SRAM XX SL Eagle Transmission [Rider Review]

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SRAM has been constantly raising the bar when it comes to drivetrains. Not only is the new SRAM T-type electric, the derailleur is also based around being a direct mount system. Sounds fancy, but it also allows SRAM to create a very durable and sound system. See what our customer thinks!
SRAM XX SL Eagle Transmission


To start off this review, I will say I am a person that likes nice things and I’m willing to pay for that. With that said I replaced the original SRAM AXS XX1 system with the new SRAM XX SL Eagle T-Type Transmission. I now have a few hundred miles on the new system and I love it. The new cassette gearing is the best part. Not having that big step between the big ring and next gear down is sweet. Shifting is way smoother than the XX1 System. You don't get that step down slack between gears where the chain is taking up slack when shifting from larger gears down. The new clutch is much stiffer, that helps reduce that transfer between gears. The ability to shift while climbing a steep section is so much better than anything in the past. According to SRAM, it shifts better the harder you are peddling. If you have ever collapsed the derailleur into your spokes (ending your ride), you will appreciate the fact that this system is built to prevent that.
The new remote has very clicky buttons, I like that, its more positive feedback than the previous remote. The price is high, so I can't speak for others about how that is or is not an impact. Is it worth replacing your current system??? The original AXS and newer cabled systems are excellent, so it would be hard to sell to someone happy with the original AXS or cabled system suggesting that they should replace what they have. I am spoiled, so I am not the person to ask about the price... I had my 1st AXS system for 4 years and it still works like new. I have another bike with the original AXS system, I doubt I will replace it due to the cost. However I am building a new cross country bike and it will get the new SRAM transmission.
SRAM XX SL Eagle Transmission
One requirement is you must have a bike frame that has a UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) to accept the SRAM Transmission, so this is a limiting factor for some bikes and brands. Because the thru axle mounts the SRAM Transmission to the frame, I could see someone retro fitting a mount for non UDH frames. I can imagine that some brands are kicking them selves by not considering the UDH previously. Even if they don’t sell SRAM builds, customers will eventually dictate the change. Not only for the SRAM transmission integration, just having a single derailleur hanger to support all brands. I was prepared to buy a 2023 Canyon Lux for my cross country bike and build it out with my own components, however Canyon did not adopt the UDH… so now I am building a new EPIC.
SRAM XX SL Eagle Transmission

Final Thoughts

I now have a few hundred miles on the new system and I love it. The new cassette gearing is the best part. I liked it so much I got a 2nd T-Type for the new build!
SRAM XX SL Eagle Transmission

September 25, 2023

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