FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post [Rider Review]

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FOX's  Transfer post is known for being the most reliable dropper post in the industry. Our friend, Jason, installed the post on their steed. Take a look and see what they think! 

FOX Transfer Dropper Seatposts


I recently upgraded my aging dropper post for the Fox Transfer Factory dropper. The lever action to engage the drop is light and easy. As a result of the Kashima coating, the Fox Transfer Factory post slides buttery smooth with minimal effort.

I have only one item of concern, the Fox Transfer Factory post is so snappy when returning to its upright position that it has legitimate testicle crushing force. The snappy action is a blessing because when at the bottom of a descent, which requires a transition into a quick climbing position, the seat rises back in a nanosecond. But I’m warning you now, watch your meat and potatoes. For the record, I would not want Fox to slow the action of the seatpost’s vertical return, I love it the way it is.

The Fox Transfer Factory dropper post also looks perfect alongside Kashima-coated forks and shocks. If you’re going to purchase Kashima coated Fox forks and shocks,

why not make the dropper post look equally trail-worthy and buttery smooth?

FOX Transfer Factory Rider Review

There is a unique aesthetic to the Fox Transfer Factory post, for example, the word Transfer is written in a vertical fashion on the arrears of the seat post tube. One can use the letters of the word ‘Transfer’ to help size up the length of their seatpost in the frame. Unfortunately, the word ‘transfer’ is not written in the exact midline of arrears, as a result, if you line up the word ‘transfer’ directly with the top tube, you are likely to have your saddle pointed slightly off midline. Perhaps this is a one-off painting error on my seatpost, or perhaps it’s like that for all of their factory dropper posts.

For a premium priced dropper post, the Fox Transfer Factory dropper post does not disappoint. But for 500$ or more (when including the price of a lever and installation), I’m not certain that the Fox Transfer Factory dropper post is the best value option. I happily have used KS and Bike Yoke droppers in the past, and I have never experimented with Rockshox’s electronic dropper post. There may be better dropper posts for the price. I am curious to see how resilient the Fox Transfer Factory post is. I will get maintenance done on it every year when I get the forks and shock serviced, if this dropper post remains slippery and snappy many years into the service life, then it will most definitely be worth the upfront premium price. I have guarded optimism. Fox’s factory forks and shocks have an impressive lifespan as long as they’re maintained regularly, I expect the same from their Transfer Factory post.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this product for people who own Fox Factory suspension, or for individuals who want the absolute best performance despite the price, and for individuals willing to spend money to maintain premium components. I would not recommend this product if you’re not an individual who values maintenance, if you’re budget conscious, or if you’re averse to Kashima-coated products.

FOX Transfer Dropper Seatposts

November 23, 2021

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