MTB Handlebars

The mountain bike handlebar has a very important job in helping you keep control of your bike, and in recent years they have got wider and wider. No most mountain bike handlebar range in about 750mm-800mm widths. There are also a few different materials used like carbon fiber and alloy or aluminium and within those there are different rises, clamp diameters like 31.8mm and 35mm and feel. Some of our favorite brands are RaceFace, Deity, Spank, Renthal, Chomag, Truvativ, Thomson, PNW, OneUP and ENVE. If you are looking for more rise, more comfort or just want to shed some weight, upgrading your handlebar is a great option. If you need help with any advice on what handlebars, check out our article where we go in depth or contact our top notch customer service team.