Best of 2023: MTB Parts, Bikes, Tools & More - All Categories Ranked by Sales [Video]

2023 was quite a year, filled with tons of smiles, epic rides and unforgettable memories. Here at WC, we can't imagine what life would be like without our bikes. Speaking of bikes, tune in as we present to you the top mountain bike parts, accessories and bikes from 2023.

- Drivetrain -


This year we broke the Drivetrain category into two parts - the groupset category and an individual drivetrain component category. We saw some awesome innovation in this category this year with the SRAM Transmission coming to market. Having been adopted by thousands of riders across the globe, we've come to love it in all its guises. We also made this video of Trevor jumping and kicking the derailleur and it proceeded to shift like it was right out of the box. Here's the top groupsets and drivetrain components of 2023:


  1. SRAM GX T-Type Eagle Transmission Groupset
  2. SRAM NX/GX Eagle Groupset
  3. SRAM GX Eagle AXS Drivetrain Upgrade Kit
  4. SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed Groupset
  5. SRAM X0 T-Type Eagle Transmission Groupset



  1. Shimano XT CN-M8100 Chain
  2. 5Dev R-Spec RaceTrail/Enduro Crankset
  3. e*thirteen Helix Race Cassette
  4. RaceFace Turbine Crankset
  5. Cane Creek eeWings Crank Preloader

- Grips -


The grip category has some familiar faces that some of you may recognize from our list last year. One thing's for certain, we're absolutely thrilled with how much people have been loving the Trail One Hell's Gate grips. Years ago we set out with a goal to create components we love to ride, and it is very rewarding to see so many riders love the components we've created as well. Check out our list for the top grips of 2023, chosen by the hands of riders like you.


  1. Trail One Components Hell's Gate Grips
  2. ODI Elite Pro Grips
  3. Ergon GE1 Evo Factory Grips
  4. ODI Rogue
  5. PNW Loam Grip XL

- Tires -


Similar to the Drivetrain category, we decided to break this category into two separate categories since Maxxis is such a dominating force in the segment and it would be a best of the best Maxxis highlight reel if we didn't. It's awesome to see so many other tire brands get some love, and it seems like there's at least one tire out there for everyone and their specific demands and conditions. We don't have any new players in the game this year, but we are stoked to see some other brands shake up the space.


  1. Maxxis Minion DHR II
  2. Maxxis Dissector
  3. Maxxis Assegai
  4. Maxxis Forekaster
  5. Maxxis Rekon Tire


Non- Maxxis Tires: 

  1. Schwalbe Nobby Nic
  2. Continental Kryptotal Front
  3. Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line
  4. Vittoria Barzo
  5. Teravail Honcho

- Handlebars -


Handlebars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and what works for some won't work for others. Evaluating the handlebar category is very interesting because it shows the trends in what people prefer when it comes to rise, sweep, material and even the design. Some of these variations and their popularity may even shock you and make you reevaluate your priorities.


  1. OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar
  2. Trail One Components The Crockett Carbon Handlebar 35mm
  3. Trail One Components The Crockett Alloy Handlebar 35mm Diameter - 35mm Rise

  4. Spank Spoon 40 Handlebar 31.8 Clamp 785mm wide 40mm Rise
  5. Title MTB AH1 Bars 35 Clamp - 25mm Rise

- Wheels -


Wheels. They are round, they roll, they usually have something resembling spokes and are wrapped in a rubber thing called a tire. Mountain bike wheels come in all sorts of sizes and flavors, and they are one of the best upgrades you can get for your bike. Whether it's carbon, aluminum, or even made with spokes that look like dental floss, there's a wheel out there to change your ride and make your bike ride exactly how you want it to.


  1. Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Wheelset
  2. Industry Nine 1/1 Enduro S Wheelset
  3. Berd Hawk27 Wheelset
  4. Reserve Wheels Reserve 28 XC Wheelset
  5. DT Swiss E 1900 

- Dropper Seatposts -

Dropper Posts

Talk about a product that's revolutionized the mountain bike world as we know it. It's hard to say that mountain bikes would be where they are today without the invention of this noble product. They would certainly not be as fun, that's for sure. This year saw some innovations with the introduction of the TransX electronic dropper post that brings accessible electronic dropper posts to more people. With that said, the usual suspects made their way onto this list this year. 

Dropper Posts: 

  1. OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post
  2. FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post
  3. RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper Seatpost
  4. PNW Loam Dropper Post
  5. Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost

- Dropper Seatpost Remotes -

Dropper Post Remotes

Dropper Posts need remotes (as we call them) and the number of quality remotes seems to grow every year. Wolf Tooth introduced a new lever this year called the ReMote Pro, and PNW dropped their V2 Loam lever in late '22. It seems like splitting hairs when these were already considered some of the best remotes in the world, yet even the best can find room for improvement I suppose. 

Dropper Post Remotes: 

  1. Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action
  2. Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro
  3. FOX Transfer
  4. PNW Loam Lever V2
  5. OneUp Components Remote V2

- Brakes -


Brakes - who needs them? They just slow you down. Truer words have never been spoken. In all seriousness, everybody needs a set of brakes unless you are this insane guy who rode Whistler bike park's infamous Dirt Merchant without them. Powerful brakes allow you to slow down in an instant and allow you to carry more speed throughout the trail - they are all over the place theses days, and the options on the market are abundant. 


  2. Shimano Deore XT 4 Piston
  3. Magura MT5
  4. SRAM G2 RSC
  5. SRAM Code Ultimate

- Saddles -


Different strokes for different folks as they say, and saddles are certainly one of those products that falls into this category. As we've said when it comes to handlebars, the same can be said for saddles: what works for some most definitely won't work for others. Finding the right saddle can be a painstaking process of trial and error, however, one time we did bring saddle expert Jonathan Lee into one of our videos and he generously gave us all some tips on how to find the perfect perch for our collective buttockses. With that said, here are some of the most popular saddles we sold in 2023.


  1. Ergon SM Pro
  2. WTB Volt
  3. Title MTB JS1
  4. WTB Silverado
  5. DEITY Speedtrap

- Pedals -


This year we decided to create a separate category for both flat pedals and clipless pedals since we saw such an overwhelming majority of flat pedals on the list last year and not a single clipless pedal. We're here to serve the mountain bikers of the world with our vast knowledge on all things MTB and just offering one category of pedals just doesn't seem to do them justice. Here are the top pedals, both flat and clipless, of 2023.


  1. OneUp Components Composite
  2. Trail One Components Vortex Pedals Composite
  3. DEITY Deftrap Composite
  4. Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Composite
  5. PNW Range Composite

Clipless Pedals


  1. Shimano XT M8120
  2. Xpedo M-Force 8 Ti
  3. Crank Brothers Mallet Trail
  4. Time SPECIALE 8
  5. Crank Brothers Mallet Enduro

- Forks -


Forks are one of the most fun upgrades to a bike in my opinion. It not only can completely change the look and feel of the bike, but it can transform a bike from something that is bone shaking and downright suicidal to something that can tackle the gnarliest of terrain and provide you with the confidence to ride any trail. Forks are another category that's extremely interesting to evaluate since they vary from bike to bike and what's popular can indicate the popularity of certain segments. Let's spring into action and check out the best selling forks of 2023.


  1. FOX 34 Step-Cast Factory Suspension Fork
  2. RockShox Recon Silver RL Suspension Fork
  3. FOX 36 Factory Suspension Fork
  4. FOX 38 Factory Suspension Fork
  5. RockShox ZEB Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 Suspension Fork

- Rear Shocks -

Rear Shocks

Like with forks, rear shocks can completely transform your bike and create a bike that's both capable on the downhills and supportive on the climbs. Shock technology has improved drastically in recent years, allowing us to have the best suspension performance that we've ever experienced in our lifetimes. It used to be nearly unfathomable to have a shock that's worthy of punishment on the harshest downhill tracks yet also able to propel you smoothly and efficiently to the top of the climb, and now we have them in spades. Plus, there's nothing like bouncing up and down on a bike with a sweet shock in the bike shop showroom.

Rear Shocks: 

  1. RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RC2T
  2. FOX FLOAT X Factory Rear Shock
  3. RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RC2T Coil Rear Shock
  4. FOX FLOAT Factory
  5. FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock

- Maintenance -


Most of us here at the shop enjoy working on our own bikes, and the proper set of tools makes all the difference. Just thinking of cheap harbor freight hex keys marring up your beautiful anodized pivot bolts just makes us cringe and throw up in our mouths a little bit. That's exactly why the quality of your tools should at least equal the quality of your bike - a nice bike deserves to be worked on with quality tools. Speaking of tools, lets check out the most popular tools and maintenance items of 2023. 


  1. Park Tool AK-5 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit
  2. Wera Bicycle Set 3 Screwdriver Tool Set - 41 Pieces
  3. Wera Bicycle Set 4 Hex and Torx L-Key Wrench Set
  4. Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit
  5. Pedro's Burrito Tool Wrap

- Missile Anus -


Miscellaneous, missile anus, same thing. To us, this simple yet elegant term means a variety of things, yet for this particular instance we're referring to random bike parts that didn't exactly fit into one single category.  From fenders to valve stems and everything in between, feast your eyes on the top sellers in the missile anus category.

