why they have maintained a standing at the peak level of suspension alongside Fox and RockShox. Many riders, including Avery, have jumped on the bandwagon and are not at all disappointed in the results. Let's see what he has to say about the DVO Topaz Air Rear Shock

DVO Topaz Air Rear Shock Review

Avery's Review

I’ve always been into getting my suspension dialed to the best it can be with the bikes I’ve purchased. I’ve only purchased one other shock before the DVO Topaz. I’ve always just used what came with the bike. I wasn’t too happy with the shock that came on my YT Jeffsy and after debating for a little while to purchase a new one I finally bought the Topaz. I did my research and considered a few options but after reading and hearing good things about DVO and the Topaz I decided to go with that one, plus the price point on it was better than the others.

DVO Topaz Air Rear Shock Review

First off I was happy with the purchasing experience and the delivery time of the shock. It came in a nice case that also came with a shock pump “ nice touch “. The process of installing it on my bike was pretty hassle-free as well. The looks of the Topaz right away showed it was of good quality with great craftsmanship. I was really anxious to get it installed to see what it was all about.

DVO Topaz Air Rear Shock Review

Once it was on my bike and I got the sag where I needed it I could feel the difference right away from my previous shock with how supple and smooth it felt. I knew this shock had more adjustability than my previous one so I anticipated the first ride to see how it felt on the trail. This shock also has a bladder you can add or subtract air from so I made sure I had the minimum recommend pressure there as well before heading out. Right away I could tell a big difference with how sensitive the Topaz felt. The bike felt like it climbed better and it definitely felt like it handled the rough stuff a lot better and more composed. The shock does have a 3-way compression lever but I’ve never felt the need to mess with it, I’ve left the shock in its open position so far.


"My final impressions of the Topaz is the shock is a major improvement over my previous shock. I’m really happy with the performance of the Topaz and I’m very impressed so far with the quality and just how the shock feels and how it’s enhanced the feeling of my bike. I would highly recommend this shock to anyone in the market looking to upgrade or replace there existing shock." - Avery Patterson

DVO Topaz Air Rear Shock Review

October 14, 2019

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