Shop our entire selection of top-tier E-Bikes from brands like Yeti, Forestal, Evil, Pivot & Mondraker. Each of our ebike brands has been selected to be what we consider some of the best emtb bikes on the market and specifically e-full suspension bikes made for performance. The Yeti 160e is one of our most popular ebikes and for good reason, it is spec’d with the Shimano EP8 motor, Yeti’s new six-finity suspension design and rips both up and downhill. A new brand to the market but coming in strong with two models is Forestal Bikes. Having the Forestal Siryon & Cyon, Forestal brings a unique range of full suspension bikes to the ebike market with a lightweight e-bike and models having 170/170mm travel and 150/150mm travel with the Siryon and Cyon respectively. Evil also just dropped their new e-mtb with the Evil Epocalypse also using a Shimano EP8 motor and the Delta suspension design.  If you are looking at the Bosch CX Performance motor then the Mondraker Crafty is the bike for you, with a few different models to choose from and either alloy or carbon frame options, the Mondraker Craftys is the second most popular e-bike we offer and the Bosch motor is a huge reason why. If you have any questions about e-bikes or the buying process never hesitate to contact us regarding mountain bikes for sale. Click here to shoot us a message anytime or give us a call at 1-805-375-4525. Also, feel free to stop by our retail stores to see and ride bikes in real life! We stock tons of demo bikes available to ride.