Trending Mountain Bike Products: July 2020 [Video]

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We are back again with the trending products of the month for July 2020. The past few months have thrown a wrench at the bike industry and we are doing our best to keep all of the top selling products in stock. While the brands are working hard to get products back, these products below are what we have been seeing fly off the shelves. We have lots of wear and tear items this month like Stan’s Sealant and the Stan’s Dart Tool as well as SRAM DUB bottom brackets. We also have some cool upgrade options like the SRAM X01 Eagle AXS upgrade kit and SunRace Cassette. Last but not least, we have some new KETL Mtn products and a fresh Worldwide Cyclery Stealth Water bottle. Check out why these products are trending and why you might need a few of them. 

Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool Dart Tool and Refill Pack Bundle

Trending MTB Products - Stan's NoTubes DART Tool

The Stan’s Dart Tool is a new way to plug and fix your tubeless tire. Available for mountain bikes, gravel bikes and road bikes, the Dart Plug will fix holes from 4 mm - 9 mm. We did an entire video on this tool as we thought it was a cool and innovative way to fix your tire. The material in the plug creates a chemical reaction with sealant that helps seal the hole and the plastic barbed tip makes sure the plug stays in while riding. This bundle has a tool and a refill kit, but those are offered individually. So pick up the tool first and then the refill packs once you use the two plugs that come with the tool. 

Shop Stans NoTubes Dart Tool bundle

Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Tire Sealant

Trending MTB Products - Stans NoTubes Tire Sealant

What better to go with some Stan’s Dart Tools then some fresh Stan’s sealant? Stan's tubeless sealant is probably the longest lasting sealant and some of the best sealant on the market. Sure there are many options,some claim to seal better, last longer, etc., but you can't fault Stan’s as the key name in tubeless sealant. It works, it lasts, and at the end of the day you need it to either replenish your tires. Or if you ride like an idiot like myself, you need the new sealant to replace your worn or torn tire. Stan’s sealant is also one of the more affordable options on the market. Long lasting, first name in tubeless sealant, and the most affordable, what else do you need? 

Shop Stan's Tubeless tire sealant

SunRace MZ90 Cassette - 12 Speed, 11-50t, Black

Trending MTB Products - SunRace MZ90 cassette

The SunRace MZ90 Cassette is a great upgrade if you are running SRAM NX Eagle or looking to run a 12 speed drivetrain with a Shimano splined HG style freehub body. The MZ90 cassette is also a great option if you want to run GX drivetrain with this cassette. It is also a bit lighter than the comparable SRAM NX Eagle cassette with the SRAM NX Eagle weighing in at 612g and the SunRace MZ90 at 586g, so for $10 more in price you can save about 20g. 

SunRace MZ90 Cassette - 12 Speed, 11-50t, Black

KETL Fairweather Gloves

KETL Fairweather Gloves

The KETL MTN Fairweather Gloves are the perfect glove for any occasion. With a smooth palm and a thin top, the KETL Fairweather glove can remain cool while still protecting your hand in the event of a crash. There is also a microfiber area behind the thumb to wipe off glasses, your phone, or wipe that snot and sweat off your face. The pointer finger is touch screen compatible and also features a grippy material to keep your finger on the brake lever.

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KETL Fairweather Merino Wool Socks

Trending Mountain Bike Products - KETL Fairweather Merino Wool Socks

The KETL Fairweather Merino Wool socks might just be the most comfortable riding/hiking sock we have ever seen. Thoughtfully placed cushioning on your foots pressure points ensure that there is padding only where you want it. Perfect for any ride, hike, or formal event, you will be glad you are wearing the KETL Fairweather Merino sock.

KETL Fairweather Merino Wool Socks

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit - Rear Derailleur for 10-52t, Battery, Eagle AXS Controller w/ Clamp, Charger/Cord, Black

 SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit - Rear Derailleur for 10-52t, Battery, Eagle AXS Controller w/ Clamp, Charger/Cord, Black

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS upgrade kit is a great way to convert your current SRAM Eagle drivetrain to the AXS wireless system. If you have any doubt in the reliability of the AXS system, I think you should read into it. It's more consistent and reliable than any mechanical shifting system out there, let alone how easy it is to set up. Check out our video we made all about Eagle AXS and how it can improve your riding experience. 

Shop SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner

Trending Mountain Bike Products - Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner

The Quarq ShockWiz is an amazing suspension tuning tool to help you dial in your front or rear air shocks. We have a full video explaining the process of setting up the ShockWiz as well as the cool features that it offers. It will not only show you current settings, but also make recommendations on how to adjust your bike based on your riding style. It will also track things like hard bottom outs, air time, and how many jumps you did while it was recording. While the ShockWiz is a bit expensive, it's a great tool to help dial in your suspension, and you can bribe or charge your riding buds to use it too. 

Shop Quarq shockwiz suspension tuner

SRAM DUB English Bottom Bracket - English/BSA, 68/73mm, Black

SRAM DUB English Bottom Bracket - English/BSA, 68/73mm, Black

The SRAM DUB bottom bracket is what you will need to replace your bottom bracket if you have a new SRAM DUB crankset. With SRAM DUB you are really limited to the SRAM bottom brackets, this is because the DUB system uses a 28.99mm spindle, and no that is not a joke. I always suggest sticking with the same brand bottom bracket as your crankset as they are meant to work together. 

Shop SRAM DUB English Bottom Bracket

Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle 21oz. Stealth Logo

Trending Mountain Bike Products - Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle 21oz. Stealth Logo

This vessel holds your liquids while you ride, and this time we made it with a stealth logo. That way it matches whatever color your man powered two wheeled machine is. Other than holding liquids, we are not sure what you can use this for. But in any case, we have you covered!

Shop Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle 21oz. Stealth Logo

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July 31, 2020

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