Missile Anus: 

  1. FOX Mudguard XL Fork Fender - 36/38
  2. Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Tire Sealant - 32oz
  3. SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger
  4. SRAM Crank Arm Boots
  5.  Trail One Components Tubeless Valve Stem V2

- Bikes -


We decided that since we were already compiling a list of the most popular products in the mountain bike world, it would make sense to include a list of the most popular mountain bikes (and ebikes) that we sell here at Worldwide Cyclery. It's always interesting to see what the most popular bikes are, and what kind of bikes people have been gravitating towards lately. It's pretty apparent that the mid-travel mountain bike is the most popular, yet we won't spoil the list for you! Check it out.


  1. Yeti SB140
  2. Yeti ARC
  3. Revel Rascal
  4. Banshee Paradox
  5. Revel Rail 29
  6. Forbidden Dreadnought



  1. Yeti 160E
  2. Forestal Siryon
  3. Crestline RS 75/50

- Overall Best Selling Products of the Year -

 Worldwide Cyclery

Top Products of the Year: 

  1. SRAM Code Disc Brake Pads
  2. SRAM GX Eagle Chain
  3. FOX Factory Rebuild Kit for Float Rear Shocks
  4. DT Swiss 54t Ratchet Kit

 - Last But Not Least... The Loneliest Product of Them All... -


Wolf Tooth Components Lindarets GoatLink Shimano Direct Mount Derailleur Adaptor

If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the video above, continue reading below!

Another year has gone by and mountain bikers have bought a lot of things we have shipped out over 250,000 products this year and in this video we're going to recap all of the absolute best mountain bike products abound in every single possible category yes but before we jump into the categories let us know your best mountain bike related purchase of the Year down in the comments below we are curious about that we are and as for categories drivetrain grips tires handlebars Wheels dropper post and levers brakes Saddles pedals nless and flat suspension tools and maintenance missile anus m i s s l e- a n u s and bikes and E bikes and ebikes and E Bikes let's do it let's do

