Ultimate Review Guide: Yeti SB6 (The Ultimate 27.5" Enduro Machine)

Yeti says "the SB6 is uniquely suited for pounding out big enduro race days and taking on big terrain." The Yeti SB6 features 27.5" wheels, 6 inches (152mm) of rear wheel travel, and when paired with a 160mm travel front fork, this rig is capable of handling any terrain you throw at it. Here in this Ultimate Review Guide, we are laying out everything you need to know on the Yeti SB6. We have compiled plenty of credible reviews, technical information, and some of our custom builds to drool over.

Ultimate Review Guide Yeti SB6 

2018 Yeti SB6 Technical Information

The Yeti SB6 frame is offered in two different frame options, the Turq series and the Carbon series. The Turq series bikes are manufactured from the highest grade carbon fiber designed to balance stiffness, durability, and compliance. The end result gives the Turq series bikes a smooth and strong connection to the trail. The Carbon series bikes use a slightly different carbon fiber layup along with different materials to create a bike that is a little more cost friendly while still exceeding all of Yeti's strength and durability requirements. The Carbon series SB6 frame weighs approximately 260g more than the Turq series SB6 frame. Offering multiple carbon frame options for the same model is not something new to the mountain bike industry. For example, Santa Cruz offers a similar program with their CC and C bikes. 

The heart of Yeti's suspension design seen on all of their bikes is the Switch Infinity system. Switch Infinity is made up of two Fox Kashima coated tubes that allow the main pivot point of the bike to move, allowing Yeti to control the wheel path of the rear wheel as it cycles through the suspension travel. This in affect allows Yeti to get exactly what they want out of the suspension design. At the beginning of the travel, the Switch Infinity system provides great anti-squat characteristics for more efficient pedaling. Deeper in the travel, the translating pivot point gives the bike a bottomless feel, and prevents the chain from negatively affecting suspension performance

Yeti SB6 Switch Infinity - Worldwide Cyclery

  • Wheel Size: 27.5"
  • Travel: 6.0" (152mm)
  • Frame Weight: 6.05 lbs (2.75 kg)
  • Frame Size: XS, S, M, L, XL (See Size Chart Below)
  • Rear Shock: 8.5" x 2.5"
  • Rear Wheel: 148mm x 12mm Boost
  • Seatpost: 30.9mm


Ultimate Review Guide: Yeti SB6 - Worldwide Cyclery

Size Chart

Worldwide Cyclery Customer Review

Check out this custom built Yeti SB6 that belongs to one of our customers Tim Roberts. Let's see what Tim thinks. - "The SB6 seems to be better balanced and maintains better traction whether you're sitting or standing while pedaling. It is a lot smoother over all the bumps and very balanced when hitting the occasional drop or jump. This is what Yeti bikes are known for - being super smooth and stable, yet allowing for some fun when you need to throw the thing around. The way this bike descends is my favorite part and the #1 reason for choosing the SB6!"

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Ultimate Review Guide: Yeti SB6 - Worldwide Cyclery

Yeti SB6 Frame Rolling on Custom Industry Nine wheels Laced to Derby Carbon Rims

Yeti's Website

For more technical information and complete build kit specs, go to yeticycles.com

Yeti says, "The SB6 is tested under heightened frame requirements to withstand more abuse. What does this mean? Well it is tested to stiffness and impact levels of downhill bike standards. Along with the testing in the lab the SB6 has been ridden to victory on the toughest Enduro race courses in the world. This thing is Richie Rude frigging approved."

Yeti SB6 Ulitmate Review

Pinkbike Review

Pinkbike's take - "Despite its outstandingly efficient pedaling, this is a bike that feels very much like a near purebred descender when you get into that mindset where nothing matters other than getting down the hill quickly, and it's a confidence-inspiring ride when doing exactly that. I'd say that the SB6C is a bike for someone who rides fast, takes chances, and doesn't think much of poking around on a tricky climb. This is a bike for a rider who's a descender at heart, which is exactly what Yeti was going for, and I'd go so far as to say that you probably won't be doing the bike any justice if that doesn't sound like you."

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Singletracks Review

Singletracks thoughts - "For a 6-inch-travel all mountain bike, the SB6c was ridiculously light and climbed supremely well, even with the shock in full-open mode. Since the shock is CTD, you can switch it to Trail or Climb for more efficient modes, but I chose to leave it full-open most of the time for testing purposes. And in full-open mode, small bump compliance was fantastic, without the rear end feeling inefficient or bogged down."

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Adam Morse Rider Spotlight and SB6 Bike Check

For 2017, Adam has moved on to the Yeti program and has been absolutely killing it on his new SB6c. When you watch Adam ride, everyone immediately wants to get on there bikes and mimic his aggressive style and effortless flow. Adam is a rider that many others look up to, and he is a class act professional who loves to ride his bike

Adam's thoughts on the SB6 - "When I first rode the Yeti SB6, I instantly noticed how well it pedaled on the first climb. Then as we turned to the descent, I began cautiously, looking for those initial uncomfortable differences. After about 3 seconds into the first bit of rocky trail, I let the brakes fly and just started hollering. All I could think about was how fast and dynamically I wanted to ride the trail, not how the bike was going to ride it."

Read full Rider Spotlight and check out Adam's bike!

Ultimate Review Guide: Yeti SB6 - Worldwide Cyclery

Yeti SB6 Factory Team Replica Bike Now For Sale At Worldwide Cyclery

Enduro Magazine Review

Enduro Mag's thoughts - "I love everything about how the Yeti rides; the performance is unquestioned, and the looks are drop-dead gorgeous. It is indeed a superbike in every way. However (with my sensible head on), for me, living and riding through the challenging Scottish weather, reliability is key and the surprising frequency of bearing changes would make it very hard to part with so much money. It is sexy, though!"

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Bike Radar Review

Bike Radar's verdict - "Innovative, balanced suspension and enduro handling swagger make the SB6C a total blast on any trail...Flick it into Pedal mode and you can really drive the bike hard through the pedals or turns but the wheel path and shock rate deflection means it still sticks well over small stuff without hanging up on big boulders."

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Richie Rude Is The Silent Shredder


MTB Drop In Rides The Worldwide Cyclery SB6 Demo

Ultimate Review Guide Yeti SB6

November 16, 2017

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