Trending MTB Products This Month! Top 5 (Ep. 11.21) [Video]

Get ready for all sorts of fresh goods in this episode of Trending MTB Products! We are extremely excited to introduce something special we have been working on for over four years now, Trail1 Components! With an introduction like that we could have just stopped there but we are also very excited to be serving up some super fresh apparel from KETL and WC, as well as some night riding necessities from NiteRider and K-EDGE in addition to dropper posts from PNW and new multi-tools from Crankbrothers. Tune in and check it out!

Trail1 Components


We have been hard at work over the last four years developing high end components that we would be proud to put on our bikes, made by a company whose purpose is to give back. Our components are made by some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry and we have been putting them through the wringer for thousands of miles of abuse on trails across the globe. We are thrilled to finally introduce our first components including our Rockville stem, Crockett handlebar and Hell's Gate grips. We have both carbon and alloy versions of the handlebar as well as a California machined stem in addition to a more wallet friendly forged version that is manufactured overseas and will be available shortly. The grips are available in black, grey, and orange and we will soon have handlebar decals available to match your grips as well. Accessories such as fenders, bottles and stem caps are also available and more goodies are soon to come. We are looking forward to having you all join us on this incredible journey.


Trail One Components

Crankbrothers M17 & M20 Multi-Tools

Crankbrothers M17

When I think of multi-tools, the Crankbrothers M17 is typically what comes to mind since it's one of first multi-tools that I got my hands on, and I have used it more times than I can count over the years. I've kept in my pack for nearly 10 years now and its just as relevant and solid as day 1. I'm sure Crankbrothers knows their M17 tool is dialed, so why fix something that isn't broken?

Crankbrothers M20

That's where the M20 comes in. The M20 takes everything that is on the M17 and adds slightly more functionality that comes in handy out on the trail, most notably it includes a tire plug tool as well as a place to store said plugs, in addition to master link storage in the very same compartment as well. 

Crank Brothers Multi-Tools

Worldwide Cyclery Windbreaker, Classic Long Sleeve Jersey & 24oz Stealth Water Bottle

WC Windbreaker

An instant classic, and a well known masterpiece. Our new windbreaker will provide you with comfort and protection from specific types of weather whether you are just out doing normal human stuff or out riding your bike. Thoughtful details like a zipper and a hood make sure you can put the jacket on with ease and cover your melon comfortably.

WC Windbreaker

Our long sleeve classic jersey, on the other hand, is a bit more tailored for riding bikes so maybe think twice about wearing that one out to the bar on a Friday night. Either way, we support your decision and think you'll look great no matter what. You might even start a new fashion trend, or bring one back that should have been left in the late 90's. If you do decide to wear the long sleeve classic jersey out on the town just make sure to send us a photo so we can see how rad you look while out having fun.

WC Classic Long Sleeve

Speaking of fun, it's always smart and fun to stay hydrated, which is why we decided to start making our WC Stealth water bottle in the 24oz size to increase that hydration level you can attain out on the trails, or anywhere you need to bring that high quality h2o. We know that 21oz doesn't always cut it, so that's why we worked hard to develop a bottle with 3 more ounces of capacity that meets your needs.

WC Bottle


PNW Dropper Posts

PNW Dropper

Dropper posts are amazing. If you ride mountain bikes and don't already have one, we highly recommend you try it out as it will change your freakin life. PNW makes a wide variety of dropper posts, sizes and configurations so the chances are good that they make one for you and your bike. Everything from long travel, internally routed and fully travel adjustable droppers to externally routed, small diameter posts for gravel and adventure bikes - PNW has got it all. Not only do PNW's dropper posts work great, but they are also easily serviceable and wallet friendly. Fun fact: they are even the official dropper post of Austria*.

PNW Droppers

*Disclaimer - yes we made that up and PNW is not actually the official dropper post of Austria...yet. 

PNW Dropper Posts

K-Edge and NiteRider Light Mounts

NiteRider Strap Mount


When it comes to night riding, between all of the different lights and mounts out there it can be exhausting and expensive to find the setup that works for you. We are happy to report that we have been night riding for years and all of this experience leads to lots of trial and error. With that said, here are a couple of the most popular light mounting options for your helmet that we have used. The NiteRider strap mount easily straps onto your helmet and is a quick and effective way of mounting your light to your helmet. It works but can be a bit wobbly at times and isn't exactly the most solid way to mount a light to your helmet. On the other hand, the K-Edge mount has a couple of small allen screws that help secure the mount to your light, and in turn will allow you to attach your NiteRider light to any GoPro style mount whether that is on your helmet or your handlebars. There are a ton of different ways to light up the trail at night so if you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to any one of our certified bike experts.

K-Edge NiteRider Mount


Light Mounts

 KETL Escapade Jacket & Departed Shirt

KETL Escapade Jacket

Here at KETL we develop cross functional apparel that works well in a myriad of situations and environments, in addition to making you look stylish in the process. A couple of new garments that we are very proud to introduce are our Escapade jacket and Departed shirts. The Escapade jacket is a lightweight jacket with great freedom of movement that is breathable enough to be worn during various outdoor activities including mtb riding, hiking and running and yet it is comfortable, packable, and will obviously make you look fantastic. Just look at how amazing Reamonn looks up there.

KETL Departed Tee

The Departed shirt is extremely soft and stretchy which makes it super comfortable regardless of the outdoor conditions- its perfect for those warm summer days and it works great as a layer for those cooler months. It is available in a short sleeve, long sleeve, and a henley. 

KETL Departed Shirt & Escapade Jacket CTA

Specialized Apparel & Soft Goods

Specialized Helmet

After thousands, potentially billions of phone calls and emails begging us to carry the finest apparel and soft goods from Specialized, we finally caved. We now carry the highest quality dome deflectors (helmets), foot fondlers (shoes), hand holders (gloves) and all sorts of Specialized goodies that are sure to keep you safe, comfortable, and stylish out on the trails. To be sure of this, we even knocked one of the really nice Tactic 4 helmets off of the table during the filming of this video, and if that wasn't enough we rubbed my armpit sweat on it and signed it for one lucky rider.

Specialized Soft Goods and Accessories

November 26, 2021

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