it this yeah drivetrain which is broken out into group sets and other drivetrain components not made by Shram why is that so funny it is funny Shram dominated and as you might imagine dominated basically all of the drivetrain stuff at least the group sets speaking of which the number one bestselling group set the GX ttype Eagle Transmission group set that had 165 mil cranks it turns out people are enjoying the shorter cranks indeed I I do myself me too you have 165 cranks on your bike right now of course yeah I got 170 still M or not on my Banshee those are 165 kind of an OG there aren't you yeah I guess so number two samam NX GX Eagle group set GX shifter and derailer and an NX 11 to 50 cassette that is a very popular group set the reason that's popular is because it's quite affordable for how good it is and that NX cassette fits on a shano freehub body that's right which is pretty cool because then you don't need the special samam freehub body if you don't already have one great upgrade number three GX Eagle access upgrade kit o the non-transmission ttype one so if you don't have udh there you go which I guess transmission came out this year so it's not perfectly Apples to Apples it won theame but uh it didn't exist the whole year but yeah t type came in and came in swinging for people with UD com and hot GX Eagle 12-speed group set 10 to 52 cassette so that's just a non access just a regular old GX Mechanical group set G mechanical sliding in right there at number four mhmh and least but not last in number five the EXO T type oh yeah I love the EXO type this is what I have on my forbidden druid V2 with my 165 mil cranks M mhm yep it's the bougie high-end premium level T type drivet train if you have udh that's the one you want but not the bougiest that's true I guess they say the exot type is made for kind of the more Burly Enduro es rides and then they have the XX and XXL oh that's that's what I'm talking about the CR de la as you'd say those were the CRM de la other driet train components of note that are really important that we're top sellers that are not Ram which is important to notice is the shiman XT chain 12sp speed yeah you do got to CH nice cool blue box you do need a chain the five Dev rspec cranks ooh those are awfully pretty some of the most gorgeous and unique made in San Diego California CNC machine cranks that have hit the market when did those come out wasn't this year right I believe those were in the video last year but I could be totally wrong could have been 202 2ish I mean they're fairly new fairly new they've been around new to the scene yeah e13 helix race cassette o yeah that's a nice alternative to a sham branded cassette right there XD driver compatible and why would somebody buy an E3 cassette versus a ram cassette because not only is it lightweight but it's a great price and the nin Toth Cog oh and the ninet Toth Cog mhm duh it's all about the range so e13 and some other brands like Leonardi and who else makes a N9 to Cog on their cassette it's kind of just e13 is kind of yeah iconic for it but they make a nine- to small Cog um so if you go a 9 to 42 you have a pretty massive range compared to saram which would be a 10 to 52 um just different unique options including the nin to so if you want a unique cassette setup in a specific gear ratio e13 is good to look at true absolutely but you know what we got next that Race Face turbine crank set and you know I got to say when they redid these they did a really great job and this is one of I think the best bang for your buck cranks out there that looks like it costs way more than it does it's a good point right I mean this looks it looks way more premium and bougie in highend and kind of really is than you would think when you see the price mhm well priced and that's what we want done Race Face we want in the bike industry it want have looked expensive but not be that expensive iess you could say that least but not last Le but not last the King Creek preloader and not only does this work for Ewings but there is a little adapter guy in there so you can use this on your Shram dub cranks as well and I guess any cinch crank because that's 30 mm as well as Ewings yeah works on a lot of different cranks other than just the K Creek cranks which is pretty cool because most of the stock ones are just boring black sometimes even plastic this one is beautiful and comes in multiple different colors and just adds a nice little high-end touch to that bottom bracket spindle area of your bike mhm premium yep and that concludes the drivetrain category you know man I noticed it's been a little crazy lately I just figured it' help for you to get a grip the grips category what you actually put your hands on from fifth best selling to the first grips from worst to best well it's not the worst if they're the top five bestselling grip of the whole year it's not worst the best but you get the point we're going 5 to one instead of 1 to five we meant to do that the first time but we messed up so now we're doing 5 to one in number five as you can see on screen now the PMW LOM grips in XL wow that's a great grip give some context um well initially PMW came out with the LOM mhm and uh people loved it so much and some were saying I want a bigger version I want a bigger version so they came out with a bigger version bit of a thin grip and so they came out with bigger version they called it LOM XL yeah a little bit thicker a little bit bigger diameter yeah number four number four the ODI Rogue and uh this is a very popular OG grip you know it is as OG as it gets I remember I mean that's obviously a lock on version which isn't necessarily that OG because the non-lock on version I remember having on my BMX bike 20 years ago jeez you just aged yourself there I know I really did but when I was a kid BMX that was an important popular grip and it still is in the mountain bike world when you put the hairspray on the handlebars and stuff and yeah luckily those days are gone bit of a thicker cushier nice comfortable grip yeah it is cushiony and thicky next grip the number three grip that's the uron ge1 and uh these are actually pretty cool pretty cool grips they come in a bunch of different colors actually um and not only that they kind of have a nice like different angle so it's better for your wrists a unique taper you can say yeah a unique taper yeah uron has been in the top 10 selling grips ever since we started worldwide Cyclery 12 years ago um they've got a bunch of unique models especially ones that have different little flanges and shapes that are ergonomic that help with uh different types of hand and wrist pain and arm and elbow pain so if you have any of those things absolutely look to ergon and even if you don't have those things they still make fantastic grips and I've been making fantastic grips and saddles for longer than I can remember they do they do make great products it's good stuff number two number two ODI elite pro the most popular ODI grip that we sell wow good simple clean nice super nice uh clean what do you call these the raised metacarpal tensioners cushions cushioners tensioners that's opposite what we're looking for yeah awesome grip that you can't go wrong with awesome super awesome grip but number one the number one grip and we are very proud to say it is the very own trail skate the trail skate name wrong trail one hell skate uh Trail one if you don't already know this worldwide Cyclery and our crew here is a co-founder of that brand and we work with some Engineers over there and have built a range of mountain bike products including the grips which is kind of the flagship product and they came out super nice the idea was to just take all of the best scripts that we've ever used and take unique attributes of all of them and meld them into one amazing unique grip of our own it's slightly on the thicker side which we also have a farow gap grip which is kind of a thinner version that still keeps the same things of course worldwide Cyclery has done a good job selling the trail one grips because we talk about them probably a little bit more than the others however people do love them they're actually fantastic grips and we've sold thousands of them Trail one is a brand that gives back to Trail networks so this product in particular hellsgate is a trail Network in Kenya and every uh every pair of grips sold $1 it goes directly to that trail Network in Kenya and and that's the same with all the trail one products it's all about building amazing mountain bike products that support the sport we love and the trail builders that build the trails that we ride and the box has a whole little story and map of Kenya and tells you all about that right there but very cool fantastic nice grip funny enough when we made this grip Jared's like I don't know it's just a little too thick I kind of like thin grips and he was one of the big reasons where we put in a lot of effort and decided to make a slightly thinner grip which is the far low gap once far little Gap came out here like well I actually love the he gate now like that's I can't get off of it like I don't want to ride a thing grip anymore cuz I realized this thicker grips a little bit better yeah so long story short uh if you like the farla gaps grips uh you're welcome because he made them specifically for me and me only so you're welcome also grips are a lowcost product and it's always good to try different ones cuz you never know which one you're going to fall in love with and really enjoy so definitely something to play around with especially if you've just you know aren't perfectly satisfied with your current CPS right now when it comes to arm pump or wrist pain or whatever else so try different stuff just like tires yeah GPS and tires fun to play around and change to try different ones yeah get a grip you're getting hot too just not saying anything I'm not hot nor am I tired and this category is tires which is a very important category the top sellers for this whole year and as you might imagine since Maxis is such a dominant brand we decided to just break this into two here are the top five tires from Maxis which are actually the top five of all tires and then we gave you the top five tires that are not Maxes which is also very relevant so starting with Maxis in the number five position Recon baby Maxis Recon a fantastic fast rolling rear tire for any of your cross country or trail bikes mhm or front tire for your cross country that's true yeah y that's right you can which brings us to the number the number four tire yeah the number four tire forecaster excellent front tire the forecaster the foraster I have been more impressed with this tire than any Tire I have been in a long time no way um and just maybe any mountain bike part in a long time to be to be honest not to be confused with the old forecaster not to be confused with the old forecaster so it's a new version of the forecaster and uh I don't know I wasn't all that psyched about it when it came out just kind of like making my assumptions on the tread pattern but after I wrote it I was hooked I was gripped I was tractioned out you were you were gripped and even now you you just changed to ride on one of your bikes I'm super impressed by this tire as well actually yeah yeah if you have a trail bike and you want a fast rolling front tire that actually still grips unbelievably well the forecaster is dialed it's also just really predictable the way that the knobs curve around the the way that the tire rolls it just always feels the same which is pretty nice totally I 100% agree super in like in love with that tire to be honest another fantastic front tire but more for your uh you know Enduro or perhaps Trail or downhill bike the one and only as Guy the one and only as guy co-developed with world famous professional mount bike racer Greg Manar Greg man uh amazing Tire unbelievably grippy probably the grippiest tire I've ever ridden um it's not quite as fast rolling or as lightweight as the last two that we just mentioned or some of the other tires but if you're going for absolutely the most possible traction and that is your key goal I don't think anything beats the ass guy mm there are some that are close that we'll mention that's true but you know it's it's truly in a league of its own it's truly in a league of its own the number two spot the dice sector the dissector another collaborative Tire with Troy broen Troy broen Troy B another Maxis works with a lot of professional downhill athletes to develop unique tread patterns um this one in particular is I don't know it's kind of so to be honest I used to run that as a front tire a lot and a Recon in the back now I run the forecaster and the Recon so I don't use the dissector anymore yeah so if you're currently on a diss sector might I say try the forecaster yeah this is actually a great rear tire to pair with an asy um which I found it's actually a nice fast rolling rear tire that still has pretty good uh traction while climbing um whereas you know it's going to be a faster rolling tire than like an aggressor or dhr2 yeah indeed valid valid point thanks he obviously he rides more end Dural bikes and I ride more light trail bikes as you can tell by that advice yeah the number one spot of all tires and of Maxis of course dhr2 the legend in the flesh it is a Legend um that's an amazing Tire you can run it on the front or on the back um on pretty much any bike it has a ton of traction it's clears mud really well which is something I love about the dhr2 um I did a trip in New Zealand in 2019 and when I thought about what do I want for a tire setup I thought I just I don't really know there's going to be dry spots there's going to be muddy spots um could be rainy one day it could be I have no idea like dhr2 hands down um it just clears mud well it works great in the dry as well I mean it's it's just like an allaround Beast of a useful versatile Tire totally so super solid yeah yeah you said it that's the way to go that's the way to go all right and non- Maxis tires which are important bottom up that's right terel honcho the honcho honcho honcho if you are someone looking for really unique tires in terms of you're demanding a unique size or setup or curvature or tread patterned or use case travl is a very underrated sort of under the radar brand that makes some really really nice tires that work actually incredibly well especially on the gravel bike side of thing but also on the mountain bike side of thing totally honcho honcho head honcho um this is a super solid Tire I actually don't have a lot of experience with this one but um I ran the kessle and the Warwick which are that's actually a great combo too from from trille right there yeah terville is one of those Brands you don't see out on the trails every day but uh every time you do meet someone with one they'll Rave about how good it is and how it fits the exact use case and terrain and what they need it for which is pretty cool that Victoria Tire the Victoria Baro this is a super fast Cross Country Tire I actually ran this on S SP 100 um little while back Yeti sp00 100 mm travel 29er sort of a fast lightweight trail bike yeah Yeti s 100 fast lightweight 29er not everyone just knows what they mean when you just go you want SP 100 I read this on my sp100 a while back and it was a pretty actually a super fast Tire um that is actually really good for a ton of different riding and the only time I really found like I was ever exceeding its capabilities was on super fast loose steep stuff which is not really what this is for so yeah it's like Oh you mean and every other Cross Country Tire that's lightweight and fast rolling exactly but yeah uh I was super impressed by the level of grip um and speed that this thing provided super great Tire yeah killer Cross Country Tire if you're going for speed W killer Cross Country Tire ooh and Continental which one no I didn't yeah number three dude oh shoot never mind scratch that come on bro Mich wild and duro how do you forget about this wild and duro dude it's wild man you know who runs these Sam Hill yeah dude that's what I was going to say one of the greatest Mal bikers of all time uh Sam Hill Australian man uh he's won a bunch of I guess it's a different they call it different now but when he was winning him it was called ews Enduro World Series the fastest Enduro racers in the world all over the place and he was riding these tires and model and yeah that's a killer TI heard a lot of good things about these yeah melin's definitely another one of those tire brands that is a lot bigger in Europe and not as big in North America but probably should be but they just haven't figured out the distribution quite yet one day okay now now you know where you were so hot to trot earlier I was really excited we're talking Continental cryptol baby and this is the tire I was alluding to earlier when I said this could hold a candle to the a guy because when I rode the these in Sedona when we were there for the Sedona mountain bike Festival in March I could not believe the amount of traction on this soft compound unfortunately it's only on the downhill casing right now um and so hopefully that comes on to the other casing options in the future but what a tire yeah I think I had the zls on my zins uh Continental we are not exactly sure what's up with the naming convention cryptol zotol argol sounds like prescription drugs if you have a bowel disorder but um the tires are absolutely unbelievable where these really came on the map for me is you know they came out everyone's like oh the tread pattern looks good you heard little rumors they were working really well I was at the Snowshoe downhill World Cup mountain bike race uh last year 2022 September and two of the Riders on the prom men's Podium were on Continental tires and that really that was like the spark that people were like wo Continental is on the map in a big way and yeah they've continued to do that so if you really looking for something that is extremely competitive if arguably better there to the the dominant king of Maxis um look into those three new models from Continental they don't have them in as many casings and compounds and stuff as as Maxis has all of their tires in but they'll get there and they're just incredible tires that are absolutely worth trying and taking a look at yeah agreed super impressed by this one oh my gosh the number one non- Maxis Tire the V Nai nick uh most people in North America call it schabbi but uh it's a German brand right yeah anyways we we've pronounced it schi many times we have podcast fans and YouTube fans all over the world many of which are in Germany that tell us that's not how you pronounce it no and uh one gentleman even sent us a voice memo on Instagram with a voice recording of how you pronounce it it's like schw schw schab schw is it Schwab oh maybe it was Schwab I don't even remember now that could work anyways if you're in North America call Schwab Nai Nick is the tire um Schwab makes a lot of good stuff and that's the most popular one um great Trail Tire yeah it really is another like all around versatile tirei definitely has lightweight tires um when you compare them to a lot of other brands and stuff so they pretty much always seem to work good with mud and they're always lightweight all the sh speaking of uh casings and compounds and variations they have more of those than you could ever really figure out it's it's honestly astonishing

