Trending Mountain Bike Products: May 2021 [Video]

 Words by: Jared Erickson



We are back with another episode of Trending Mountain Bike Products. This time around we go over a lot of stuff from normal bike maintenance items, tools, parts, riding gear, and bike transportation items. To start us off, Jeff and Jared introduce a few new brands we started to carry. The first of which is Whistler Performance Lubricants, or WPL, who specialize in making eco-friendly bio-based lubricants for mountain bikes. Their ForkBoost and ChainBoost lubes are a few of our favorites. We also picked up Ride Concepts Shoes who focus on creating some of the best cycling shoes in the intrustry. We go over the Powerline and Transition shoes in particular in this video. The third brand is Wera Tools. Coming out of Germany, Wera makes some of the nicest tools used by some of the worlds best mechanics. We go over their 3950/9 Hex-Plus L-Key Hex Wrench Set which we also use daily!

Going into components, the Enve M6 Carbon Handlebars make the list as one of the most popular items for the month. We also go over the most popular tailgate cover to transport your mountain bike. The Fox Racing Tailgate Cover. The biggest item on the list is the Yeti Cycles SB115 Special Edition bike. Only a few of these hit the market but that didn't stop people from instantly picking them up. Luckily we still have one available! Last but not least, we go over the beloved suspension tuner, the Quarq ShockWiz. There is a lot to learn in this video so block out some time and give it a watch! You might find something you need!

Whistler Performance Lubricants (WPL) 

Trending Products May 2021

Whistler Performance Lubricants is on a mission to create high performance, eco friendly and bio-based bike maintenance products that are made in Canada, and we are here to tell you they are succeeding on that mission. All of their products are tested in Whistler, B.C. so you know they are the real deal. One of our recent top sellers is their Forkboost Bike Suspension Lubricant which is an instant bicycle suspension performance booster that you apply to your fork stanchions. It helps eliminate stiction by cleaning and lubricating your seals simultaneously. Another favorite is their ChainBoost Dry Chain Lubricant which is high performance and at the same time biodegradable, non-toxic, and PTFE free which is amazing to see. Tackling a challenge like producing environmentally friendly bike maintenance products is a noble cause and we tip our hats to WPL for doing so.

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Wera Tools

Trending Mountain Bike Products May 2021

Wera is a relatively new company for us, however they are not new to the world of tools. They are headquartered in Germany with over 750 employees and they have been making professional quality tools since 1936, and they now make over 3,000 of them. Their tools are extremely beautiful and high quality, and as Jeff says, they are the tools you want to have in your toolbox if you are intending to procreate. We featured their 3950/9 Hex-Plus L-Key Hex Wrench Set in our Top Products video, which feature a “Hex-Plus” profile which helps prevent notching and nearly eliminates damage to the head of the screw. They are also color-coded to help you grab the right size tool every time instead of grabbing 2 or 3 tools before you get the right one in your hands. They also make one of the nicest bicycle specific torque wrench sets that we have ever seen called the Wera Bicycle Set Torque 1 Torque Wrench Set - 16 piece which includes sockets and bit sockets for the most popular screw profiles on road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes. If you are serious about your tools, check these guys out.

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Ride Concepts Shoes

Trending Mountain Bike Products May 2021

Mountain bike shoes are an integral piece of your riding kit and Ride Concepts has been pumping out some seriously functional and stylish shoes since their inception in 2018. Located just a stone’s throw from our location in Reno, Ride Concepts makes shoes for riders, by riders so you know whatever they produce has been thoroughly vetted by some rad people. You can see their Powerline Flat pedal shoes and their Transition Clipless shoes in our video, and if you are looking for an extremely comfortable, grippy and solid pair of shoes, definitely give these a look.

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ENVE Composites M6 Mountain Handlebar

Trending Mountain Bike Products May 2021

When you think of carbon bicycle components, one of the first companies that comes to mind is Enve. They have been producing some of the most elegant and highest quality carbon fiber bicycle components for over a decade now, and their carbon wheels were the first carbon wheels ever ridden to victory in a World Cup DH way back in 2010. They even produce their carbon wheels and rims in the USA which is awesome to know you are supporting an American business committed to quality and performance. Their M6 handlebar is no exception - these are definitely some of the nicest carbon handlebars you can get your hands on (pun intended) and is no surprise why its on our list of top products this month. If you haven’t already seen it, we also recently did a carbon handlebar comparison video where we stacked up some of our favorite bars against each other to see which one would come out on top. Also check out the article for all the nitty gritty details on these awesome bars.

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Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner

Trending Mountain Bike Products May 2021

With suspension getting more complex than ever before, it only makes sense that our ability to tune said suspension should also become more advanced. Enter the Quarq Shockwiz. This incredible piece of technology allows you to dial in your suspension no matter how many clicks of compression and rebound you have. Simply attach the device to your fork or shock, pair the device with an app on your phone, select the desired feel of your suspension and go ride. The app will tell you what sort of adjustments you need to make in order to achieve your desired ride feel, which is incredible that you can get world cup level technology in the palm of your hand. We even did a video and blog on this amazing piece of tech showing all the benefits and how easy it can be to dial in your setup. If you are lost in the complex world of high speed this and low speed that, give the Shockwiz a try and see how easy it can really be.

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Fox Racing Tailgate Cover: Black Large 

Trending Mountain Bike Products May 2021

Tailgate pads might easily be one of the best bike transportation inventions in the last 20-30 years for pickup truck owners. They are one of the most effortless ways to transport your bike and at a fraction of the cost of a quality bike rack. The Fox Racing Tailgate Cover is a quality tailgate pad at a great price so it's easy to see why it made its way onto our list of trending products for this month. With the massive uptick in bike sales over the last year, people need a reliable way to transport their bikes, and tailgate pads are a great solution. Check out our video on the best ways to transport your bike for other great bike transportation solutions!

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Yeti SB115 Turq Series Special Edition / Shimano XTR

Trending Mountain Bike Products May 2021

Least but not last as we like to say, we have a very special bike that we are featuring this month, the Yeti SB115 Special Edition. You might ask, how do you make one of the best bikes out there even better? Well, you make a special edition with full Fox Factory suspension as well as a full Shimano XTR drivetrain and DT Swiss wheels, that’s how! Add in that stunning Yeti Blanco paint as well as a custom painted turquoise Fox 34 Factory fork and you have yourself a head turning, trail ripping machine. If you aren’t familiar with the Yeti SB115, check out our video from when it launched and took the world by storm. We have just one of these bikes left, so if you have been looking for an amazingly fun bike that is equally unique, look no further!

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