e*thirteen 11-Speed Cassette for XD Driver Freehub [Rider Review]

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If you are looking to upgrade your existing 11 Speed drivetrain then you are in luck. There are quite a few choices these days that don't necessarily entail going with the two big kids in the game. Our friend Matt gives us the rundown on his ethirteen 11-Speed Cassette for XD Driver Freehubs.Check it out!

ethirteen 11 Speed Cassette for XD Driver Freehub Rider Review


I have ridden the e*thirteen 9-46 11 speed cassette for almost a year. I wanted to give it a nice long chance to reveal any flaws. It replaced my original 10-42 XG-1180 X1 cassette, not because it was worn out, but because I was in search of more range. I considered GX eagle groupo (shifter, derailleur, & cassette), but at about twice the price of the e*thirteen cassette, it didn't make sense for me. My stock X1 shifter and derailleur on my 2016 Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29 were plenty nice. Also, I didn't feel like I needed 12 speeds, just needed more range. So the 9-46t cassette seemed pretty awesome.

ethirteen 11 Speed Cassette for XD Driver Freehub Rider Review
I live in the western mountains of Virginia and love to ride in the George Washington National Forest. There are impossible climbs, ripping descents, and fire roads. I am running a 26t oval and still want a lower low gear and higher top gear, but I'll make do (maybe some stronger legs would help).

ethirteen 11 Speed Cassette for XD Driver Freehub Rider Review
I have the first gen pinch clamp version. Which was actually their second version of the 11-Speed 9-46t cassette for XD Driver Freehubs (the first version was the "lockring version"). The 3 largest cogs are one piece aluminium and the smallest 8 are one piece steel. Since my purchase a new model has come out. The largest cog is aluminum and the other 10 are steel. Sorry thats a bunch of technical garage, on to my thoughts...

ethirteen 11 Speed Cassette for XD Driver Freehub Rider Review

This cassette has handled all sorts of nasty conditions...mud & grime. I even completed the Shenadoah Mountain 100 with it...100 miles 12,000 feet of climbing.


  • Shifts just as good as the X1 10-42
  • Light weight compared to 10-50 eagle cassettes
  • Saves a bunch of money if you only want more range and don't need smaller jumps between gears
  • Zero creaking or any noises
  • Down shifts (easier gear) very well under full power (I don't make a regular habit of this, I only did this for testing)
  • I didn't experience any "notchy-ness" while in the 9 tooth cog, even while full on the gas.

CON (not CON's, there is only one)

Chain will come off while backpedaling, wait wait wait, I know what you're thinking. You've read all this and you think this is the deal breaker, not so fast, keep reading. The chain has never come off while riding. The only time it happens is while backpedaling (for chain lube, etc). It has happened in the 4 largest cogs. Sometimes just a couple revolutions, sometimes 50 (yes I really backpedaled for 50 revs in the name of science). I just have to remember to not be in one of the 4 largest gears when lubing the chain. Yes, this even happened when the cassette was new with a brand new SRAM PC-X1 chain.

Final Thoughts

I am very picky about my bike stuff, I really like this e*thirteen cassette. I don't know how much better of a rider the 511% makes me versus 420%, it might be part mental....if better equipment makes you think you can ride better, then maybe you can........

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May 31, 2021

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