but speaking of that if any of these products really interest and Intrigue you uh link below in the video description that has a whole massive article of all of these and you can click on the hyperlinks and see the exact specific variant Andor skew stock keeping unit of the particular ones of all of this top selling stuff so if you really want to dig into the details of all these products hit the link below in the video description and you learn something new every day I didn't know that excuse did for that stock keeping unit yeah you know what up stands for Universal product code or unique product code I don't know maybe unique unique makes more s you know what Ean stands for no European article number oh that's why I didn't knows cuz European next category next category handle bu handle bars another very important product you'll put on your mountain bike that you'll probably chop some length off of jeez in the number five spot we have the title MTB ah1 bars uh which were so good selling you can just see an image of them now and we don't actually have them in person yeah title makes a bunch of amazing slope style products yeah slop style but you want to know what's crazy is that the bestselling bar was Chrome yeah people love Chrome handlebars people love Chrome never seen interesting yeah yeah title has unique colors and different parts and it's kind of like dirt jump free ride slope style esque because one of the founders is Brett reer which in my opinion is probably one of the most in the top three most talented humans on a mountain bike to ever live MH would you agree yeah yeah all right cool yeah in the number four spot spank spoon 40 spank spoon 40 m rise I think this is such a top selling bar because it's one of the few bars that comes in a 40 mm Rise um if you're wondering why people would be so interested in 40mm rise bars we have an entire YouTube video All About high-rise mountain bike bars and why they have grown in popularity and why they're useful and why people like them and we go way more in depth about how it changes your body position and in the use cases you would want a highrise bar first versus a lowrise bar um anyways spank spoon 40 m rise bars spake makes a bunch of cool nice Parts but they also make some unique handlebars including a 40 mil rise bar that people seem to love also 31.8 diameter mhm spank spoon number four but number three we've got Trail one alloy yeah it's a Crockett alloy bar oh it's that one it's this one um I already gave you the spiel about Trail one uh handlebars are Crockett which is Crockett Hills Regional Park in California which is the trail Network that's donated to in those bars or purchased really dialed in alloy bar at a really good price point with good qualities and it's one of the few alloy bars if not the only alloy bar that has in my opinion the right clamp and Rise options and the right uh uh the right upsweep and back sweep options at an alloy price point so if you're looking for some specific stuff if you want if you want the exact specs of a Carbon Bar of the high-end carbon bars but in an alloy bar we didn't we didn't just reserve it for the Carbon Bar an alloy as well wow um the number two spot is the carbon version of the trail one Crockett bar oh yeah man have I learned a lot about handlebars in the last few years and we put a mountain of effort and time into sort of fine-tuning exactly what that bar should be not just myself there's a lot of other people that have opinions and work on the trail one product um but yeah man I learned a lot about handlebars and the Crockett carbon bars are fantastic I think the most beautiful balance between stiffness and compliance and vibration damping and all the right specs in terms of Rise sweeps and bar clamp diameters things like that the reason I know so much about handlebars you ride mountain bikes no because remember the video the video video duh you rode that bike and tested five handlebars back to back on the same Trail on the same bike yeah who does that so our number our number one best-selling bar um and it's an amazing handlebar which is right here um the 1ep carbon bars uh they have a really unique and novel design that allows them to have lateral stiffness but yet vertical compliance it was one of the first bars ever to come out that offered that in a really unique and patented way oneup has got a bunch of amazing components and those handlebars are pretty iconic for them that video I tested back to back a whole bunch of different handlebars same bike same Trail same setting you just literally rode the trail on those bars swapped them out rode it again learned a ton about how handlebars have different feelings even if they're the same material and same specs um so anyways check out that video but yeah oneup Carbon Bar is still the number one selling bar totally is this guy's crazy I like you but you're crazy Rolling On Wheels wow man it's a huge C category uh we could probably talk about Wheels in different sizes and rims or wheels for different bikes but we're going to do our best to just give you the top five so you know what's up um and of course number five DT Swiss e1900 I guess I shouldn't say of course I meant of course that DT Swiss is in the top five cuz they pretty much always will be and always have been yeah um yeah great solid wheel at a great price DT Swiss is sort of this always reliable Workhorse of a wheel brand if you just want want a great quality wheel that lasts a long time and is incredibly durable you can always rely on DT Swiss it's probably like the most reputable reliable brand and hubs and rims and wheels there is good bearings good good Hardware good everything yep durable number four which you can see on screen now we don't have them here uh the reserve Reserve 28 XC wheel set yeah very surprising this is see that coming cuz yeah Reserve is a newer brand for us this year and they make some fantastic stuff I would have expected their Enduro or downhill Wheels to sneak in but people love the uh 28xz wheel set they really do yeah it's got good specs good looks incredible warranty Reserve is kind of known for the lifetime warranty I think Reserve may have pioneered the lifetime warranty on Carbon wheels which pretty much everyone does now yeah good point but Reserve was the Pioneer there so don't forget that but in number three in the number three spot got the bird Wheels the bird 27 um we have a whole Standalone video on bird bird Wheels because they uh well originally it was just bird spokes right they made this unbelievably unique Chinese finger trap what's it called ult ultra high molecular weight polyethylene I don't know if that's exactly right it is right we okay we have a whole Standalone video on those spokes cuz they're incredibly unique in what they are and they're bendy but yet the wheel is still stiff when it's laced and it's one of the products we talked about a lot over the years on YouTube and on the MTB podcast that we all rode thinking like oh these are going to be Flex these are going to be weak and we all rode them and literally I think myself Jared and Liam and sever the other guys at the shop all actually ride them on our own personal bikes now this is my personal Revel Ranger with these Hawk 27 Wheels with custom decals from sticker incredible stuff so anyways they worked with we1 composits to make their own rim or a couple different rims 27 and the 30 this year and their Wheel sets are killer industry n hubs bird spokes Bird rims um definitely worth looking at if you want some ultra light unique wheels and the number two and the number one spot oh industry 9 yeah which is not surprising industry 9 has been one of our favorite wheel brands for many years now straight out of Asheville North Carolina where a lot of the stuff is manufactured and yeah the 1/1 Enduro s is the number two and then the Hydra Enduro S wheel set 28 spoke is the number one bestselling wheel set wow so people are uh you know clearly willing to pay a little bit more for that premium Hydra Hub yeah I am the same way as you saw my Rebel Ranger that has a Hydra Hub on it uh it has an obscene amount of Engagement in the back what is it like 690 points 690 I that was 628 that's oddly specific I guess so is 690 I don't know it's it's so like on once you get above 100 engagement points it's kind of irrelevant it's instantaneous but um it's they're extremely amazing rear hubs and I probably always will ride them on my bike until further notice um looks and yeah industry 9 used to just make super high-end Flagship stuff and they've expanded their line to make a lot more different wheels of similar quality and different price points and different configurations even for Road and gravel and all the different categories of the mountain bike scene and yeah still a massive player in the mountain bike world so if you want a high-end wheel brand industry 9 is the way to go if you're looking for that CR de CR CR de Z yes could not have put it any better myself that's Wheels if this is you this is the guy told you not to worry about we love dropper posts as mountain bikers because you know really wouldn't be quite as fun if you had to like still stop at the top of every climb and put your seat down like you used to when you were a kid right it's hard to even remember what life was like pre dropper post it is yeah I wouldn't even ride a m bike without dropper post now I'd rather just do something else like go for hike or trail run or kayak or ride dirt bikes yeah anything else necessary part of the game now so the best selling dropper post of 2023 in the number five position position this is actually pretty cool cuz it's different brand for everyone is the bikol revive 2.0 dropper post and the most popular one was 160 mil travel with only a 467 mm length interesting um obviously dropper post one of the big things everyone wants to get the most drop with the least amount of overall length um so they can kind of maximize their bike depends on what bike you have how tall you are all these different variables kind of a complicated part to figure out but anyways bike Yol was one of the first Brands to start making really long length ones with low stacks and yeah self beding self- beding yeah a lot of interesting lot of interesting features that bik Yol got going on a lot of cool features maybe not self- beding cuz there's a bleed screw right there but well bleeding nonetheless self beding is one of those weird things where it's like self bleeding but bleeds but needs to be bed nobody makes me bleed my own blood nobody number four which I think is the alltime winner when it comes to price SLV value to Quality PMW LOM dropper post 150 mil travel so if you have a little bit of a tight budget but still want a really high quality dropper post this is probably your guy or maybe the number one post oh they're a little competitive with each other but this one has really cool little uh fancy Rings here that you can kind of color match your different p&w things and yeah just like a quality nice dropper post from a a good brand run by cool people that that we know uh a couple actually little husband and wife couple up there in the Pacific Northwest what do you know um yeah good stuff PW loone post couldn't put it any better myself number three Rock shocks re axis wow 170 oh my gosh you know what they really need to make a 200 mm Reaver axis maybe they will that's what everybody on the Internet is saying and I agree with them well the reeverb access is a wireless electronic dropper post um so if you have swam access this is kind of the next amazing thing to add to your bike so you have no cable from your dropper post Le and no cable from your shifter because you're just fully Wireless is your bike like that right now nope they are I think it's the most expensive drop post in existence yeah in history I think so ever ever in history ever in history ever um but you get what you pay for it's a good quality post and it's completely wireless um yeah works all with the whole sham access and electronic setup which is pretty cool fantastic but the number two post it's bougie cousin the fox transfer Factory in 175 m travel which you might notice that this is not that uh yeah we couldn't get our hands on that one at the time of filming this because it's sold out that was the most popular one for the year it was the 31675 mil travel same post as this one but just in the longer travel length Bouie fancy Fox high-end kushima that matches your kushima suspension if you have

