Components That Give Back, Suspension Tips, Tire Sealant Ratios & Epic Listener Questions...MTB Podcast Episode 88 [Podcast]

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MTB Podcast Episode 88 is hot off the press! We begin with updates from Jeff on his trip to the Amazon and Jared on his tri, followed by Liam's new hardtail build. We also discuss the launch of Trail1 Components followed by a myriad of listener questions ranging from our thoughts on 27.5 to Jeff's next bike & more.

MTB Podcast

00:00 Intro

01:47 Jeff's Trip to the Amazon Jungle

04:01 Jared's Catalina Tri Results

07:23 Liam's Why Cycles Hardtail Build

13:11 Trail One Components

16:18 Listener Questions


November 29, 2021

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