Trending Mountain Bike Products: June 2021 [Video]

 Words by: Jared Erickson


Once again we are back with another installment of our Trending Mountain Bike Products, this time for the month of June! It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2021 and yet here we are. We are featuring some very exciting mountain bike wares this month, everything from some of our favorite chain lube and sealant from Muc-Off to a couple of gorgeous Mondraker bikes. When it comes to on the bike storage, we got you covered with the Lezyne Flow Side Entry Water Bottle Cage and our incredibly beautiful WC X Backcountry Research Mutherload Frame Strap. Least but not last, let's not forget about the ever popular 54t Ratchet Upgrade Kit from DT Swiss which is always a great upgrade for your ratchet driven DT Swiss hubs. Let's get into it!

Muc-Off Bio Dry Bike Chain Lube - 120ml, Drip

MucOff Dry Lube

Think all chain lube is created equal? Think again! This Muc-Off Bio Dry Chain Lube is a favorite lube amongst our staff and our customers and for good reason. It’s wax based formula holds up well in extremely dry and dusty conditions, and works longer than other lubes that we have tested in the past, meaning it keeps your bike shifting smoothly and quietly for miles on end. Quite possibly one of the best parts about this chain lube is that it is also biodegradable, so you can keep your bike maintained and running smoothly with peace of mind knowing you aren’t harming the environment while doing so. 


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Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Tire Sealant - 1L Bottle

Muc-Off Sealant

Another top selling product from Muc-Off this month comes in the form of their No Hassle Tubeless Tire Sealant. This amazing biodegradable sealant from Muc-Off won’t ball up or dry out like many others, and claims to last 6+ months before you need to top up, which is awesome to see because who wants to check their sealant after just a couple of short months? Not me that is for sure.  Another impressive claim for this sealant is its ability to seal tears and holes in your tire up to 6mm. Pair that awesome puncture sealability with our next trending product and you will be fixing flats in no time.


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Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool + Refill Pack

Stan's Dart

Stan’s has been at the forefront of tubeless tire technology for over 2 decades now, and they are continuing to innovate with products like their Dart Tool. The Dart repairs large punctures and slices in your tires and reacts with latex based sealants to form an instant, airtight seal. We made a video when the Dart came out where we tested the Dart head to head against traditional tire plugs AKA bacon strips and found that the Dart really is the real deal, and was able to seal a bigger hole versus what the bacon strips were capable of. Not only do they seal pesky holes in your ties, but they also wear smooth once they have been plugged and you won’t even know a Dart is in there.


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DT Swiss 54t Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit

 DT Swiss 54t Ratchet Kit

You just got your brand new awesome mountain bike and go hit the trails, only to find out your rear hub has worse engagement than a beach cruiser from WalMart. If you have DT Swiss hubs, the 54 tooth ratchet upgrade kit might be for you. This upgrade kit is an excellent choice for those who want to up the engagement on their DT Swiss ratchet driven hubs, but don’t want to spend the big bucks on a whole new wheelset. Most DT Swiss ratchet driven hubs (180, 240 and 350 hubs) usually come with either an 18 or 36 tooth ratchet from the factory, which isn’t awful, but it also isn’t exactly instantaneous engagement either. With a quick and easy swap of your hub internals to the 54 tooth ratchet kit, you can drastically reduce the amount of dead space for your cranks to engage. This comes in handy especially when trying to clean those tricky technical climbs, and when you need to put in some cranks when coming out of a turn or before a jump to get up to speed.

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Mondraker F-Podium Downcountry

Mondraker F-Podium Carbon DC R Build - Green / Carbon - Medium

Mondraker has been making some of the world’s fastest and most beautiful bikes for more than 20 years now, and their F-Podium is just one prime example of all of that experience. The F-Podium is one of the most advanced Cross Country platforms in the world, which makes sense why you see them on the World Cup Circuit underneath some of the world’s fastest racers. Mondraker was one of the first brands to pioneer the long, low and slack modern geometry, what they call their Forward Geometry. They also have an innovative suspension design called the “Zero Suspension System” which provides zero power loss while pedaling, zero pedal kickback, and zero brake jack as well. For someone without a mechanical engineering degree, all that might not mean a whole lot, but what it does mean is that this bike is super fast and stable even on the roughest tracks, and it’s suspension platform is very supportive so it's meant to pedal all day long. If you are looking for a fast, fun, and stunningly gorgeous bike for all types of adventures, the F-Podium might be the one for you.

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Mondraker SuperFoxy

Mondraker SUPERFOXY CARBON R - Blue/Yellow - Medium

Much of what has been said about the F-Podium can also be said about the SuperFoxy. It uses the same Forward Geometry and XCO Suspension design which provides an excellent pedaling platform, which is appreciated when you are running 170mm travel in the front and 160mm in the rear like this beast. This build in particular features a Fox 38 fork up front with a Ohlins TTX Air shock in the rear as well as a dialed SRAM drivetrain and Code R brakes. Topping off the build with a set of DT Swiss wheels wrapped in Maxxis rubber, this bike is built for the roughest trails on the mountain, and is ready for you to pedal to get to them. 

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Lezyne Flow Bottle Cage Side Loader Right-Hand Entry

Lezyne Flow Bottle Cage Side Loader Right-hand: Black

Bottle cages are usually the last thing to think about on your build, but for us it's a no brainer. We use the Lezyne Flow Side Entry bottle cage on all of our shop bikes because it works in situations where a standard cage might not be ideal. With full suspension frames getting more and more complex, and with frame tolerances getting to be so tight, using a side entry bottle cage makes more and more sense than it used to. Lezyne offers cages with bottle access on either the right or left hand side, and they also offer a cage that has a small storage space underneath the bottle for a multi-tool and CO2 storage on either side of the bottle, called the Flow Storage Cage. If a standard cage has been giving you a hard time with your frame, a side entry cage might do the trick for you.

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Worldwide Cyclery x Backcountry Research Straps - Mutherload Frame Strap 1.5"

Worldwide Cyclery x Backcountry Research Straps - Mutherload Frame-Strap1.5"

When you want to go out for a nice 1-2 hour ride but don't want to bring your massive hydration pack, the frame strap is a nice alternative. You can bring your spare tube, tire lever, multi tool and CO2 with you all neatly packed away on your frame instead of bringing that bulky pack that always makes your back nice and sweaty. Not only does our WC x Backcountry Research strap hold all of those emergency goodies in one place for you, but it does it in the most stylish and enduro way possible. Forget the pack at home (on purpose this time) and ride in style with our fresh frame straps.

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June 30, 2021

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