it and Zen number one also from a brand you've already seen in this video oneup components this is their version two the V two dropper Post in the 210 mil travel 540 mil overall look at that um yeah I think is one of the is the are they the the leader in the pack right now in terms of lowest overall and insertion depth they are one of the I think they're the best now they are one of the best bik then it was oneup then it was bike Yol then it was oneup um anyways oneup has an amazing dropper post that's adjustable it's easily serviceable comes in a multitude of different sizes even though you can adjust it yourself uh has an incredibly low stack and insertion depth yeah really good amazing fantastic high and dropper post and it's also actually not as expensive as some of the other ones that we've mentioned so great price yeah truly good good price to Value which leads us perfectly into our top dropper post remotes and look at that in the number five spot is the oneup lever wow yeah it is a great lever this has been revised a couple times and uh this latest one has a nice little rubberized pad for your thumb little grippy pad The oneup Dropper lover it sits a little bit further under your grip um which some people might like some people might not like um it has an interesting feel because you don't have to move your thumb as far back in order to hit the button like you would have to move your thumb further back to hit your shifter yeah but anyways and it comes with the cable which is pretty cool and housing that is really nice and housing which most posts don't most don't a lot of dropper posts um you can kind of they're sold all a cart in a sense you buy your own lever you can either get the same lever that's matches the brand or you can get a different lever number four anyways PMW LOM V2 ooh yeah LOM V2 PMW is kind of like the first ones to I feel like do the rubberized pad I think so you know albe it with their colors too a bunch of different colors you get bunch of different colors you can get on that little pad so you can color match all your stuff beautifully CNC machined sealed bearing mhm good high quality nice premium dropper lever makes sense why it's one of the top ones yeah it really does especially once you see it and touch it truly and the fox transfer post remote number three which we don't have here so you can see it on screen because it's all sold out and out of stock and number two which is Wolf too remote Pro dude oh the the new big dog in the house kind of uh you know it makes sense I mean this thing they they had a lot of nice little updates that kind of improved it over the last version I mean it's my personal favorite dropper post remote I just love where it sits in terms of similar to the shifter like I mentioned earlier the one up one sits a little under the bar this one sits a little outside closer to the same way the shifter sits which I kind of like that symmetry I just love the little grippy cnced aluminum traction sort of that they have on it and it has a sealed bearing it's silent it's premium I don't know I just got really used to that remote and really enjoy it and it's just like a high-end premium USA made product from a Cool brand so this one I have on literally all of my bikes all the time what lever do you always have uh right now I got the you change it up I got the one up on one bike and then I have the wolf tooth on another bike um how does this live his life like that I got two wolf tooths and one one up you have two different shoes on right now or no you're same shoe well technically one is left and one is right yeah that is true okay well that's that's my that's my remote of choice but the number one but the number one is the wolf tooth remote light action light action so it's the same lever um however the actual blade of the lever is longer which gives you more leverage and makes it uh light action meaning uh it's basically engineered so you don't need as much pressure in order to engage your dropper post it just makes it like very easy to push and engage your post which is honestly a really cool and good idea and it's no surprised that that's the bestselling dropper OTE to mount bikers all over the world a lever with increased leverage wow it's great sales copy right there nice work I was talking to my uncle the other day and he's kind of having a really hard time cuz he's addicted to drinking brake fluid but he says I you know says I can stop whenever I want he's doing better now the breakes category breakes they help you stop whatever you got going in the number five position the new the latest and greatest sham Code Ultimate stealth M would you look at that it's got a carbon lever blade which is crazy first time they've ever done that on the codes yeah the Code Ultimate uh highest end code there is super fancy new lever body and lever blade and as you can see on the screen now they sit flush with the handlebars um you have on your bike that you rode to I this afternoon I do they look fancy and nice those the most powerful break stram has ever made hands down yep y they look great they work great and uh yeah no complaints many moons ago we made a video kind of comparing the differences between samam and Shimano breaks and it's not totally relevant these days because saram has sort of built out all these different brakes and they used to be known more for their sort of modulation whereas shiman is really Snappy and like instant kind of lock MH it's not exactly like that it's still kind of like that but the codes for example they're Snappy I me you can easily lock up that rear wheel with those yeah so it's it's less modulation than I think what samam has been known for in the past but still a lot yeah yeah tons of power still arguably better than Shimano in terms of modulation totally less onof field a little bit personal preference in regards to onoff feel and modulation but a little bit yeah both of us ride strand break so you want to know our preference speaking of strand brakes number four G2 RSC which is what's currently on my bike at the moment yeah um well on one of my bikes it's on my Revel Ranger my light trail bike um and then I have the codes on my uh Banshee Titan I like these brakes powerful four piston premium just a good all-around brake the good thing about SRAM brakes and Shimano brakes is kind of anywhere you go in the world people have the brake pads and the lines and olives and Barbs and they know how to bleed them and they have the fluid and that's just a convenient thing about having a Big Brand break it's true it really is true number three which this kind of used to be a little bit more of a rare break in North America uh albeit very popular in Europe because it's a European brand magura mhm M yeah Mur in the last 3 years has like really become a lot more well-known and a lot more prominent in North America because they just make a lot of really good breaks and always have over there in Europe but they got they just figured it out in North America and yeah that's now in the top five breaks of this whole year which is pretty cool I feel like they've been in the top the last three years now they I think they have I think they have been last year or two years ago had mt5 and mt7 we got MTS this year yeah we obviously also do this trending products of the month video um where we talk about the same kind of thing in a lot shorter of a video because we only cover a month um and yeah magira sneaks in there all the time with a top selling product because their breaks have been popular for 3 years now which pretty cool speaking of a break that sneaks in all the time and and has been for I don't know 20 longer than we 20 years uh the Shimano XT breaks um in this particular version which is the bl- m810 yeah the four piston one yeah shimano's naming conventions a bit crazy but it's basically xt4 piston and layman's terms and yeah super high-end nice premium chimano mineral oil break that's nice and snappy with that onoff feel if you like that short lever blade I some people love Shimano brakes yeah some people love other brakes some people just love breakes some people do love brakes and some people love a certain break and then which is funny enough cuz we do a lot of demo bikes and ride different high-end bikes in our three different stores and people will ride a break that they've never ridden before and they'll come back and be like this was so much better because of X like I have literally seen people come in and say like I've never ridden San brakes these are so much better than my Shimano brakes they don't I don't skid or lock up the Wheel by accident and then I've seen other people come in and be like these Shimano brakes are so much more powerful and snappier and it's like easier to lock it's like it's so funny there's no winning either way yeah there's no winning everybody has their there's no perfect break it's a bit personal preference lot ofes out there absolutely number one number one clearly the preference of most people in 2023 the preference of many what is this the trp DHR Evo DHR Evo which is a big beastly four piston uh large caliper large lever large lever blade um high oil capacity just super strong powerful I mean originally designed for downhill World Cup racing alongside Aaron Gwyn and now people run this thing on all their bikes cuz they love power power power so if power is what you're looking for which a lot of people are in the break game trp DHR evos yeah pretty amazing break another one of those brands that kind of used to be like oh that's a rare break not as rare anymore cuz yeah a lot of people have really good brakes out yeah the word is out a lot more readily available and the brake pads a lot more read readily available in spare parts and things like that so yeah if you're looking for some seriously powerful brakes trp DHR evos word Saddles also known as seats I don't actually know why they refer to them as Saddles all the time cuz that's what you use on a horse but in the Bike World they call them Saddles that's because bikes were coming around you know coming out around the time that horses were going out of style so they're like let's saddle up on this new two wheel thing don't fact check that just believe it the number five bestselling saddle is the de speed trap which is a pretty Rad or speed trap am uh which pretty rad looking saddle comes in a whole bunch of different colors probably one of the nicer Saddles that has a bunch of color options yeah totally that's not common it's within the D ecosystem so you know people like to match their their handlebars their pedals their stems their grips and the saddle and whatever else they make mhm in the number four spot we got a WTV Sado now I know a guy who likes a saddle yeah this is my preferred saddle you saw my Revel Ranger earlier it has that saddle on it just the carbon rail version oh yeah um but same saddle I love that saddle we made an entire in-depth video All About Saddles where we explained how you need need different saddles for different width sit bones but also you should put more emphasis on getting the right saddle if you have a saddle pain or saddle sores or if you're riding your bike more than 2 hours at a time those are kind of the two areas where you'd want to put a lot more effort into getting exactly the right saddle if you don't do either of those often then don't worry about it too much but anyways my personal favorite saddle is the WTB Silverado I use the carbon raed one cuz it just looks freaking sweet it's like a stealth bomber look of a saddle and yeah I don't really have any problems with saddle sorer anything successfully rode that saddle in a 3-day Adventure Race where I was on the mountain bike a ton my butt was just falling he's got a tight of Steel a taint of Steel some might say which brings us to the number three saddle the title js1 which was if you remember a top saddle last year which is crazy and we were surprised yeah because if you look at it it's a little bit more of like the stuff title makes dirt jump es slope style esque free ride esque not really a saddle you'd expect to see on a mountain bike you sit down down on all the time it's a killer saddle people like it people buy it so looks cool but number two WTB volt WTB volt the volt so that's kind of similar to the Silverado just a bit more padding little more padding Silverado is a bit bit stiff and rigid and stealth bomber esque and it's made for people with trained taints where if your taint is less trained then you might want the volt saddle yes yes and I have nothing to add there if your taint is not as trained you're going to want to go with the on SM Pro cuz I certainly do not have the taint of Steel that Jeff does and I do enjoy this saddle quite a bit in fact it's that's one you always use right it's on all my bikes yep that's right and I actually recently got the SR Pro for my gravel bike which is the road version which I'm not sure how really it's different maybe a little bit thinner but I don't know as we mentioned earlier in the grips category of this video uron has got fantastic grips and Saddles and those touch points and they're very ergonomic eron's been in the top bestselling saddles for ever since I can remember another one of those brands that you should should look into if you are spending more than 2 hours at a time on your bike in your saddle or if you've got interesting weird little pains or issues one of those brands that has kind of something unique for everyone's different use case and writing style and writing distances and times and things like that and yeah it's good stuff true yeah Jared's a