Trending MTB Products: September '19 Edition [Video]


Since we're entering another month, it's time to talk about the most popular products for the month of September! Check them out. 

RockShox MTB Fork Fender Black with Stealth Print

Top 5 Products September 2019 - Rockshox Fork Fender

Well, simply put, this is a fender made by RockShox. It helps keep mud, rocks and other debris from hitting your bike, clogging up your fork seals and getting in your face.  You zip tie it on, it looks cool, and if you're into moto, it kinda makes your bike look more cool. Rockshox’s fender comes in a bunch of cool colors to match your rig.

  • Price: $14.99

Top 5 Products September - Shop RockShox Fork Fender

We also have our own Worldwide fender, and we think it looks better, but we also might be biased on that. It works the same, but will for sure get you an extra point or two with the ladies. Then again you're out riding bikes and not doing things typically found attractive….

Top 5 Products September - Shop WWC Fender

SRAM Crank Arm Boots

Top 5 Products September 2019 - SRAM Crank Arm boots

Crank boots, like them or not, we should all be using them. If your crank didn't come with any, I highly suggest you get a set on, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE CARBON CRANKS! I can pretty much guarantee you will end up smashing your cranks on a rock at some point, and without these, you might crack a carbon crank, or scratch up a set of alloys. They are cheap, and if you have a set that have some damage, spend $9 on a new set. It's worth it just simply to keep your crank’s resell value up.

  • Price: $8.45

    Top 5 Products 2019 - Shop SRAM Crank arm bootsDT Swiss 54t Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit

    Top 5 Products September 2019 - DT Swiss 54t ratchet kit

    The 54t DT Swiss ratchet upgrade kit...we talk about it a lot, we have a video about it which you can watch here. If you have a DT Swiss 350, 240, or 180 hub, or any other hub or wheelset that uses DT Swiss 350 internals, this is an amazing upgrade. It increases your hub engagement to 6.66 degrees (yes, that is an accurate number). It comes with new springs if yours happen to be worn out and enough DT Swiss special grease. 

    • Price: $107.40

    Shop DT Swiss 54t Ratchet Kit

    SRAM NX/GX Eagle Groupset

    Top 5 Products September - SRAM Nx GX Groupset

    Now this is a very cool bundle that we threw together. SRAM GX Eagle is incredibly popular, but not everyone’s bike has an XD driver to use the GX Eagle cassette. We have the entire GX Eagle groupset matched with an NX Eagle cassette. This allows you to run 12-speed on a Shimano HG style freehub, which many entry-level bikes come with. If you have a Shimano or lower end SRAM drivetrain and want to upgrade to 12-speed SRAM, this is the best option out there. For $303, you can get smooth 12-speed shifting without having to change your wheels. 

    • Price: $303
    • Includes GX Shifter, Derailleur, Chain & NX 11-50t cassette

    Shop SRAM NX/GX Groupset

    Ergon SM Pro Saddle

    Top 5 Products September - Ergon SM Pro saddle

    The Ergon SM Pro saddle has been flying off the shelf since it was released a few months ago. It has a great shape and a good relief channel, meaning there is a good chance this saddle will make your butt a happy butt. This particular model has been our most popular and it sports titanium rails and is the small-medium width. They make a few different models with this shape, and offer chromoly and carbon rails as well as a larger size. Try it, you may never ride the same again!

    • Price: $109.95
    • Titanium
    • Stealth
    • Men's SM/MD

    Top 5 products September - shop ergon sm pro saddle
    OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post (210mm)

    Top 5 Products September - OneUp v2 dropper post

    Version 1 of the OneUp dropper was a top seller from day one and now OneUp is stepping it up with a new version that includes more length options. This sweet dropper has the shortest overall length and the shortest insertion length, meaning you can get more drop, and we all know that more drop = more fun. The new 210mm is our best seller and for good reason. With new bikes having shorter seatpost lengths, you are able to fit a longer dropper. This OneUp dropper not only gives you more drop, but amazing feel and reliability. It also has the ability to be shimmed down in 10mm increments in case 210mm is a bit too long. 

    • Price: $199
    • 31.6mm
    • 210mm Travel, 540 overall

    Top 5 products - shop oneup v2 dropper post
    Shimano Saint BR-M820-B Pre-Bled Front & Rear Brakeset

    Top 5 products September - Shimano saint brakes

    I think the Shimano Saint brakes might be the most popular brakes I see out on the trails now. They give the most stopping power you can get from a Shimano brake, and are extremely consistent! With most big enduro bikes pretty much rocking DH brakes and tires now, it makes sense why we sell so many Saint brake sets. While they might not be the most affordable, that is a cost I'm willing to pay when I'm counting on them for my safety going down some super steep trails. Another great thing about Saint brakes is most local shops will have replacement brake pads if you do need them in a pinch. Not sure what else to say about these bad boys, so I'll stop here!

    • Price: $447.49
    • Does not include rotor
    Top 5 products September - shop Shimano Saint brakes

    September 30, 2019

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