Trail One Components

Trail One Components is the brainchild of Jeff Cayley and Brian Kennedy (BKXC), not only to make some of the best components to mount on your bicycle, but also to help support the trails we love. With $1 of each product sold getting donated to a trail network, you can get amazingly high end parts while supporting the trials we love, a win-win for everyone. Trail One Components has a full range of cockpit products, from grips, handlebars & stems.

First the Hells Gate Grips, with a unique pattern mixing both comfort and grip with raised pads on the top to help fit in your palm and traction bars on the bottom to help your fingers grab on and stay where you want them. There is also a single clamp on the inside meaning that the rubber on the grip extends out to the edge so your hand doesn't hit any hard spots. Next the Rockville stem, a beautiful made in California product that not only looks great on the bike but also works as intended. A stem can be basic, but you want to have confidence in the product since it holds your bars to your bike. Coming in two lengths, a 32mm & 40mm length and one bar diameter at 35mm, it works with both carbon handlebars from Trail One, and their 35mm rise alloy handlebar. Speaking of handlebars, Trail One Components has a few handlebars to choose from, with the Crockett Carbon Handlebar and the Crockett Alloy Handlebar. With the carbon version coming in a 15mm rise and 35mm rise both for 35mm diameter clamps. The alloy version comes in a 25mm rise x 31.8 clamp and a 35mm rise x 35mm clamp. 

Trail One Components also has a ton of small parts to make your bike look better, parts like Valve Stems, Fenders, Stem Caps as well as Water Bottles and Shirts to help you look good both on and off the bike. Check out their Trail One Treasury as well, where the smaller parts go into a fund to help trail networks get much needed funds to make the trails even better. When it comes to a brand to buy from, Trail One Components isn't just another faceless brand with good marketing. Trail One exists to support the trails we love!