big fan of that one so bestselling saddle of all 2023 congrats congrats petals not to be confused with petals on a flower on a flower uh we're going to do clipless and flats and by the way if you're confused why they're called clipless pedals uh long history there but originally there was flat pedals then there was toe clips that had that little funny thing that went over your shoe and that was a that was a toe clip pedal and then they called them clipless when they got rid of that and you could click in the cleat in a spring you click in your clipless P wa just take it easy man Flats first in the number five spot PMW range composite o yeah Beauties look at that that's nice yeah super nice welld designed beautifully aesthetic pedal from PMW like all their stuff yeah looks red great design nice work great design great pedal great number four Crank Brothers stamp one pedals Yep they're not here because they are so popular they're all gone so good luck you're not getting any number three de de trap yep again also not here check out how beautiful that is on your screen yeah these are all really good pedals I'm not surprised these are all in the top five best of the whole year super good pedals number two Trail one which was a new pedal the Vortex pedal um yeah which is pretty R composite pedal amazing price point um in that $50 range super good platform size the unique thing about these pedals not only does $1 per pair go to the uh Vortex Trail Network in Okala Florida however they come with one free rebuild kit per year for Life amazing can you believe that lifetime warranty and also planed to last for life and one free rebuild kit incl included to the original purchaser for Life what happens when you die you stop sending pedal rebuild kits I don't know we'll have to figure that out in some years from now that'll that'll be something to figure out won't it and number one number one is that the one up one up gosh they are just crushing it this year yep they've got great products and this is no exception just great design nice uh traction pads and things for clearing mud or just gripping onto when there is mud good mud clearance good aesthetic good price point yeah pretty hard to beat one up lightweight lightweight and clipless pedals clipless pedals in the number five spot which is what I use on my most of my bikes most and my supposed to mine as well you yeah you too that's probably the most popular pedal in the company in the shop MH would don't you say yeah yeah I think so MH the Mallet Enduro pedals so a Crank Brothers cleat and spring system with their Mallet Enduro body yeah awesome fancy pedal why don't you have one here great pedal yeah don't have one here but you can see it on screen but you can see it on the screen and the number four Bal is the time ESP special Al talk about a time to be alive when you can ride your bike with these on it yeah time has really come back swinging this year in the mountain bike pedal scene they've kind of always been big and never were not big in kind of the road scene it's an interesting pedal because if you know much about clipless pedals on one end of the spectrum the SPD cleat design which is pioneered and done by Shimano has a little bit more of a rigid you click in you're stuck feel not much float or anything and then the other side of the spectrum you have crank brother is where the cleat and the spring system actually the spring system rolls so the cleat can kind of go in this way or this way or this way and there's a little bit more float they make different cleats with different levels of float different than the Shimano system again very much personal preference time is somewhere in the middle it doesn't have a rolling spring system like Crank Brothers but it doesn't have a sort of cleat system like Shimano it's like a combination yeah it's a unique combination so if you I don't know looking to try something new or if you're on either end of those spectrums and you want to be somewhere in the middle check out time they' really come in swinging this year with mountain bike pedals and the spe all eight has made it there in the number four spot W you know a lot about clipless pedals but did you know that these are made in France I didn't know that that's pretty cool pretty cool we we that's pretty cool it's French um number three uh another pedal from Crank Brothers that's relatively new which are the Mallet Trail oh yeah um yeah Jeff has these on his beautiful new Rebel Rover with this custom paint job one of one oh my God this thing um the Mallet Trail is kind of a combination between their candy and their uh Mallet Enduro pedal so in terms of the uh the size of the actual platform around the spring pretty dialed in lightweight pedal Crank Brothers has a pedal a clipless pedal and a flat pedal for every type of riding and personal preference and yeah I think those pedals are perfect on a gravel bike or a light trail bike so funny you say that because I just put those pedals on my grapple bike nice yeah you kind of inspired me he's a really inspirational guy you like him you like that yeah I do but the number two the expedo m 8 t oo you know what I think these are pretty popular with the we weeny crowd it's pretty popular with the we weeny crowd it's an SPD design but made by expedo covered in titanium Parts extremely light I think I'm not positive but I'm almost certain it's the absolute lightest SPD pedal you can buy I wouldn't be surprised um so yeah that's why this so popular amongst the weight and this is the titanium version so there you go not very cheap but if you want the highest and lightest weight SPD pedal for your cross country bike that's the one and it's not going to be cheap and the number one Shimano XT always out of stock always out of stock I don't know if I ever seen that in stock because somebody's probably like it's back get it I don't know Shimano just doesn't seem to make enough of these pedals but it's the xtm 8120 which you can see on the screen now yeah great SPD clipless pedal and people love them so there you go it's great that's pedals FL and clipless suspension forks and rear shocks uh a lot of this stuff is not exactly in stock so you're going to see a lot of images on screen of these beautiful forks and rear shocks starting with forks in the number five spot the rock shock Zeb ooh we would you look at that which is rock shock's 38 mil stanion big beefy I call it the super Enduro Fork um cuz kind of their Enduro Fork is the lyric right maybe blurring the lines there's a lot of line blurring when it comes to rock shock suspension and kind of everyone else's but anyways the Z in number five fancy ultimate amazing super Enduro Fork amazing all right squeeze your way out of here number four spot is the my go what the number four Fork where were we number four the fox Factory 38 ooh which is a essentially Fox's version that competes exactly with the Zeb the super Enduro long travel single crown beef monster of a fork the factory version with with Kashima Kashima cing you're currently holding the performance performance series with non kushima no available in different price points that's super Enduro for which is pretty cool yeah a lot of different price points and then the fox 36 o wow another fantastic Fork another fantastic Fork very great if you're wondering what those numbers mean it's the diameter of the Stans and the diameter of the stanson basically correlates to what you're going to use it on for which bike right so so the 32 and 34 would be on your XC and sort of trail bikes and then you go to 36 it's on that longer travel trail and dururo bike 38 longer travel trail and duro bike that's where the that's where the lines blur um and then 40 is essentially the the big massive Beast one that is only on downhill bikes the 36 it's kind of interesting cuz I kind of like the 36 when it comes to 36 versus 38 what do you know we have a YouTube video on that whole topic um if you're considering either of those Forks but yeah they are very blurring the lines in terms of which one you might want on your Enduro bike that's true number two Fork I believe the rock shock's Recon silver RL so this is a very different price point than the other ones we've mentioned so far um rockshock makes an amazing amount of forks and variance of forks and models under that $500 even under that $300 price point so this fork in particular is extremely popular on that under $500 I think it's even under3 bucks right mm very different price point than some of the ones we just mentioned but an amazing Fork if that is your price point which is around 300 bucks um and you're looking to upgrade maybe the fork on your hard tail or something and uh we made a video we did make a video best Forks under $500 $500 yeah and that that one was there took the number one fork the 34 stepcast Factory in 120 More Travel that is a great Fork that is a great Fork lightweight extremely lightweight stiff for the weight yeah and good great performance super plush adjustable what more could you want out of a lightweight short travel Fork yeah 120 mil travel Forks which were typically going to be on the front of a either 120 mil bike or 115 100 Mil bike they've gotten a lot better over the years the 34 Step cast is I think the lightest one so I'm surprised the Sid didn't make that a competing Rock shock and they just came out the new version this year yeah yeah anyways you know what do you know but rear shocks rear shocks the float x2 in the number five spot ooh the big beefy wow Enduro and downhill rear shock M love that shock number four number four a regular old Fox Float regular old Fox Float that's great for a short travel or a trail bike two position evolve LV large volume 190x 45 yeah they recently ditched to the three position lever on the DPS for the two position on the float and the float SL very interesting tactic there Fox we'll see uh you know in the future what you guys had planned there for so bold strategy cotton let's see if it pays off for them just kidding there's I don't think there's anything really deeper there that kind of makes sense I mean a lot of the adjustments on forks and rear shocks are a little bit bewildering to most people that don't dive too far into the suspension world and know how to adjust all that stuff so yeah I'm a fan of Simplicity yeah in that sense hard stay hard not hard if you're not a fan of Simplicity and you want to learn more about it check out the cork shock quiz it's a suspension tuning tool that can teach you all about suspension while you use it on your bike really cool product anyway that's true that's true q u a r q q u a spell red red l s t a The Rock shock Super Deluxe Ultimate RC 2T coil yeah that's a sweet shock great shock love that came on the market as an Enduro shock and an downhill bike shock and yeah it's coil which is pretty killer on coil the number two shock the float X this is probably Factory probably the most versatile shock and Fox's lineup I think so you know you find this on a short travel bike or even a long travel bike it's still going to give you that nice plush performance that's predictable and adjustable yeah it's kind of a can't go wrong with this shock and it's kind of a shock that probably likely suits your needs and your bike and your riding style and use case almost no matter what mhm yeah it's pretty rad great performance for the weight everything just solid shock yeah number one it's what you got on your bike that's what I got on my bike right here the rock shock Super Deluxe ultimate yeah this is the non- coil version of the super Super Deluxe ultimate it is I'm honestly just realizing now how ridiculous these rear shock names are Super Deluxe ulate and the amount of things after it and it's not just rock shock or Fox but all these other brands RC 2T and then it has the size which is the eye to eye and the stroke length then it tells you the air and the tokens and the rebound and wow it's just it's wild but Super Deluxe ultimate that's what's on the back of your bike right now which you have a rock shock lyric on the front I do have a lyric and I love it it's been great first time on the brand new rock shock stuff in a few years and I'm super impressed yeah you were rten Fox for a long time yeah U as you've noticed Fox and rock sh completely dominated the suspension categories and yeah that's just how it is there's some other good suspension out there hands down however it's kind of hard to fight 200 two 800lb gorillas simultaneously and that's what you're trying to do if you're trying to compete with Fox and rock shocks when it comes to suspension is right you know we'll see maybe another video we'll do top suspension that's not Fox and Ro shs let us know down in the comments if you want to see that and don't forget to hit subscribe and the little bell button tools and maintenance in the number five spot Pedro's burrito tool wrap that's funny cuz burritos are wrapped up I get it you throw all your tools in there and then you wrap it up like a burrito and then you go like this and then you eat it yeah so if you already have a bunch of bike tools but you need a better way to store them or carry them with you this is just a simple tool wrap that you can buy and put your tools in number four spot feedback sports team Edition tool feedback Sports has been really coming up nicer stuff nicer tools nicer stands I mean I guess I shouldn't say they're coming up they always have been up and good but I don't know it seems like they're a lot more popular this year in particular and a lot more new and cool and good stuff um which is pretty super hot right now

