Customer Review: Yeti SB6c

This review was written by our customer, Tim Roberts. We custom built quite possibly one of the sickest Yeti SB6 builds we have done to date, and the end result was nothing short of amazing. After having spent plenty of time on the bike, here are his thoughts on the Yeti SB6 compared to the Ibis Mojo HD3 that he previously owned. *Note - this frame is the 2016 Yeti SB6c*

Yeti SB6c Review


Below are my personal views of both the Yeti SB6 and the Ibis Mojo HD3 as I have owned, rode, and raced both.


When climbing on the HD3 and SB6, both the bikes do very well even without locking out the rear shock. Both have a great pedaling platform. On fire trails everything is fine, its when it gets to the punchy little climbs that I noticed you have get up and over the front of the HD3 a little to keep it balanced. The SB6 seems to be better balanced and maintains better traction whether you're sitting or standing while pedaling. I noticed this with another guy over the weekend when riding in Demonstration State Forest. While riding behind him, he on a HD3 had to unsuccessfully try and and pedal up a rocky section standing which caused him to lose traction. I was able to just pedal through almost effortlessly on my SB6. The Yeti just climbs and I think the length paired with switch infinity works extremely well. It is one of those things that you don’t realize how good it is until you try it.

Yeti SB6 Review


Having spent plenty of time on both bikes, I would say that I enjoy the SB6 more on the trail than the HD3. While it’s not as playful as the HD3, it is a lot smoother over all the bumps and very balanced when hitting the occasional drop or jump. This is what Yeti bikes are known for - being super smooth and stable, yet allowing for some fun when you need to throw the thing around. The SB6 has a feel of you being more in the middle of the bike whereas the HD3 feels like you're on top of it. This allows for more confidence when you're at speed going down a trail and need to go over a log, rock, or through some ruts. The Yeti SB6c stays stable and never throws me off balance compared to the HD3, while playful, could get me off balance if I didn’t hit those obstacles right. Both bikes are great when you need to stand and pedal hard to pick up speed but the SB6 is definitely the fastest bike I’ve ridden as it soaks up the trail gnar better than my HD3 ever did.

Yeti SB6c Review


The way this bike descends is my favorite part and the #1 reason for choosing the SB6. The HD3 was fine for most of the downhills if they weren’t too rough but when they got rocky and bumpy, the bike could get to shaking a lot. The back end just never felt as settled as my SB6 does. When I would have to hit the brakes on the HD3, I can just keep going on the SB6. When it would get steep I really felt like I was on top of the HD3 as opposed to in the middle of the Yeti. You will appreciate the feel of the SB6 when you have to go down some vertical rocks or ledges. Having ridden both bikes at Downieville on the same trails, I really noticed the increase in stability the SB6 has over the HD3. I was able to maintain a faster and more consistent speed on the way down and the overall ride is way smoother which helps keep the rhythm going when trying to race my buddies through a section. Overall at the end of a great ride, the the HD3 had me questioning the money I spent and the Yeti had me glad I spent it!


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November 16, 2016

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