Sram T-Type Transmission AXS MTB Drivetrain

Introducing the SRAM Eagle T-Type Mountain Bike Drivetrain Collection: Revolutionize Your Ride

The world of mountain biking has been taken by storm with the introduction of the SRAM Eagle T-Type drivetrain collection. Designed to deliver unparalleled performance, this range of drivetrain products will not only redefine your ride but also give you the ultimate edge on the trails. Combining the latest in technological advancements with SRAM's commitment to quality and innovation, the Eagle T-Type collection is the perfect addition to any serious mountain biker's arsenal. To give you a comprehensive look at this cutting-edge line of products, we have compiled the highlights, the main features and benefits of the SRAM Eagle Transmission T-Type drivetrain.

The SRAM Eagle T-Type: An Overview

The SRAM Eagle T-Type collection of mountain bike drivetrain products builds upon the already legendary Eagle platform, incorporating a host of technological advancements and design improvements to create a truly unmatched riding experience. This revolutionary drivetrain system includes the T-Type derailleur, shifter, chain, cassette, and crankset, all designed to work together seamlessly for optimal performance and reliability.

Unmatched Shifting Performance

One of the standout features of the Eagle T-Type drivetrain is its groundbreaking shifting performance. With lightning-fast, precise gear changes and the ability to maintain optimal chain tension at all times, this system allows riders to tackle even the most demanding terrain with confidence. The T-Type derailleur has been redesigned to offer a smoother, more consistent shifting experience, while the shifter has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp, accurate gear changes every time.

Eagle AXS Technology

At the heart of the T-Type drivetrain is SRAM's Eagle AXS technology, which combines wireless electronic shifting with a sleek, streamlined design. By eliminating the need for traditional cables, this system not only reduces weight and complexity but also offers unparalleled levels of customization and control. Riders can fine-tune their shifting preferences using the AXS smartphone app, ensuring that their bike is perfectly tailored to their individual riding style and requirements.

Next-Level Chain and Cassette Design

The SRAM Eagle T-Type chain has been specifically engineered to provide maximum strength, durability, and efficiency. Featuring a unique, proprietary design, the chain ensures optimal power transfer and minimal wear, even under the most extreme conditions. The T-Type cassette, on the other hand, offers a massive 520% gear range, allowing riders to tackle the steepest climbs and descents with ease. Its innovative design also ensures that gear changes are smooth, fast, and virtually silent, making for a truly enjoyable riding experience.