yeah number three number four no number three it's number three the WEA uh set for hex and Torx L key wrench set you didn't even know what it is multi well it's also the number two is the uh we'll see the bicycle set 4 a Torx L key and then the bicycle set three screwdriver tool set 41 pieces yes um weera is an extremely extremely like the creme Creme of tool Brands and they make bicycle tools wow they are nice and high-end and high quality and if you straight up just want the absolute best tools that's the brand um yeah no way about it you kind of feel special when you use them you like oh this is really nice you kind of do and those are two of they're more reasonably priced like affordable attainable maybe you the bicycle set is almost everything you would need if you're just out and about uh little ratchet comes in there a little driver an extender and a little sockets and everything is super dialed it's really dialed and the thing is with that set comes a nice little case it's amazing to travel with so if you break your bike down and put it in a a bag or a box and travel somewhere with it um that is kind of all you it is all you need to reassemble the bike and then service the bike while you're out so um that's what I take with me all the time when I travel with my bike yep and if you have them combined you are dialed in yeah but the number one the number one which we were debating opening this but for some reason it says don't do that single item and close do not open but we'll tell you what's inside this is the park you no you tell them Park Tool ak5 ak5 yeah Advanced mechanic mechanic toolkit You' think it' be am5 Advanced mechanic yeah I don't know what the k is oh kit oh Advanced kit uh Park Tool makes a bunch of Standalone kits that come in a toolbox with all of the relevant and nice tools so if you're just kind of starting from square one and you need a toolbox with all the relevant tools for your bike and Bicycles of all kinds um Park Tool makes amazing kits that are of different price points and this is the most popular one ak5 so if you're looking for a toolkit and you just want to be done with it and be like I pretty much need every sing I want 99% of the tools I'll ever need or maybe 100 yeah bam comprehensive comprehensive comprehensive tool kit get yourself dialed in what do you call this category again miscellaneous Mi SS l e a n u s this is just various products from categories that aren't quite important enough to make the main video but still important in products that have a high velocity of sales couldn't have put it better myself starting out with the trail 1 tubless valve stems version 2 in a myriad of beautiful anodized colors they are beautiful um lot of cool improvements to these things over the version one and just kind of in general for valve stems they're very compatible and welld designed if you were running Tire inserts cush cores things of the light are you still running those I'm running the Victoria airliner light in my tire yeah okay yeah um this valve cap has a very stealthly designed valve core remover engineered right into the cap which is pretty cool so you can use this cap to actually remove the valve core which is super convenient because no matter what valves you have no matter what they tell you they will clog with tubeless sealant because what does sealant do it dries and seals clogs holes of any kind clogs holes of any kind whether it's your valve or anywhere else um so super nice that it comes with a valve core remover uh in every cap and then we also sell these things with a spare valve core coming in the little container how nice very stealth that cap is one treasury product uh the treasury is kind of a for products that are not named after Trail networks but it goes into a bucket of the treasury that is donated to various Trail networks that we just deem worthy and cool and request help and for funds for different Trail donations yeah over the year worthy and cool number four four don't have them because uh Jared assumed we would have them laying around the shop and K boots so here's a picture of me holding some Shram crank boots which fit pretty much all sham cranks except for maybe not the new ones maybe not the new ones speaking of crank boot compatibility we actually have an FAQ article all about that all about the different crank boots and what cranks they fit so if you're buying crank boots and trying to figure that out check out that FAQ article um but anyways yeah the Sham crank boots which there's a ton of sham cranks out there and Tru cranks out there and they fit a lot of those so top selling product in the miscellaneous category speak of the ra we got theam udh the universal dongle hanger the universal derailer hanger oh derailer hanger that was man long story right there's million different drill hangers they were all different per per bike and sram's like you know what why don't we just design a universal one that works for everything and they did and it's amazing and it's great and it's on almost all bikes now yeah cool enough if it is on your bike that also means your bike is compatible Witham's ttype drivetrain system which doesn't even require a derailer hanger cuz the derailer mounts directly to that area of the frame beautiful whole video about shamp te type if you're interested and you don't already know that yes you do number two number twoos no tubes Tire ceiling our friend stand man Stan is the man he's got this sealant I've been pouring that Stan's tire sealant Stan the man's tire sealant into tires since I was a kid gosh you're familiar with this with this liquid aren't you come again that's what she said I don't think it's the exact same liquid I think they've refined it over the years to just make it better and not coagulate as much but also still seal holes really well and yeah anyways bestselling sealant bestselling sealant I guess which really ties us up not at all to the or tease us up I should say the fox extra long mud guard fender for your Fox 36 or 38 Forks that bolts on bolts on and the protects your face from all sorts of unwant particulate matter what is this redneck southern accent if you have a fox fork and you want a really good Fender that's made by Fox It Bolts onto your fork fits beautifully and the XL version of it is the top selling and extra product in the miscellaneous category tons of people buy that that's crazy probably see more Fox 36 and 38 works with that Fender than without everybody wants a fender it's cool it's good upgrade everybody wants a fender these days the top selling mountain bikes of 2023 yeah from us at least we obviously don't carry every bike brand because there is a huge amount of bike brands out there and our responsibility is to curate the absolute best mountain bikes components apparel and accessories and merchandise them on the worldwide cycler website and in the stores anyways bikes Number Four The Forbidden dread knot wow what a bike High pivot witchcraft long travel Induro bike from forbidden super cool bike yeah forbidden is a rare Boutique high-end brand um kind of like most of the brands we sell and yeah pretty rad a new brand for us in 2023 and they've just really refined everything they've done I think a lot of high pivot bikes that people have tried maybe in years past weren't perfectly refined and they kind of are now and forbidden and deviate are are leading the way on that and yeah forbidden killing it there totally stepping into the number three spot which is tied the number three spot Andor you just put two number threes here it's tied the Revel rail 29 yeah Revels end Duro bike in Wheels long travel awesome pedals incredibly well that's probably the best pedaling Enduro bike I've written would you agree for sure yeah most versatile and best pedaling like travel uh bike with that amount of travel I BR if you want a long travel and duro bike that can you know eat up Enduro Trails but still pedal is the best compared to all of them I think that's the one yeah totally I would agree and that is tied with the Banshee Paradox wow Banshee coming in hot Banshee coming in hot wow I'd love to see that and if you listen to the MTB podcast you'll know that we recently started carrying Banshee and that recently been routing a Banshee Prime Jeff has a bansi Titan yeah we love these bikes pretty cool I've always been a big fan of banshi it's one of those brands that is it's an old brand I think it's maybe 20 years old or older I don't know I should probably know that but they've been around since I was a kid and they've never blown they've never gotten big they've never cared to it's just been a small crew of riders who just genuinely passionately care about nailing every little detail and making really cool nice unique bikes um which is cool it's just amazing that bikes can be that good and that much of a I don't know just not a not a big not a big brand but good enough size brand and they make amazing stuff and yeah I don't know I just really like I really like these small boutique high-end brands that make worldclass products that go toe-to-toe with these literally billion dollar Brands like you look look at treken Specialized and then you have forbidden Revel Banshee and these guys are making bikes arguably better and they're tiny in size and that's something cool and unique about the mountain bike industry that's not common in other Industries agreed totally agree which brings us to our number two we have another tie RCA Revel Rascal ooo what a great bike super versatile as well 130 mm travel trail bike tied with the yeti Ark a hard tail with 130 mm of travel up front yeah so car hard two carbon bikes super great brands from Colorado I think we are several years running where the most popular bikes we sell are that 130 140 mil travel 29er it's kind of that best one quiver bike if you literally are going to have one mountain bike that's what I would pick that's what I would ride if someone said hey you can only ride one mountain bike the rest of your life I would hands down pick