Manitou Markhor Fork: Rider Review

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Upgrading the fork on any bike can make a world of a difference. Have an old fork with a coil spring? A new air fork can make that thing ride buttery smooth. How about upgrading from a Fox 34 to a Fox 36 with a GRIP2 damper? That would make any ride feel like a dream. Our friend, Mark Kroenke, recently put a suspension fork on a previously full rigid frame. Check out his review below!


It was late on a Saturday night, and I'm cruising around the internet. I had recently purchased a single speed mountain bike on craigslist. It was fast, quiet, and super fun to ride. However, it had no suspension whatsoever and coming downhill on any kind of dirt trail was brutal. Somehow, through the magic of google, I stumble across Worldwide Cyclery.

I like Manitou forks because I believe in physics and the superiority of their reverse arch design. I filter based on that and find this Manitou fork that looks pretty sweet. It's has an orange "M" on it that I thought would complement the color of my bike nicely. It's called "Markhor" and my name is Mark. 10% off if I order now? Clearly the universe wants me to have this.

Manitou Markhor Rider Review Fork

Installation and Performance

I had never swapped out a fork before but with a little help from YouTube and a moderate amount of cursing, I got it done. When I got back on the bike, it put a big smile on my face. This bike that used to give a rigid, bumpy ride on anything but the asphalt was now gliding over obstacles like a gazelle. The Markhor fork turned this old single-speed into my favorite bike to ride.

Favorite Features

The main feature of the fork is this "Kwik Toggle" switch which I use often. If I'm climbing, I'll reach down and reduce the travel so that less of my pedaling energy is being absorbed by the fork. When I get to the top, I just flip it the other way and it's right back to 120 mm of travel. Another really superficial feature of this fork, but one that I did use, is that it comes with a second set of decals. I found that the orange "M" was actually just a few shades darker than my bike, so instead of being constantly annoyed by the chromatic dissonance, I took the orange M off and replaced it with a nice gray one. Now it looks beautiful.

Final Thought

Overall, this fork rejuvenated my bike and made it much more fun to ride. It's well-built, pretty easy to install, and looks really nice.

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October 16, 2019

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