OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post: Rider Review

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OneUp Components has gained a ton of popularity over the past few years thanks in part to their dropper post options. At just over $200, their V2 dropper post combines great value with reliability and good looks. These are all reasons why our customer Kirt decided to go with OneUp. Check out his review!

OneUp Components V2 dropper post rider review


I have used a lot of different dropper posts over the past 8 years. Some have been better than others. My least favorite was the previous version of the Race Face Turbine because it gave me a lot of problems by leaking air and when it was working came up ball crushingly fast. I bought my first OneUp Components dropper early this year and was excited to get the extra 20mm of drop over all my previous 150mm droppers. That post has worked fine for me this year, but one complaint I have with it is after maybe 100 miles or so it got noticeably harder to drop. My wife has a really hard time getting it to go down with her 140 lbs.

OneUp Components V2 dropper post review

I have run posts between 125mm and 170mm. At first 150mm felt like more than enough drop. After droppers became the norm instead of a luxury I started to criticize things that I didn’t in the past. 150mm was no longer enough. I then bought a PNW bachelor 170mm then on another bike the OneUp 170mm V1. It didn’t take more than a few rides to determine I still wanted a little more drop.
Then OneUp announced its new V2 droppers, the longer of the two having 210mm of drop. At first I thought that is a lot more than anyone needs. Then I remembered how I thought 150mm then 170mm wasn’t enough and decided to try the extra long drop of the new OneUp.

First Impressions

I only have about 70 miles on it so far, but I am impressed. It drops much smoother and easier than the V1 post I have. It seems to actuate at the thumb a little easier and the 210mm feels awesome. The seat is never in my way for any trail anymore. I won’t go back to a 170mm dropper post again. Every time I get on another bike now I am annoyed the seat only drops 150mm or 170mm.

Final Thoughts

I recommended the previous OneUp post for the value, but definitely would recommend this over the V1 because it runs smoother and has the extra drop. It still isn’t quite as smooth as the fox transfer or the KS Lev, but for the money I can’t complain. It makes just the right amount of noise when it reaches the top to let you know you can sit back down at your optimum pedaling height.

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August 01, 2020

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