a 130 or 140 mil rear travel with 150 in the front 29er boom can do the most most vers stop bike there is in terms of how much it can go downhill and still pedal efficiently uphill that's what I'm talking about rolls us into the number one spot perfectly the yeti SB 140 29er wow what a great bike super again very versatile like you were saying you could take that bike on an Enduro track you can take it on a cross country trail and you're going to have fun doing it both times so totally makes sense why that is the bestselling bike of us this year yeah definitely yeah Yeti's bikes 120 140 160 that 140 is right down the middle and man is it a a machine of a bike when it comes to how fast and efficient it is pedaling it uphill big Backcountry days can still hold its own on crazy Enduro downhills it's just a you wrote it at Whistler bike park this year I did um all over BC full-blown Black Diamond downhill trails and merch it's it's it's amazing what that bike can do for its travel range which is pretty cool which brings us to our top selling bikes e mountain bikes of 2023 e mtbs emtbs and number three we got the Crestline which is awesome r s75 550 yes R 7550 which is a relatively new brand um on the ebike scene but they have some of the best technology geometry suspension design of any ebike out there like kind of you were saying how some of these bigger brands have all these resources and money but the small guys can still swing and hit a home run like that Crest line is a sick bike yeah they definitely did and if you don't believe us look at pink bike look at Rob rides emtb that guy's channel are some of the best mountain bike reviews videos I've ever seen to be honest he's crushing it yeah he's really crushing it and he's a big fan of the crest line and just a lot more in-depth review on his channel if you want to check that out um yeah crestline's awesome that's also run by some friends of ours some local friends of ours uh yeah which is really cool we saw them sort of develop and build that bike brand and introduce a couple bikes um just in the last handful of years and it's awesome to see them have such good success with it and come out with bikes that are really good which is no surprise cuz the guys who run that brand are amazing mountain bikers and also just really int ENT and have a high attention to detail so not a surprised they made some really good stuff totally yeah if you're curious about the development of that bike they actually have a pretty cool YouTube video going into some of the um details like the mule and stuff that they had built up that was CNC machined and that's those are some pretty cool videos too all their testing and development behind the bike um we also had troen one of the co-founders on the MTB podcast true if you want to listen to more about that check that out absolutely our number two two number two ebike for the year the forestel serion yeah what a great lightweight ebike lightweight ebike so we got a full power big beefy ebike and now we're talking about a lightweight ebike yeah which is close to that 40 lb Mark um yeah which is rat so you like I do I'm I'm more of a fan of the lighter ebikes um I just think they're you know I don't know I don't really care to do these like big long back country rides when I'm on an ebike I like to just get these hour hour and a half super rips on the ebike where instead of you know I would normally cover maybe 10 miles in an hour long ride with the elevation we have around here like get on ebike and I almost can double that if I just pin it and I like that I love riding the forestall cuz it's that roughly 40 lb lightweight little bit smaller motor smaller battery ebike and it's super fun forestall is a really unique brand out of Andora they're doing really and really interesting stuff so we have a whole video on that and anyways just Google it check it out some fantastic stuff check it out and the number one the number one Numero Uno the yeti 160e yeah wow talk about a fantastic ebike the big dog another full powered ebike with the Shimano motor yeah honestly what a great bike I mean Yeti put so many years of development into this bike they did its own unique suspension system designed just for that bike they really put a lot of thought and effort and Care into it I mean Yeti is one of those Flagship mountain bike brands that a lot of people were saying when are you going to have an ebike where are you going to have an ebike and took them a little bit to get there and they release one everyone's like oh that's good that was well done yeah yeah so no surprise there good build kit good spec Yeti just knows what they're doing hands down and made a really good bike that handles and you know holds its own and bestselling ebike we have truly which brings us to the bestselling products of the Year by quantity sold by quantity sold if you're curious at this point in the video all these have been sort of a a mish mash of quantity sold versus sales revenue sold um but really the most important products in the category by sales revenue volume and these are by quantity sold in the number four spot which has been I don't know a forever selling top product which is pretty amazing dtswiss 54 to ratchet kit mhm so if you have a DT Swiss Hub almost all of them use the ratchet system and a lot of them come off the shelf or on the bike you bought complete with an 18 to engagement and this changes that to 54 it's a very simple upgrade it makes a huge difference in how your bike rides and how much Dead Zone there is before the cranks engage we have a whole video about it we do yeah you ask we got a video we got a video about that pretty much next prodct Fox Factory rebuild kit fo Factory rebuild kit this is everything you need to replace the seals on your Fox Float rear shock from the year 2000 until now except for a little thing of float fluid that they used to include but they don't anymore so if you're going to get this you got to get the little float fluid Pillow Pack wow say that five times fast and you will be totally dialed in for your new shock actually you need some slick honey too cuz you're going to want to grease it up so almost everything you need to fully service your rear shock if you want to take on servicing your suspension yourself it's really not actually that hard it's a little bit timec consuming and uh doesn't always require special tools but it is very attainable to do and it's one of those things that you'll typically be charged 100 to 250 bucks to have somebody else do it and it's something you could probably do at home in an hour or two and watch a couple good YouTube videos so very plausible thing to do and obviously a lot of people do it themselves uh which is why we sell so many of those rebuild kits you got that right the number two product samam GX Eagle chain so yeah if you've got an eagle drivetrain on your bike you don't want want to spend a bunch of money when you want to get a new chain this is what you're going to get because it's pretty much the best combination of performance and price that uh sham offers it fits on all of the 12-speed eagle drivetrains affordably priced which is pretty cool so a lot of people will just use the GX chain and they have it on their x01 or what x01 you could upgrade from NX you do whatever you want mhm but number one number one Shram centered code brake pads yeah if you ride your bike you're probably using the brakes in which case you're going to have to replace the brake pads at some point and that's where these come in the centered compound are the ones that come stock on the code Brak so another reason why these are so popular yeah we have a video about centered versus organic compound brake pads what do you know if you're interested in that but a lot of people ride Ram code brakes as you learned in the brakes category and burn through the brake pads and get those Y super high velocity product yep and last but not least the climax of this video the number one least sold product so this isn't something that never sold no but it's something that's sold one time one time in all of 2023 all year one time the wolf tooth goat Lake 10 so this used to be an extremely important and relevant and pop like crazy popular product it's just a little bit obsolete now that drivetrains have changed so much since this product was designed and introduced many years ago the fact that even it still exists and one person bought it is pretty surprising uh essentially way back when kind of before 1 by1 and 1 by 12 drivetrains and you had 2 by if you wanted to get rid of 2 by and take your 1 by 10 and increase the size of your 10-speed range you could rip off the large Cog and replace it with a wolf tooth Cog and in order to make your drer than compatible with that larger Cog you needed a goat link which replaced the regular link on the Shimano derailer it's it was a hodg Podge modification to essentially craft your way into a wider range one by Drive Trin before the likes of and model came in and just said hey we'll just give that to you and make it um and make you know so that's a good idea we do that yeah it's a good idea um but yeah wolf 2 is one of those Brands that's super Innovative and is finding those unique little things and and making them like really fast um and sometimes they go a little bit obsolete when you go 10 or 15 years past it and drivetrains have changed but somebody bought one this year and that is the least selling product of the whole year mhm mhm so and after that was you uh comment below and we'll send you a t-shirt or something well if you've made it this far in the video we genuinely appreciate it thank you very much and if You' bought anything from worldwide cycer this year thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our small business and team of people who love and ride bikes and uh yeah well that's it that's all that's that's all Jared really wants to go home he's starving we love you yeah see you later thank



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